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Acyclic Profinet Communication between Sinamics Converters and Simatic S7-1200 PLCs
Dostál, Jiří ; Janda, Karel (referee) ; Pásek, Jan (advisor)
This paper deals with acyclic communication of Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLCs and Sinamics drives on the Profinet industrial bus. Various possibilites of communication of the devices in accordance to the PROFIdrive profile is presented. General Proxy FBs for acyclic read/write of the drive's parameters are implemented. Together with other two FBs, that make use of acyclic communication to read the drive's fault buffer and to adjust an absolute encoder, an application with visualization for a simple positioning and for a demonstration of the Proxy FBs functionality is presented using a demo box.
Control system for a briquetting press
Nekula, Vít ; Janda, Karel (referee) ; Pásek, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a creating of control system for a briquetting press for biomass. The operation process is mediated by the programmable logic controller Siemens S7-300. The operation process provides pressing and monitoring of error conditions. The control process is solved by both the control panel and the visualization on the PC where the servis can efectively watch and control the course of pressing. The next part of this bachelor thesis deals with a proposal of the actuators and sensors needed for the process of pressing itself. The last part of this thesis is the price appreciation of all elements of the automation.
Communication driver and simulater for Mettler Toledo weight in STEP7
Přichystal, Vít ; Janda, Karel (referee) ; Pásek, Jan (advisor)
In the beginning of the thesis I mention a list of PLC programming languages. The thesis itself deals with a problem of implementing a driver for Mettler Toledo weight terminal,concretely the type IND560. Moreover, the simulator of this terminal is created (the terminal itself was not available). For the implementation, the language scl was used, together with the Siemens company software. At the end of the thesis, I created a visualization of the project.
Realisation and commissioning of the control system for flow control in a hydraulic model
Adamec, David ; Janda, Karel (referee) ; Pásek, Jan (advisor)
The dominant theme of this bachelor´s thesis is launching of control system of laboratory model of hydraulic circuit with fulfilment follow-up flow control. The first part is devoted to basics of theory of proceedings with follow-up describtion of components of hydraulic model. Next parts are devoted to identification, suggestion of PID regulator with programme realization for PLC, describtion and configuration of actuating device. The last part is engaged in visualization and possible configuration of PID regulator by means of operator panel.
The relationships among ESG, FDI and economic growth in CEE countries
Chen, Jingjing ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Li, Yating (referee) ; Čech, František (referee)
This research aims to investigate the causal relationships between ESG and economic growth and the link between ESG and foreign direct investment (FDI) in Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, and compare the results between different income levels and with Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. The study uses panel analysis to examine 22 CEE countries and 26 OECD countries from 2007 to 2019. The three dimensions of ESG are measured by carbon emissions (environmental dimension) human development index (social dimension) and world governance indicators (social dimension). The economic growth and foreign direct investment are measured by GDP per capita and foreign direct investment inflows respectively. The findings indicate that carbon emissions and the level of human development are positively correlated with economic growth across both middle and high-income CEE countries. Governance has a negative effect on economic growth only in middle-income CEE countries, and it does not affect high-income CEE countries and OECD countries. Carbon emissions are generally positively associated with economic growth across all CEE countries, emphasizing the need for prudent environmental policies. Additionally, higher human development levels have a positive impact on...
Poverty, Population, and Energetical Progress in European Union
Novák, Ivan ; Rečka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Janda, Karel (referee)
Energy poverty is closely connected to the current energy transformation focused on the utilization of renewable sources of energy. The thesis aims to evaluate whether European Union countries are prepared to tackle energy poverty effectively in the context of the ongoing transformation, which could impose an additional burden on vulnerable consumers. The thesis presents hierarchical clustering to group countries by common characteristics and assesses the countries' National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP) within the clusters. The study concludes that National Energy and Climate Plans are poorly specified for most European Union Member States. Only fifteen countries address energy poverty effectively, and only nine countries have appropriate measures and tools to tackle energy poverty, evaluating 2019 NECPs and 2023 NECP drafts if available. Next, the thesis describes a nonlinear relationship between energy poverty and both the total share of renewables on final consumption and the energy efficiency index of households - linked to investments for deploying renewable energy sources. Finally, an exploratory Agent-based model is presented. JEL Classification Q430, Q480, Q470, N7 Keywords Energy poverty, National Energy and Climate Plan, Fuel Transitions, Green Premium, Energy Transformation, Energy...
Application of the logit leaf algorithm for customer churn prediction in the energy distribution industry in the Czech Republic
Židek, Andrej ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Petit, Mathieu (referee)
The thesis investigates determinants of losing customer (customer churn) in the Czech energy sector. For this purpose, the data from MND Energie, a.s., one of the largest Czech energy suppliers, on average consumption, tariff, and sociodemographic characteristics about 9254 of their customers whose natural gas contracts terminated at the end of 2019 are used. The main goal of this thesis is to build a model capable of predicting probability of non-renewal of the individual customers' contracts. Before the contract termination date, some of the customers randomly selected from the dataset were directly notified of the possibility of a new fixed-price contract. The thesis, in compliance with its main goal, evaluates the influence of this treatment on the churn probability. The experiment has so far only been carried out in 2019. Thus, the thesis deals with supervised machine learning task performed on cross-sectional data. The logit leaf model (LLM) was chosen as the way of obtaining the desired predictions. The LLM algorithm used in this thesis was published in 2018 and it builds on previous research in this area. Its main contribution lies in combining the two generally accepted approaches, decision trees and logistic regression, in order to eliminate their disadvantages. LLM's performance was...
Introducing stochasticity into the energy system model Times-CZ - a reflection of a war-related extreme environment
Otruba, Šimon ; Rečka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Janda, Karel (referee)
This thesis introduces stochastic elements into the TIMES-CZ energy system model focusing on the impact of extreme events such as pandemic or recent war in Ukraine. The objective is to improve the model's precision in the face of these market uncertainties. Natural gas prices and European Union Allowance (EUA) prices, after a selection process, are represented as random variables allowing for probabilistic forecasting. These variables are derived from an analysis that combines model-based forecasts, which also include external predictions. The results of this comprehensive analysis are then integrated into the TIMES-CZ model. The correctness of these results is validated using sensitivity analysis, which evaluates the impact of results with uncertain parameters on the model's output. The findings highlight the importance of including uncertainty in energy systems modelling and could have implications for energy planning and decision-making in uncertain contexts. Keywords TIMES-CZ Model, Stochasticity, Energy System Modelling, Uncertainty Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis JEL Classification C12, C33, G21, L25, M31 Title Introducing stochasticity into the energy system model Times-CZ - a reflection of a war- related extreme environment
Terminal Asset Value of the Prague Stock Exchange
Neumann, Pavel ; Janda, Karel (advisor) ; Teplý, Petr (referee)
Neumann Pavel Abstract This thesis draws parallel between depositors facing a bank run and investors facing a stock price crash in order to determine a formula for debt ratio that would trigger mass sale of stocks for particular company. To reach terminal debt ratio formula, this thesis firstly discusses a topic of financial crises from stock market and banking perspective. Next, it compares regulation for both institutions on Czech national and EU level. Then, this thesis derives a formula for calculation of terminal debt ratio based on game theory and pricing of the options approach. Lastly, it tests limits of terminal debt ratio framework on companies listed on Prague Stock Exchange and concludes that terminal debt ratio framework is best applicable on non-financial companies that experienced moderate growth in stock price over the examined period.

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