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The project of Boris Akunin - an example of literary strategy at the turn of XX-XXI centuries
Volkova, Natalia ; Glanc, Tomáš (advisor) ; Janáček, Pavel (referee) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee)
This work deals with the literaturary project "B. Akunin", which was defined by it's creator G. Chkhartishvili as a "quality literature for the mass reader". When they wish to characterise the project, critics emphasize the use of an adventure plot combined with interesting style and intertextual play. We see a tendency to place the project in the "middle level", which in their hierarchy is somewhere between the literature created for the "happy few" and consumer fiction. However convergence of mass and elite culture is too general a trend in postmodernist literary strategy to be sufficiently characteristic of a concrete author. Our research covers all the texts published to the present day under the names of both G. Chkhartishvili and B. Akunin. It was the part of the extratextual strategy of the author to construct an image of himself as a writer of serious, almost scientific prose, who began to write detective stories for his own and his readers' enjoyment. The author generally uses mass clichés whenever he describes his heroes and action scenes in the story. He uses a great many simple references to the other literaturary works in his texts which should be understandable by every reader. At the same time we find other, more complicated references requiring knowledge of a wider literary "encyclopedia"....
The Road to a Genre. The Early History of Detective Fiction in Czech Literary Culture (Until 1928)
Řadová Holanová, Markéta ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Wutsdorff, Irina (referee) ; Šidák, Pavel (referee)
The Road to a Genre The Early History of Detective Fiction in Czech Literary Culture (Until 1928) (abstract) This dissertation focuses on the early history of detective fiction in Czech literature and literary culture. It challenges the deeply rooted conception of the history of Czech mystery fiction that has prevailed in the Czech literary studies, wherein Emil Vachek's Tajemství obrazárny (The Mystery of a Picture Gallery), published in the late 1920s, is considered the first national variant of detective fiction. Our aim was not to radically rewrite the history of this model, but rather to put it in a historical context - starting from the second half of the nineteenth century, to which only marginal attention has been given so far. At the same time, this dissertation tries to demonstrate the close connection between the idea of the genre's origin in the environment of national literature, and the perception and definition of the genre category. As for its theoretical foundations, this dissertation draws on recent Anglo-American works revising older conceptions of the history of detective fiction that were usually based on specific normative concepts of detective fiction. As the recent relevant sources suggest, teleological constructions of the history of a genre - characteristic of the earlier research...
World Views and Interpretive Communities in the Literary Field of Czechoslovakia in the 1930s
Borovička, Lukáš ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Sýkora, Michal (referee) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
The goals of the present dissertation are twofold: 1) to bring back into the literary thought the notion of "world view", which has been largely discredited due to its abusage in the context of official Marxism during the socialist era, and 2) to affirm the usefulness of the notion of "world view" in the literary practice. The thesis is structured so as to meet the goals: the first chapter presents several probes of the usage of the phrase "world view" and definition discussions related to it. In this framework, the "scientific world view" from the socialist era is then confronted with a range of other definitions of the notion, such as F. X. Šalda's "view of life and world". In the second chapter, I present my approach to this notion, aimed at serving the purposes of current literary research. Firstly, I distinguish the notion of "world view" from the notions of "mentality" and "ideology", and secondly, following the research of The Worldviews Group (Brussels) I propose my own definition of world view. Since the Group does not deal with actual interpretations of literary texts, I make use for the intended purpose of an updated and slightly modified concept of Terry Eagleton, originally published within the monograph Criticism and Ideology (1976). What is essential is foremost to differ between a)...
Czech Popular Fantastic Arts 1990-2012 in cultural, social and literary contexts
Kudláč, Antonín ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Janáček, Pavel (referee) ; Janeček, Petr (referee)
Antonín Kudláč Czech Popular Fantastic Arts 1990 - 2012 in Cultural, Social and Literary Contexts The dissertation focuses on the exploration of popular fantastic arts in the Czech environment between 1990 and 2012. Popular fantastic arts are defined as a segment of popular culture, which uses fantastic motifs and finds expression in various art forms and media (literature, film and television programs, visual arts, games, etc.). Popular fantastic literature (science fiction, fantasy, horror) is used as the basic medium for research in this area. For defining and understanding the nature of popular fantastic arts, its recipients (the so-called fans), who form a distinctive subculture called the fandom, are of extreme importance. This dissertation, bordering on interdisciplinary cultural anthropology, sociology, literary criticism and media studies, is based on the hypothesis of an active and creative approach of the recipients of popular culture, who endow these cultural artifacts with their own meanings, share them and use them for their own interests. This approach is rooted mostly in the theoretical works of John Fiske and Henry Jenkins, in particular in the concept of participatory culture and cultural divergence. The work consists of two parts. The research development of popular culture in...
