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Analysis of the Media Strategy of Díky, že můžem – Korzo Národní
Hájíček, Jan ; Kubaš, Mario (advisor) ; Hucková, Barbara (referee)
The thesis aims to evaluate the media strategy of street celebrations of November 17th called Díky, že můžem - Korzo národní and to find suitable solutions ehich would help to increase its effectiveness. Theoretical part describes basic concepts of media communication, the environment of non-profit organizations and the possibilities of their public relations and presentation in media. The practical part is focused on the production and organization of the event Díky, že můžem - Korzo Národní and the analysis of its media strategy. The analysis is focused on the evaluation of press releases and other media relations tools. Based on the results of quantitative analysis of the content of the media outputs the thesis identifies the potential steps which would help to increase the effectiveness of the media strategy of Díky, že můžem - Korzo národní.
Cultural supply of Prague 7 City District – Art District 7
Vlasatá, Anežka ; Malcová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Hucková, Barbara (referee)
The thesis examines the current cultural supply of Prague 7 City District and the project Art District 7. The first part includes the description of the area of Prague 7 City District from a geographical, historical and demographic perspective. The principal chapter of the theoretical part is concerned with an analysis of the cultural institutions at work in the aforementioned area, supplemented with a financial analysis of particular cultural institutions. The theoretical part also scrutinizes the cultural funding provided by the Prague 7 City District. The practical part of the thesis focuses on the project Art District 7 which unites culture providers active in the area and officially declares Prague 7 City District as a cultural district. The project is depicted in its entirety in the practical part, beginning with the preparatory phase and concluding with the very realization of the project. The purpose of the research is to define the advantages resulting from the project, with the research founded on personal interviews with selected cultural providers, an employee of IPR Prague who participated in the preparations of the project and the city councillor for culture and neighbour relations of Prague 7 City District.
Fundraising of the non-profit cultural project of VILA Štvanice
Macháčková, Barbora ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Lindner, Milan (referee)
The work focuses on the process of creating a theatrical production under the conditions of an independent theater ensemble on a concrete case of the Prague VILLA Štvanice project. The theoretical part deals with the non-profit sector with the focus of non-governmental non-profit organization, defines the concept of fundraising and approximates the forms of theater institutions. The practical part is devoted to VILA Štvanice cultural area, specifically to its resident ensemble Tiger in Need and an example of the production of Synáčci is an analysis of its origin and the problems it has encountered. The conclusion provides assessment and possible solution of the situation.
Communication analysis of wax statue museum in Prague
Mendlík, Matěj ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Švehlík, Luděk (referee)
This thesis is focusing on marketing, mainly on marketing of services and entertainment industry. The aim is to find, which communication tool is most successful in increasing the number of visitors of Musée Grévin. Outcome of the thesis is a communication strategy recommendation that will be presented to Musée Grévin management.
Ether – The analysis of the czech designer brand and its development on czech and foreign markets
Jamborová, Nikola ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; SAnická, Lenka (referee)
The analysis of local fashion brand ether in terms of competition, marketing assests not only typical for fashion industry and ways of promotion within the czech market and choice of distribution
Internet Marketing of Cultural Non-profit Organization
Pláteníková, Hana ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Mathauserová, Hana (referee)
The thesis deals with characterization and comparison of two marketing tools on the Internet: Pay per click advertising in AdWords and advertising on the social media network Facebook. The theoretical part describes internet marketing as a complex system; it characterizes the specific advantages and limitations of individual input channels and current trends in their development. In the practical part, the best practices are applied to the advertising campaign of the cultural non-profit organization, the D21 Theater. Subsequently, the performance of each tool is evaluated within increased sessions and conversions in Google Analytics. At the end of the thesis, the recommendations are implemented to increase the effectiveness of the internet marketing of a cultural institution, based on the impact of advertisements and assessment of SEO optimization and web design.
Design markets/weeks as a new phenomenon of exhibiting and selling design works
Janovcová, Zuzana ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
This Master thesis is entitled to Design Markets/Weeks as a new phenomenon of exhibiting and selling design works. It focuses on a market research due to increase of these events in recent years. The aim of the thesis is whether there is a possibility of entry of another design fair to the area of Prague with regard to current competition, availability of exhibition premises, number of exhibitors and visitors. The theoretical part describes concepts of design, design week and phenomenon, as well as the support of design in the Czech Republic, the possibility of exhibiting and selling design works and conditions for hosting a design week in the Czech Republic. In the practical part observed subjects are presented and based on the data obtained from the organizers and from other available sources the market analysis for period 2011-2016 is presented.
Marketing Analyse of the cultural website
Kopecký, Jakub ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe marketing analyse of cultural website The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part with initial expertise and the practical one with emphasis on the information about company, their competitors, customer analysis, SWOT analyse and Porters analyse. The thesis is based on literature and interviews with the founders of the company.
A visual style of a cultural project focusing on music festivals Rock for People and Prague Spring
Kloučková, Karolína ; Hucková, Barbara (advisor) ; Prokůpek, Marek (referee)
The bachelor thesis in theoretical part deals with the concept of Corporate Identity and its parts, Corporate Culture, Corporate Communication, Corporate Product and Corporate Design. It is focuses on the corporate image and key elements associated with a unified visual style. It describes the process of creating a unified visual style and all the phases it involves. There is defined the concept of a cultural project and a music festival, which is the content of the practical part of this work. The practical part is devoted to the complete change of the visual style of the two cultural projects, a music festivals Rock for People and the Prague Spring. At both festivals there is described the impulse that leaded to change the visual style, the process of cooperation with the graphic studio Dynamo design, which is the author of both new visual styles, the description of the concept, the reasons for its selection and the subsequent results and the evaluation of the complete redesign.
International posting of employees in cultural non-profit sector
Vavrošová, Lenka ; Prokůpek, Marek (advisor) ; Hucková, Barbara (referee)
This thesis covers the phenomenon of posting employees out of the Czech Republic. The main focus is put on the obligations that the employee and the employer have to fulfill before, during and after the posting. The four main areas of interest are income tax, social security, health insurance and employer liability insurance. The theoretic part of the thesis should give a basic overview of the legislation and of the options, which are available to the employee and the employer. The practical part put its own focus on posting the employees of the Czech Centres and on the case studies during the posting of basic non-profit organization. There was applied local and international legislation on five chosen countries and so described the particular process of payouts issues during the employees posting.

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