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Differences in company remuneration systems
This diploma thesis deals with remuneration of employees based on the size of companies. It introduces different types of remuneration, wage forms, minimum and average wages, non-monetary remuneration, benefits and trends in remuneration over the last few years. The research was divided into 3 sub-goals. The first sub-objective of the research is the identification and analysis of remuneration systems and benefits in individual companies (micro + small, medium and large companies) using a quantitative method of data collection - a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was distributed to a total of 60 respondents, 20 questionnaires for each type of company. After a thorough analysis of all the data, the advantages and disadvantages of individual companies divided by size were outlined, and sub-goal 2 was thus fulfilled. Subsequently, suitable proposals were recommended from the "disadvantages" on how to improve or eliminate shortcomings, which led to the fulfillment of sub-goal 3.
Stress management in Family Company
This bachelor thesis deals with stress, its causes, symptoms, stress managements and prevention. The work also introduces us with the family company, that is, with their focus, history and individual departments. The main goal of the research is finding about and analysing stress management in a workplace in the small family company through both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted with 12 respondents about what kind of stress prevails in the company and why. After a careful analysis of all the collected data conclusions were reached which helped make suggestions for stress prevention and stress management in workplace.
The relationship between leisure and spirituality according to Paul Heintzman Ph.D.
The bachelor thesis focuses on the relationship between leisure and spirituality from the Christian perspective. The aim of this thesis is to create a strong basis for the praxis of Christian recreation practitioners in an inter-culture and inter-religion society. The core of the thesis is an annotated translation of the selected chapters from the English book "Leisure and spirituality". Its author Paul Heintzman synthesizes biblical, historical and contemporary sources of leisure and explores how Christians and the church can address the phenomenon of leisure in contemporary society. The thesis consists of the annotated translation, an introduction to the translation, and a discussion. The discussion compares the results of the annotated translation to the results of Czech authors and to the concept of leisure presented at the Faculty of Theology at the University of South Bohemia.

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