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The Concept of Autonomy : (conditions of modern subjectivity and historicity of the concept of law)
Janoščík, Václav ; Kühn, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Maršálek, Pavel (referee)
of the diploma thesis Janoščík Václav The Concept of Autonomy (Conditions of modern subjectivity, of the concept of law and of historicity) Submitted thesis aims at articulation of the concept of autonomy in its complexity. At first it pursues specific contexts of the notion to arrive at its structure. At first we try to explore prospective of analytical philosophy of law to situate the concept of autonomy to the heart of the idea of law. This efforts unfolds itself by an unorthodox interpretation of natural right theory of Herbert Hart's early work. Second chapter discusses the framework of the philosophy of history, that are based on the idea of an autonomous subject. Seemingly paradoxical linkage of Heidegger's fundamental ontology and Kosík's dialectics of the particular articulates the historical function of the autonomy. Next chapter connects Kosík with Cornelius Castoriadis in the perspective of social theories. Also in their normative core we can identify our notion of autonomy. Fourth chapter follows the theory of disenchantment of the world of Marcel Gauchet. We reformulate it as a realization of the ideal of autonomous subject in order to contextualize the concept historically. Last topic of the first part is the framework of the intellectual history. Here we situate Dieter Henrich and...
The concept of autonomy: conditions of modern subjectivity and historicity
Janoščík, Václav ; Horský, Jan (advisor) ; Činátl, Kamil (referee)
Předkládaná práce se snaží o artikulaci pojmu autonomie v jeho komplexnosti rámci. V první části jsou tematizovány jednotlivé kontexty tohoto pojmu, ve snaze prohlédnout jeho strukturu. Následně práce sleduje jeho vlastní historii. V poslední části pak hodláme výslednou koncepci aplikovat na dvě vybraná historiografická díla. Tímto postupem se snažíme zejména důsledně proniknout do bohaté interdisciplinární literatury, formulovat a hájit původní teze týkající se struktury i genealogie tohoto pojmu a prokázat tak nejen jeho historickou relevanci, ale také konceptuální užitečnost v rámci metodologie historické vědy.
Dance, movement, photography
Peguero, Benjamin ; ŠIMŮNEK, Michal (advisor) ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to introduce contemporary dance photography and Czech street dance culture. As a dancer and photographer, I have been interested in the ability of photography to reproduce dance as an artistic expression and, as a physical, emotional and in a given context, a deeply anchored experience. The work will be based on Benjamin's concept of aurativeness, through which I will consider the ability of photography to reproduce the dance, from the point of view of three direct participants in the dance event: the spectator watching the dance; the photographer who shoots the dance scene; and the dancer himself, who dances and moves most intensely. The work will be based on the observation of the Czech street dance scene and, in addition to the above, will give an overview of Czech and world dance photography with emphasis on street dance.
Social Body : the post internet feminist art in the context of Xenofeminism Manifesto and Michael Foucault’s “History of Sexuality”
Jarosz, Anna ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (advisor) ; Stejskalová, Tereza (referee)
I would like to start my analysis with the historical specificity of the body, particularly the body as a direct target and formed by historically variable regimes. I want to try to look at the problem of how to conceive of the body without reducing its materiality to a fixed biological essence. Which is, in my opinion, strongly connected to the issue of social control through bodies, sexuality and gender, pointed out in the Xenofeminism Manifesto, which is one of the main sources for my thesis paper.
Smodej, Josip ; DVOŘÁK, Tomáš (advisor) ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (referee)
In my thesis I want to explore the Slovenian contemporary photographic art focusing on the youngest artists who have recently graduated art schools and have started developing a new strain of fine art photography in Slovenian artistic space. Slovenia, not having a photography programme on any of it's art academies until recently, was always under influence of countries where Slovenian photography artists have studied, that being mainly Czech Republic and Serbia in the 90s and mainly UK, Germany, The Netherlands or France nowadays - the difference in the aesthetical and generally artistic expression is obvious. While most of the countries in Eastern Europe have seemingly lost the connection with the contemporary fine art scene, especially on the photographic field in the time of the post-digital art, Slovenia has kept it or rather gained it through the influence of its artists mainly studying abroad in the most developed western countries and not in Slovenia itself. On the other hand, the Slovenian photography scene has encountered an enormous problem as the artists studying abroad do not return to their motherland after finishing their studies - a trend that has gained on influence and popularity mainly in the last five years and is now almost becoming normality. The question therefore is if those artists can be counted as Slovenian or not at all, as example Aleksandra Vajd, who is one of the most influential Slovenian photography artists and at the same time one of the first ones who stayed in the country of her studies.
