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Recondition program for individual after meniscus injury.
Janota, Petr ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Reconditioning program for individuals after meniscus distortion Student: Petr Janota Supervisor: PhDr. Pavel Hráský, Ph.D. Aims: The aim of the work was to assess the effectiveness of the reconditioning plan on the proband, which is after the injury and subsequent arthroscopy of the knee joint. The effectiveness of the reconditioning plan will be evaluated by improving the values in the pretest and posttest using a diagnostic test battery including postural stability, run analysis, muscle strength and kinesiological analysis. Methodology: After an initial literature search and subsequent pretest, a reconditioning program was compiled, which was then applied to the proband. During this reconditioning plan, body composition parameters were monitored using Tanita MC-980, strength of knee extensors and flexors using HumacNorm, locomotion symmetry using 3D running, lower limb circumference parameters, shortened muscle groups according to Janda. Results: I compared the comparison of pretest and posttest values on a selected proband and I noticed an improvement in the body weight parameter in the body composition parameter. Furthermore, the maximum strength of the knee extensors at the operated leg improved and the proband improved in many parameters in the locomotion symmetry parameter. There was...
An evaluation of erosion risks and design of erosion control measures in selected cadastral area
Janota, Petr ; Janků, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Karel, Karel (referee)
Erosion is exogenous geomorphological process that affects the formation of the Earth's surface since the formation of the Earth's solid crust. This activity, which under natural conditions proceeded slowly, in terms of human generations imperceptibly, in intensively used landscape dramatically accelerated and brought a number of adverse consequences. The aim of this study has been to assess and evaluate erosion risks in selected cadastral area and in the event of an over limit erosion hazard to suggest appropriate erosion control measures to eliminate the increased erosion. The 77 erosion of closed units were examined by a computer program Atlas DMT erosion module, which uses digital terrain model together with data from databases or BPEJ or LPIS. The 14 of them have diagnosed overlimit value wash away the soil. As a basic erosion control measures the change of applied classic crop rotation to crop rotations using soil conservation technologies was considered. After adjusting cropping practices that positively impact factor of the protective effects of vegetation, it was found by erosion Atlas module, six parcels of land with over limited value of soil washes. These lands have suggested the use of technical erosion control measures, for example furrows, grassing thalwegs etc.. On the parcels, where, due to their size, shape or morphology technical measures proved inadequate or ineffective it has been proposed permanent grassing. In the proposals erosion control measures it is necessary to combine the maximum efficiency of measures with condition of ease and minimal restriction of land users. When their making is to be assumed towards the user, because it depends on him only whether the proposed organizational and agronomic measures will be implemented or not. The fundamental problem with these measures is that their implementation is not backed by legislation. I assume that the more acceptable, less restrictive and inexpensive measures will be proposed, the more likely it will be implemented. One of the reasons why even the simple erosion control measures are put into practice slowly and with difficulty is the fact that in the Czech Republic the most of the agricultural land is managed by entities that are not its owners. This fact significantly contributes to the fact that land is viewed merely as a means of production, which must to bring maximum profit only. To improve this situation may also contribute to the establishment and consistent control of the GAEC standards.

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