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Role of phenology in differentiation of plant niches: quantitative and comparative approach using a large set of species
Huang, Lin ; Herben, Tomáš (advisor) ; van Kleunen, Mark (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (referee)
Niche differentiation is the most recognized species coexistence mechanism, of which, the temporal differentiation of species, i.e. phenological differentiation has gained an increasing interest of ecologists. However, as an important dimension of phenology, the phenology of growth has drawn relatively few attentions due to the lack of sufficient phenological data. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to examine potential role of temporal differentiation of plant growth patterns in plant coexistence. I first collected data on growth phenology of 381 perennial herbs in the Botanical Garden of Charles University in Prague within one growing season (in 2015). Using this database, I addressed the general patterns of growth phenology among perennial herbs. I distinguished two contrasting growth patterns: (1) species with early peak growth had high standardized growth rates in contrast to late species, reflecting the survival under forest canopy, where species are selected to grow early and fast before the development of tree canopy which restricts their size; (2) tall species showed later peak growth than short species, associating with (asymmetric) competition for light in open habitats, where the main selection factor is for tall stature, which cannot be attained early in the season. Then, by linking...

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1 Huang, Leo
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