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Interventions focused on the support of pupils with dyscalculia in a primary school
Horská, Michaela ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Jamrichová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with a specific learning disability - dyscalculia. The theoretical part follows up the general issue of specific learning disabilities, division, and etiology also with the definition of dyscalculia and its classifications in terms of child development and mathematical topics. It focuses on general recommendations for reeducation and specific elements description to correct difficulties in mathematics. Finally, it is anchored in the current legislation, which underwent a fresh change in the early 2021. It also defines terms of pedagogical intervention and the use of special pedagogical care. The practical part is interested in the interventions provided to pupils with dyscalculia at primary schools in the Jihlava region, more precisely finds out and describes the provided support for pupils who have difficulties in mathematics. It also contains a research survey of qualitative character- focused finding out information about the implementation of interventions at primary schools and pedagogical-psychological counselling in the selected locality and presents case studies of two pupils. There were used methods of semi-structured interview and observation to get the data. There was used a method of open data coding for data analysis. This thesis focuses closer on a...
Role of a service dog for people with autism spectrum disorder
Cihlářová, Kristýna ; Jamrichová, Jana (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
This thesis is dealing with the role of the service dog with autism spectrum disorder and its benefit. The aim of this thesis is to determine the influence of a dog on socialization in children with ASD within school, leisure activities and to determine its influence within the whole society. The thesis summarizes the opinions of social workers and parents, who can, considering their own experience, evaluate comprehensively the benefit of the service dog for this client group. The thesis is divided into theoretical and research part. The theoretical part deals with the defining the autism spectrum disorder, etiology, classification, diagnostics, areas of development of social skills and socialization in people with ASD. Further it deals with the topic of service dogs, canistherapy, training and selection of a dog, organizations that help this particular group of clients. It describes in detail the activities of one chosen organisation, so that it comprehensively captures the process in which the service dog can function and its training in the people with ASD. The research part defines the aim of the research, which is to find out the role of the service dogs on socialisation in the people with ASD. Furthermore it describes the research questions which are: How does the assistance dog contribute to...
Support for reading and development of reading competencies of pupils with autistic spectrum disorder
Drastilová, Melanie ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Jamrichová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the support of reading and development of reading competences of pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The theoretical part first discusses individuals with autism spectrum disorder, characteristics of diagnosis and their education. The next section generally summarizies the concepts related to reading. It also looks at the role of the school, teacher and literary eduacation in the development and support of reading. It further discusses teaching methods, which develop reading comprehension. The last part focuces specifically on the reading skills of children with ASD. The part concludes with deficits in reading for meaning and reading comprehension interventions. The aim of this thesis was to find out how teachers develop reading skills for pupils with ASD in primary school. The data was obtained from structured interviews with teachers working with pupils with ASD. The research questions were focused on the level of support for reading by teachers, the specifics of working with pupils with ASD and the use of texts related to student's interests and experiences. Research suggests that teachers don't have much information about the reading comprehension of children with ASD. They are based on their own experience. The experiences of teachers show that children...
Education of students with autism spectrum disorder at school for students with physical disabilities
Zwyrtek, Irena ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Jamrichová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of education of pupils with autism spectrum disorders at an elementary school for pupils with physical disabilities. It focuses on the methodological conditions for education that the school offers to pupils with autism spectrum disorders. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The first chapter of the theoretical part describes autism spectrum disorders - from terminology and classification to typical manifestations of this diagnosis. The second chapter is dedicated to education of pupils with autism spectrum disorders, it presents options for their education and support measures. The third chapter of the theoretical part presents teaching methods and interventions for people with autism spectrum disorders. The practical part of the thesis includes a qualitative research survey which was carried out through semi-structured interviews with class teachers of pupils with autism spectrum disorders at the elementary school for pupils with physical disabilities. Using analysis of interviews and school documentation, I came to the conclusion that the environment of this school offers pupils with autism spectrum disorders education provided by special education teachers, and also comprehensive care, the benefit of small group, and individual...
