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Impact of high-speed-rails to change the accessibility of Prague region
Randák, Jakub ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Ilík, Jan (referee)
VLIV VYSOKORYCHLOSTNÍCH TRATÍ NA ZMĚNY DOSTUPNOSTI REGIONU PRAHY Abstrakt Předkládaná diplomová práce si klade za cíl diskutovat regionální dopady vysokorychlostní železnice v obecných souvislostech a dále s důrazem na změny dostupnosti. Dále si klade za cíl komplexně popsat změny dostupnosti Prahy po vybudování systému vysokorychlostní železnice v Česku s ohledem na dvě možná trasování úseku Praha - Brno. V neposlední řadě se tato práce věnuje studiu potenciální dostupnosti obcí Česka po vybudování vysokorychlostních tratí v Čechách, na Moravě a ve Slezsku. Vysokorychlostní železnice bude významnou páteří veřejné dopravy v Česku, ale umožní též kapacitní napojení české železniční sítě na zbytek Evropy. Hlavním nástrojem vlastního výzkumu jsou analýzy dostupnosti v prostředí GIS. Klíčová slova: vysokorychlostní železnice, Česko, Praha, regionální a lokální dopady, časová dostupnost, potenciální dostupnost IMPACT OF HIGH-SPEED-RAILS TO CHANGE THE ACCESSIBILITY OF PRAGUE REGION Abstract The aim of this diploma thesis is to discuss regional impacts of the high-speed railways in the general context with the emphasis on the issue of accessibility changes. Furthermore, the thesis concentrates on comprehensively description of changes in availability of Prague after the high-speed rail system in Czechia will be...
Regional Impacts of High-speed Rail: Anticipation of Representatives of Vysočina Region and City of Jihlava
Randák, Jakub ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Ilík, Jan (referee)
Regional impacts of High-Speed rail: anticipation of representatives of Vysočina region and city of Jihlava Abstract The aims of this bachelor thesis are: discuss regional impacts of the construction and operation of high-speed railways in the general context and describe the possible implications on Vysočina region. Furthermore, the thesis wants to show confrontation of these implications with the local authorities. High-speed railway will be an important backbone of the public transport in Czechia, in addition the capacitive Czech railway network connection to the rest of Europe will be made. The main tool of own research is half-structured interview, which leads to the characterization of the main expected regional impacts on Vysočina region. An important issue is the perception of infrastructure as an engine for regional development. Key words: high-speed railway, Vysočina region, city of Jihlava, regional and local impacts, half- structured interview
Changes in Development of Urban Spatial Structure after 1990 - the Case Study of 5 Towns in South Bohemia
Kopecká, Zuzana ; Ilík, Jan (advisor) ; Špačková, Petra (referee)
The thesis is focused on changes of spatial urban structure in context of post socialist transformation. The most important phenomena which affect the character of post socialist cities in the two last decades were pointed out on the base of studied literature. The development of the phenomena was examined as a case study of five towns in the Czech Republic. The election of the cities encompasses - Benešov, Jindřichův Hradec, Pelhřimov, Písek and Tábor. The research was pointed on the following features: new residential areas, the quality of estates and its regeneration, the changes caused by industry restructuring, the revitalization of brownfields, the new localization trends of retail and the city centre utilization changes. The aim of the thesis is considering the influence of process diffusion from the capital city. The results of the research indicated some trends of the studied features development. However the intensity of progressing changes was too marginal to assign definite conclusion.
Different strategies of brownfields regeneration: case studies of Karolina and Michal mine in Ostrava
Roháč, Jan ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Ilík, Jan (referee)
Comparison of different use of two industrial brownfields situated in Ostrava, Karolina and Důl Michal mine, and especially identification of factors of this differentiation, are the subjects of my work. Karolina represents a former industrial complex, where industrial manufacturing was finished in 1980s. The area was demolished and cleaned in following years. Karolina disposes of great development potential thanks to its size (60 hectares) and exclusive location (proximity of the city). At present building of commercially-administrative center takes place there. In Důl Michal mine industrial production was finished in 1993. Unlike Karolina, minimal size (4,5 hectares) and peripheral location limit investment intentions. On the other hand, extraordinary culturally- historical value of Důl Michal mine, which is declared with national cultural heritage status, is higher than in case of Karolina. At present there is a technical museum in Důl Michal mine. In my opinion the different use of Karolina and Důl Michal mine is the result of entirely different character of these objects, which is manifested in different cultural value, location, size and evolution. During making this work, I was utilizing following methods - literature search, study of documents and other sources, method of controlled interview...
Revitalization of brownfields in Jihlava city: aspect and perspectives development
Večeřa, Pavel ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Ilík, Jan (referee)
Anotation The subject of my graduation theses is to evaluate possibilities of brownfields in Jihlava city. There are the definitions of brownfields, their genesis, classification and compare with greenfields in the theoretical part. The next chapters deal with description of brownfields participants and program grants from the EU for funding resources of revitalization. The main part of my theses is devoted to analyzing actual brownfields situation in Highlands region and specialy in Jihlava city. Discussed are the former locality of brownfields, that are already reconstructed and acquired a new functional uses. In the practical part I make fieldwork identification of brownfields in the city. Attractiveness brownfields from view of potential investors and developers I find by questionnaire investigation. At the conclusion of the theses I present potential developments of two specific case studies. Key words: brownfield sites, revitalization, regional development, operating program

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