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Evaluation of the quality of 3D scanned objects
Paštěka, Marek ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Vyroubal, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with problematics of trasfering real life objects into digital data using 3D scanners. Thesis deals with various 3D scanning technologies and errors of these methods. Main part of this thesis deals with special situations, during which a topology defect may likely occur. These defects most often seriously impact the resulting model in a negative way. For the purpose of maximally describing the issue at hand some very extreme edge scenarios were chosen for these experiments. Thesis also deals with development of a turntable device based on an Arduino microcontroller to help in the process of 3D scanning.
Design and construction of multipurpose FDM 3D printer
Kyselica, Martin ; Bayer, Robert (referee) ; Jaššo, Kamil (advisor)
This thesis is aimed on a theoretical analysis of the issue of various 3D printing technologies with a deeper focus on FDM technology. The principles of the function, areas of use, their advantages and limitations are presented. Individual types of FDM 3D printers are compared. An analysis of the main components of the structure, movement mechanism and electronic components of common rectilinear Cartesian FDM 3D printers is created. A 3D model of a custom solution for the construction of a 3D printer of the CoreXY type is proposed. The printer is constructed and configured. Calibration and testing have been carried out.
Study of the ecological impact of production, operation and disposal of various types of cars
Kutnar, Václav ; Jandová, Kristýna (referee) ; Jaššo, Kamil (advisor)
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, countries have focused on (among other things) automobile transport. However, there are different car powertrains, and each produces a different amount of emissions from different parts of their lifecycles, which also vary from state to state. Knowing exact, comparable values is necessary for deciding how to reduce these emissions most efficiently and economically possible. Existing studies often focus on only one part of the life cycle and/or are not localized to a particular state. This study analyses the entire life cycle of a vehicle and its fuel or energy for a vehicle manufactured, operated, and recycled in the Czech Republic. It draws on existing studies, supplemented by data from state agencies, vehicle manufacturers, and our calculations. It was found that in the Czech Republic, compared to a vehicle with a petrol internal combustion engine (ICEVg), an electric vehicle (BEV) has 33% lower total GHG emissions, and a vehicle with hydrogen fuel cells (FCEV) 19% lower. However, an internal combustion engine vehicle has lower emissions from its production and as a result, its cumulative emissions are lower than an electric vehicle until 70,000 km driven and a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle until 111,000 km
Sample preparation and their measurement by EDS methods
Kostelník, Tomáš ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Čudek, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is focused on preparation and analysis of samples by energy dispersive spectroscopy using scanning electron microscopy. In the theoretical the main differences between environmental scanning electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy are described. There is also a description of basic knowledge regarding energy dispersive spectroscopy. The generation and detection of signals arising from the interaction of a beam of primary electrons with a sample is also explained, with emphasis on the description, generation and distribution of these signals. The experimental part is focused on sample preparation and analysis.
CoreXY type FDM 3D printer
Kyselica, Martin ; Vyroubal, Petr (referee) ; Jaššo, Kamil (advisor)
The aim of this work is a theoretical evaluation of the properties and differences between the relevant 3D printing methods with a closer focus on FDM. The principles of the basic types of 3D printer mechanisms using this technology are explained in more detail and compared with each other. The solution and parts list of FDM 3D printer with CoreXY mechanism is proposed which is then constructed and tested.
Effect of temperature on electrochemical parameters of Li-S battery
Bečan, Jan ; Skala, Kateřina (referee) ; Jaššo, Kamil (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the production of lithium-sulfur battery and the effect of changing temperatures on its electrochemical parameters. The theoretical part is focused on primary and secondary batteries and their historical evolution, anode and cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and next-generation batteries. The practical part is focused on preparing the electrode material for lithium-sulfur battery, completion of electrochemical cell and measuring the values of cycling charge/discharge at different temperatures.
Visual Navigation of the Vehicle
Jaššo, Kamil ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Horák, Karel (advisor)
The thesis consists of retrieval of known solutions of autonomous vehicle navigation. Thesis further describes options for controling autonomous vehicle, and using of sensors in autonomous vehicles. From different types of sensors are selected two types, that are most suitable for visual navigation of the vehicle. Thesis describes the function and way of using these two types of sensors in the visual navigation of the vehicle. The program for obtaining and saving data from selected sensors is also part of the thesis.
DLP LCD 3D Printer
Brandejs, Petr ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Bayer, Robert (advisor)
This project deals with DLP 3D printing and designing a 3D printer based on this technology. It consists of a glimpse across different 3D printing technologies, their comparison and reasoning behind chosing a DLP printer. Project then follows with design of individual component based on specific parameters needed for this application and price optimization. It ends with a review of the machine.
Solar irrigation
Straňák, Rastislav ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Jandová, Kristýna (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of solar irrigation system together with the design and manufacture of the owner´s solution. The beginning of the thesis deals with the analysis of commercial equipment, determining its possible innovations. It continues with the analysis and selection of individual components for author´s solution. Newly designed device has a microcontroller that evaluates data from the relevant components, thus controlling the system processes. Thanks to the protection against self-destruction caused by running out of water or clogged hoses, the protection of plants against overwatering and the additive function of fertilization, i tis a compact solar irrigation system. The last part deals with the testing of the created equipment and the analysis of the achieved results.
Numerical modelling of Li-S batteries
Mezera, Petr ; Jaššo, Kamil (referee) ; Mačák, Martin (advisor)
This work deals with modeling and simulation of Li-S batteries in Matlab. The work describes the properties of these batteries, their construction and the problems associated with their development. Furthermore, experimental techniques and their importance for numerical modeling of batteries are discussed. Different types of battery modeling are described in the work, then numerical models for simulations are analyzed in more detail. The procedure for making the Li-S battery is described and the measurements made on it are described. The measured data has been adapted for use in several different ECMs. Finally, models of a replacement circuit for the Li-S battery were built. One model accounted for the polynomial equations and the other the resulting circuit. The latter used linear interpolation and was more accurate.

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