Difficulties in Socialization of People with Physical Disabilities
Jamrichová, Jana ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
Difficulties in Socialization of People with Physical Disabilities The objective of the thesis is to identify the barriers to socialization for adult persons with physical disabilities - barriers that they themselves believe prevent them from their full-valued participation in all areas of the society's life according to their own wishes. More specifically, the author has focused on answering the question whether such persons with physical disabilities proper consider their own lives different from the lives of persons without disabilities, and if so then in what respects. The author also surveys the areas of life that the very persons with disabilities consider problematic, i.e., areas in which they are forced to overcome barriers and in which they encounter barriers. This focus is related to the question whether the society has changed its attitude to the problematic areas specified by persons with disabilities, may such change be towards the positive or the negative side. The thesis also strives to identify in what areas of their living persons with physical disabilities need assistance and support, whether they receive sufficient support and whether they have access to the same without any barriers restricting them from participating in the society. Last but not least, the thesis monitors the...
Benefits of sport activities for people with cerebral pa/sy in adolescence and maturity age
Jamrichová, Jana ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Durdilová, Lucie (referee)
Possibilities and benefits of sport activities for people with cerebral palsy in Czech republic The aim of this work is to determine what are the possibilities and benefits of sports for people with cerebral palsy in the Czech Republic. To detect what kinds of different sports for people with disabilities are offered, as well as to find out various sports clubs, associations and organizations that allow these activities. Another aim of my work is to describe the history of sports for people with physical disabilities. The part of it will also be legislative documents behind the development of sports for people-with-disabilities. I would also like to assess what benefits may have sports on amateur and professional level for people with cerebral palsy and what are the hazards, which are related to sports activities. In terms of not only physical (it is quite controversial, what sports are appropriate for people with cerebral palsy considering the contraction of muscles and tendons), but also in terms of psychological-and-social. In the practical part, I will through structured interviews discuss the above topics with several athletes with cerebral palsy with whom we meet regularly at trainings in the Sporting Club Jedlicka Institute in order to complement the theoretical information about the specific...
The Importance of Sexual Education for People with Intelectual Disabilities and its Teaching on Primary Schools
Jamrichová, Jana ; Ortová, Marie (advisor) ; Klímová, Olga (referee)
In my essay I would like to show, what are the general conditions for sexual education for children with intelectual disabilities on primary schools. How is the sexual education laid down in general educational programs and I want to show on examples how some schools have dealed with it in their scholastic educational programs. After general introducion, what should be the content of sexual education on primary schools, I will focuse on some specifics of sexual education for children with intelectual disabilities. In more detail I will give an account of sexual education textbook for children with intelectual disabilities recommended by Ministry of Education. Then I want to summarize the principles of sexual education. From previous content I will deduce the importance of sexual education for particular aspects of current and future life of children with intelectual disabilities. At the conclusion of my essay, in practical section, interviews with people with intelectual disabilities are written down, which should complete the essay and show the level of their knowledge and their attitudes toward human sexuality. It should show the importance of sexual education for themselves as well. Powered by TCPDF (
The use of marketing methods in Czech companies
The main objective of this bachelor thesis was to identify how marketing activities are used and implemented in selected companies operating in the Czech Republic, and to compare the collected data with marketing activities of a selected company. A partial objective was to propose recommendations based on the identified situation. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is based on the analysis of specialised literature and investigates terminology, such as marketing, need, wish, products, demand, offer, market, company marketing program, and also the characteristics of marketing activities. The first stage of the practical part involved the analysis of marketing activities of a selected company. The analysed company did not wish to be revealed and thus, for the purposes of this thesis, it was renamed "XY". The primary data were collected by way of controlled structured interview with the marketing director of "XY". The main purpose of the interview was to map the role and use of marketing in the selected company. Furthermore, the interview aimed to identify how the selected company implements marketing activities and how important these activities are within the company. The results of the controlled interview indicate that "XY" creates a marketing strategy and annual marketing plan every year. The analysis furthermore revealed that "XY" defines marketing correctly, i.e. as a process aiming at satisfying the needs and wishes of the customers, but cannot use and implement it to the full extent as it focuses too much on promotion activities and establishing a certain image on the market. The second half of the practical part presents the survey by way of online queries of selected companies operating in the Czech Republic. The objective of this survey was to reveal how the selected companies perceive marketing and how they approach its use within the company. The results indicate that marketing affects the management of Czech companies only marginally. Out of the 50 companies involved, only 6 strictly Czech companies (12%) can define marketing correctly. Up to 88% of the companies involved (44 out of 50) does not know the proper meaning of marketing and mistake marketing particularly for promotion activities, advertising, and building of the company image on the market.

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