Changing the perception of photography after social networks outset; Typology of Facebook and Instagram selfie photographs
Junášková, Daniela ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (advisor) ; ŠIMŮNEK, Michal (referee)
This theoretical work focuses on Facebook and Instagram selfie photos and their perception. It presents the history of portrait photography from the beginning to the presence of social networks. Then I present my research applied to the specific users, in which I'm looking at the typology of selfie photography, and if while there are particular common features that cause negative feedback from other users. The paper aims to clarify what criteria play a role in selecting published photographs, if they correspond to a particular social status of users and if we can follow their typology in subcultures. In general, it refers to the perception of the photographic image at the time of social networks and a large number of visual perceptions.
The Age of Kittens: Aesthetics of Cuteness in Contemporary Art
Petrlová, Simona ; LEDVINA, Josef (advisor) ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (referee)
Cuteness as an affect contains a group of visual and behavioral features which are capable of producing physical or emotional reactions in the body of a subject.  Speaking of cuteness as an aesthetic category this kind of response is manipulated for commercial purposes, in the context of artistic creation or as means of self-expression.  In my thesis I will be concetrating on the concept of cuteness and its use in the field of contemporary art. First I will focus on the origin of the notion of cuteness from psychobiological, sociological and culturological point of view. I will describe briefly the origin of the english term ''cute'' and japanese term ''kawaii'' and its evolvement. Than I will concentrate on the aspects of cuteness in today's society, where it has become a tool for advancement of commercial and even political interests, which will be desrcibed on the  specific examples.   Subsequently I will concentrate on the aesthetic aspects of cuteness in the context of contemporary artistic statements including sociological and lorenzian (biological) viewpoints. I will also describe these aesthetics and its usage in the field of hi-tech technologies. Cuteness can be differentiated into many subcategories (e.g. ''creepy-cute'', ''torturer-cute'', ''sexy-cute'', etc.) when speaking of its aesthetics. These will be briefly described and showed in both the theoretical and exemplary sections of the thesis. As a whole the thesis will also lead to the discussion of the artistic positions of particular artists working with cuteness aesthetics in their art production.
Khaust, Elizabet ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (advisor) ; ŠIMŮNEK, Michal (referee)
The first phase of this work, I would like to dedicate a few sociological analysis concepts arising under the influence of postmodern and mark them as key concepts, which I will use for my diploma thesis. In the next phase I want to understand how much we can trace the roots of this topic in the history. And the final phase I want to present the term "Imitacianismus» as designating art term with using media avatars. In order to well analyze this issue, I want to examine some examples of artworks that are associated with it.
Large Format Photography in the Digital Era
Yang, Tian ; LEDVINA, Josef (advisor) ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (referee)
Large format photography refers to the photographic practice that utilizes a large light sensitive surface to capture photographs. As of 2018, large format photography is still a subset of analog photography. The digital revolution brings us into the digital era. Manufacturers and businesses in the photography industry is forced to adapt the transition from analog to digital in order to survive and succeed in the new market. Meanwhile, photography theorists find themselves facing a new set of issues because the photographs have become immediate and immaterial. While camera manufacturers have in effect accelerated the analog-to-digital transition with their proactive business strategies and relentless marketing campaigns, higher education has become the last bastion for the analog where large format camera classes teach students the tradition of photography and how to see the world contemplatively.
Svoboda, Jakub ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (advisor) ; Stejskalová, Tereza (referee)
The theme refers to contemporary world production of queer artists. The aim of this work is to illustrate, on the example of personal theory, a radical approach in the field of culture, to inform about new approaches in the field of art and to fluidly combine certain belongings. Content: theory, experience, interviews, artists, development, future Headline Chapters: Ghost in the 21st Century, Wickedness, Brand Queers, Great Army of People, New Base (Emancipation) Main artists: Jana Kratochvílová, Arca x Jessie Kanda, Anne Imhof, Tino Seghal, Bjork, Ryan Trecartin, Anohni Literature: Phillip Vannini - theory unrepresentative introduction: The theme of the thesis is based on personal experience. In 2016, I intuitively felt that artists working with thematic themes would start to harden in their approach and make the creation more radical. So I wrote in the bathroom on the mirror the statement FUCK HARDER IN 2K17. It turned out I was right, and indeed 2017 was a sign of radicalism in more directions - from visual art, video clips, music, pop culture to fashion photography. In my work I would like to concentrate on this subject and selected artist from all over the world. Understand your perception of this phenomenon over the current work of selected artists, and on the basis of this you can easily indicate the further development of these artists. The selection of artists will be key to the work and will be intuitive, complemented by interviews with artists. Intuition at work will be the next key to link everything you can imagine.

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