Zdeněk Lahoda's novels within the context of Czech mystery fiction of the 1960s to 1990s
Hudečková, Hana ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Menclová, Věra (referee)
The goal of this work was to develop a biographical characteristics of the writers and translators Zdeněk Lahoda, characterize his works of fiction with regard to his efforts to the translation and its integration into the development detective fiction genre in the context of criminal czech literature since the 60 to 90 of the 20 century. The work seeks to define a genre thriller. This paper summarizes the work of Zdeněk Lahoda soothe and compares his own work, and his translation work. Greater efforts to Zdeněk Lahoda dedicated his translation activities, often translated socrealistic ideological literature, detective stories, adventure tales and stories. His own work has not fit into the context of 90th Years, and therefore do not issue his work again.
Big Pimpin'. The Poetics of Czech Hip Hop Mainstream.
Segi, Stefan ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
5 Abstract This thesis is focused on the poetics of czech hip hop lyrics. It deals with meanings lyrics can posess inside the frame of different models of youth subcultures or in context of dominant culture. The comparathive method showed being of good use because of cultural transfer, that lies in the very basics of hip hop music and culture. The relation between music and lyrics in a whole of single performance, whether is it concert or record, is also an important topic of this research. Key words hip hop, rap, popular culture, lyrics, subculture
Dystopia: "We" and "They" in the Czech and World Fiction of the 20th Century.
Pavlova, Olga ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Kramářová - Hezinová, Jitka (referee)
In this thesis I mainly analyzed the canonical dystopian works, like J. Zamjatin We and G. Orwell 1984, based on this observation I circumscribe the five criteria by which the dystopian fictional world works. In the following sections, I observed the role and place of these criteria in the 20th century Czech literature works.
Lenka Procházková, her literary career, life and oeuvre - a monograph
Zídková, Lea ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee)
This thesis deals with the course of literary career and with the forms of work of Lenka Procházková, an author, whose literary career started in the turn of late seventies and early eighties in the unofficial literature. As a signee of Charta 77 and a daughter of Jan Procházka - highly acclaimed, yet unpopular for the regime after 1968 - she became a banned author, whose work could not be published within an official structure of Czech literature in the seventies and eighties. Her literary career continues until these days. In the Introduction part the reasons why our interest is aimed at Lenka Procházková in the first place are being described. The basis goals of our work are also stipulated within the Introduction section. In section Fundaments of Research hypotheses for the approach to the following analyses are introduced. In Sources of Information part all used sources are being introduced - already published literary works as well as sources unpublished or materials which have not been compiled yet (archive materials, letters, reminiscences of observers, family and friend eyewitnesses etc.) In the chapter called Life Circumstances accompanying and determining the literary career of Lenka Procházková we present a comprehensive and detailed biography of the author which cannot be found...
Writer and journalist Edvard Valenta after 1945
Janeš, Petr ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Janáček, Pavel (referee)
This thesis examines the role of Czech writer Edvard Valenta (1901-1978) in post-war Czechoslovakia journalism. The overview part of the paper tracks Valenta's texts published from 1945 to 1948 in Svobodné noviny and in magazine Dnešek. Attention is also devoted to Edvard Valenta's correspondence not only with many Czech writers, but also with his own family. Based on archival research and eyewitness accounts, this work tries to capture the life and the career of Czech journalist and writer Edvard Valenta, including his imprisonment after february 1948. The work focuses on the facts that were not known about Edvard Valenta yet, trying to organize them and to make them available for any further research or to organize them and to make them available for any further research or writing of Valenta's monography. Furthermore, the contemporary journalism situation is outlined as well as the political interventions into cultural issues. The selection part of the paper deals with the analysis of specific polemical texts among literary groups and authors with different political beliefs. The aim is to highlight the importance of Edvard Valenta in journalism field in the Third Republic and to highlight the inextricable connection of literature and journalism. Keywords: Czech literature of the second half of...

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