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Approaches to the Hungarian minority in Slovakia in issues of minority education and the possibility of subsequent application in the working process
Dlábik, Ľubomír ; Irmanová, Eva (advisor) ; Balla, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis clarifies the issue of Triadic nexus among Slovakia, Hungary and the Hungarian minority concerning education and economic access to areas inhabited by the Hungarian minority, which affect the graduates of minority schools in the Slovak labor market. At the same time it aspires to refer to this relationship as one of the factors that may impact on reduction in the number of members of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. The main focus is on the trilateral approach to the issue of education in the Slovak minority schools in Hungarian language in case of teaching the state language. The consequences of the different trilateral relation approach to minority education can lead to inefficiency of minority schools teaching Slovak language, which can, in conjunction with the current economic approach of Slovakia to the areas inhabited by the Hungarian minority, lead to migratory pressures on graduates of minority schools as for the choice of university studies and their employability. The lack of language skills reduces their competitiveness and flexibility compared to linguistically better equipped individuals. The statistical data in education, employment and population movements that will be analyzed and compared, are freely available, and confirm this hypothesis.
The Intervention of the Central Czecho-Slovak Government in Slovakia in March 1939, Causes and Consequences
Fišar, Jan ; Irmanová, Eva (advisor) ; Švec, Luboš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the political-military intervention of the Czecho-Slovak government in Slovakia in March 1939 focused on the stabilization of domestic tensed situation. The main aim of the thesis is to find out, which causes and consequences led to the intervention and analyse the perception of the intervention from Czech, Slovak and foreign perspective. For that reason an analysis of the tensed domestic situation influenced by the Slovak autonomistic and secessionist movement as well as unfavourable international situation in 1938 and 1939 seems to be necessary. Another part of the thesis is an analysis of the immediate causes and consequences of the intervention for the Czechoslovakia as well as an outline of its course. The final part is dedicated to the analysis of the old Czech, Slovak and German press and the perception of the intervention from their point of view. This is also important for the understanding of the perception of the intervention in 1939.
Process of democratic consolidation in Slovakia in years 1989-1998
Kačírová, Andrea ; Irmanová, Eva (advisor) ; Kocian, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis discusses the process of democratization in Slovakia in the years 19891998 and tries to answer the question whether this process was successful. The thesis analyzes various factors that have influenced the course of democratic consolidation. The work is based on the theoretical concept of democratic consolidation of the authors Samuel P. Huntington, Juan J. Linz and Stepan C. Alfred. This thesis focuses on the single territory in a certain period of time, therefore the main method used is the case study. In addition to the case study, a comparative method and various statistical data are used. For a better understanding of the issue, consolidation within Czechoslovakia and Slovakia is compared, as well as individual electoral programs and their subsequent application and compliance in practice. The analysis of democratic consolidation in Slovakia is conducted on the basis of a study of selected literature, media archives and relevant internet resources. The thesis is divided into 5 main chapters. The first chapter deals with the theoretical basis of democratization and the concepts of individual authors. The second chapter evaluates Slovakia and the democratic transition itself, namely the Velvet Revolution, the emergence of political parties and movements, free elections and...

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