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Comparison of free available software for the calculation of electric network parameters
Dvořák, Radim ; Janík, Daniel (referee) ; Ptáček, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare freely available software for calculating the parameters of electrical networks. The first part is used to give an idea how to operate in the programs Sichr, DOC, Spider (xSpider) and ~ SIMARIS design and their evaluation in terms of usability, requirements, graphical interface and controllability. Furthermore, a technical analysis of specific topologies of specified distribution networks is performed in the work. In the second part, the calculation of network parameters was performed using the SW above. Finally, the realized calculations of voltage drops and short-circuit currents using individual programs were compared with each one another.
Design of reconstruction of LV electrical installation in HV substation
Vašulín, Jakub ; Mastný, Petr (referee) ; Janík, Daniel (advisor)
The topic of this work covers a theoretical description of project design for reconstruction of high voltage distribution system point. The aim of the work is to prepare material on the level of detail design documentation which covers not only design itself but also a theoretical description of external influences, a discussion of TECOMA Foxtrot system facilities and a characterization of standard specifications for individual types of rooms. Aquired knowledge was used detail project documentation which is an integral part of this work.
Upgrade of the laboratory task of Foxtrot system installation
Macíček, František ; Bátora, Branislav (referee) ; Janík, Daniel (advisor)
The bachelor work deals with the Teco Foxtrot system and its use in the laboratory task of the subject Design of power and data distribution. It is divided into two parts. The theoretical part describes the elements of the Teco Foxtrot system, which will be part of the practical part. The practical part deals with the design and implementation of laboratory instructions.
Detail design of power and data wiring of a new family house
Zejda, Pavel ; Janík, Daniel (referee) ; Bátora, Branislav (advisor)
The aim of the work is to get acquainted with the requirements for wiring of a family house, description of low-current systems. What are the risks of a lightning strike to the building or its surroundings. Systems for external and internal lightning protection, surge protection are described. In the last chapter, the actual design of the electrical installation and the economic assessment of the use of the system installation is presented.
Electrical installation for a family house with automation elements
Souček, Tomáš ; Janík, Daniel (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this work is to familiarize with the implementation of power and data distribution and systems for automation of electrical installation. Furthermore, to define the principles necessary for the creation of the project documentation of the electrical installation of a family house. The first part of the thesis deals with the definitions and principles associated with safety and the methods of ensuring it, which must be taken into account when creating project documentation. This theses also deals with the conditions and selected methods of connection of the building to the low-voltage distribution network, methods of execution of high-current and low-current installation and systematic installation . The second part deals with the elaboration of a specific electrical installation project for a family house. The content of this point of the assignment is the design of the installation of the high and low-current circuits of the family house, including the systematic installation. It also includes the design of the electric switchboard, lightning protection system and the preparation of technical documentation in accordance with the applicable technical standards.
Today's French Foreign Legion and the Internal Factors that Make it Work
Janík, Daniel ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Tomalová, Eliška (referee)
The French Foreign Legion has many traits and characteristics that may be labelled as strange, anachronistic or controversial. It is, however, a fully functional and well performing military unit. What are the inner mechanisms that allowed it to remain in existence until the present day? If we leave out external influences and consider the Foreign Legion as a typical total institution, we can try to find and classify these factors. The first group of mechanisms is connected to admission and accession of the candidates to the Legion and includes a formal change of the applicants' identity, weakening of their links with their own personal history and an indoctrination aimed at creating a strong bond with the Foreign Legion. In the second category we find characteristics and processes that further deepen this acquired loyalty, such as rituals, customs, songs etc. However, these mechanisms aren't always working properly. The French military campaign in Indochina after the end of the Second World War is an example of a situation where some of these functional prerequisites were limited or missing completely. The image of the Foreign Legion during the Indochina War was affected by the so-called myth of German veterans, according to which a major part of the Legion composed of legionaries of German...
Modern building management systems
Skoupý, Ondřej ; Janík, Daniel (referee) ; Bátora, Branislav (advisor)
Abstract This bachelor thesis deals the current smart technologies and problems of smart homes. The main aim of this thesis is objective research, comparison of the systems for smart home control and companies, which provides them on the czech market. Selected systems functions are subsequently compared based on purchased costs. The conclusions from this work are used for the economical and technical evaluation of the most benefical smart system for a choosen model of exemplary house. The outcome of this theses is design of the smart home control system for the model household.
Effective management of building technologies with a focus on measuring humidity and CO2 concentration
Bučko, Ondrej ; Bátora, Branislav (referee) ; Janík, Daniel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with automated measurement of humidity and CO2 concentration inside buildings. Results of this measurement form the input parameters for the effective management of technologies reducing the energy performance of buildings. In the introduction, the issue of indoor air quality of buildings and indicators characterizing this quality are approached. The technical part of the thesis consists of making a measuring device which contains two prototype sensors provided by Teco Inc. with online access to measured data. The measurement of relative humidity, CO2 concentration and temperature in the interior of the building with the made device is compared with commercially available devices for measuring selected parameters. For unambiguous interpretation of online data, the virtual machine with an online database is configured for the created measuring device. The possibilities of using the prepared measuring device to achieve a reduction in the energy performance of buildings are discussed in the final part.
Výskyt podkorních a dřevokazných druhů hmyzu na javorech (Acer spp.)
Janík, Daniel
This bachelor thesis deals with maple (A. pseudoplatanus, A. campestre a A. platanoides) tree wood attacking pests. The work addresses potential pests of the Acer genus in the form of an extensive scientific literature and other sources review. The findings are that there are not many threatening xylophagous species with calamity potential currently present in the Czech Republic. An experiment with wooden insect traps was introduced in 2019 to confirm this hypothesis in the future and to possibly extend the spectrum of maple-attacking species. The results from the bachelor thesis experiment will be published in own diploma thesis, which will be focused on wood damage itself, pest spreading and their detailed biology.

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