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Movement abilities development of pre-school children
Prchlá, Lucie ; Engelthalerová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Hronzová, Marie (referee)
The thesis aims for documenting the importance of regular physical exercise (especially stretching) of pre-school children. The theoretical part deals with general development of pre-scool children - both psychological and physical, and documents all kinds of childrenś exercise throughout the day, such as kindergarden movement excercise, or after -school sport club activities. The thesis suggests why and how to imply various movement activities during the whole day in the kindergarden. The practical part of the thesis is comparing the results of two groups of pre-school children, before and after attending an excersise course. The measured figures are especially joint mobility and optimal muscle stretching. The objective is to prove great health benefit of a long-term, regular physical activities of pre-school children. Powered by TCPDF (
Level of fundamental abilities and skills in preschool children in different kindergartens
Oraská, Šárka ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Hronzová, Marie (referee)
The motoric skills and abilities of pre-school children are the key issues of this bachelor thesis. The main goal of this work was to find out, if the background of nursery school influences children's talents and prowess. And further, if the attandance to other free-time institutions can affect it. There were used descriptive method and inner environment analysis, questionaire and the motoric tests.
History of hammer throw
Pavlíček, Miroslav ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hronzová, Marie (referee)
This text is open to all interested members of the general public as well as with a narrow range of educational materials for teachers and athletic trainers in secondary schools, sports schools, athletics, etc. The work includes sections on the history of all the hammer throw.
Attitudes of teachers in kindergartens to physical activity
Puterová, Jana ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Hronzová, Marie (referee)
The aim of this work is to look into the issue of kindergarten teachers and theircompetency in the area of physical education. These competencies reflect the teachers' personal attitudes derived from the quality of their lives, their wellbeing. The attitudes of kindergarten teachers towards physical education were surveyed by a questionnaire method (Wear's standardized questionnaire) and then evaluated and interpreted. Thorough analysis of these data is preceded by basic theoretic definition of the term "quality of life" and attitudes from the area of psychology and kinanthropology. Other widely used methods of gathering attitudes are also briefly mentioned.
Attitudes of preschool children's parents and free time activities teachers in Benešov area towards sporting activities
Křížková, Iva ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Hronzová, Marie (referee)
The main aim of dissertation is find out the attitudes of people who have a great influence on the development of a child and on child's attitudes towards sporting activities. Personal attitudes of educators are also a very important factor during the process of forming the opinions of their own children or their pupils towards movement. Wear's questionnaire was used to find out the attitudes of parents of preschool children and of people who devote to free time activities for children and for the youth.
Equalizing muscles disbalance by swimming and water exercises for primary school children
Řenčová, Iveta ; Hronzová, Marie (advisor) ; Mojžíš, Otakar (referee)
The topic "Equalizing muscles disbalance by swimming and water exercises for primary school children" is extensive and it is necessary to concretize it. After the theoretical part I focused on the research on equalizing muscles disbalance by swimming. At my bachelor thesis I apply my five years experience in working like a sim teacher at two sim schools. My thesis contains preparation, hypothesis and practical results in conformation with youth school age children category.
Nordic Walking and Nordic Running
Pokorný, Matyáš ; Hronzová, Marie (advisor) ; Kuhnová, Věra (referee)
The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of Nordic Walking and Nordic Running, which are modern physical activities based on walking and running, therefore the natural motions of humans, however, combined with significant movements of the arms and upper body as a result of the use of sticks. These activities require mastery of proper technique and selection of appropriate equipment, especially shoes and poles. Simultaneous involvement of upper and lower limbs along with the upper part body muscles leads to equal distribution of weight, respectively relieving joints, and to balanced physical training, which is reflected in increased demands on the circulatory and respiratory systems. The research part first examines the difference in heart rate of Nordic Walking and walking without poles. The observed differences are then compared with the results of other studies. According to our research the difference in heart rate is 13%, which is comparable with the results of the referential studies that came to the values of 14-16%. Another area of the research is to identify the maximum speed of Nordic Running and to determine the best time and the highest average speed of Nordic Running over a distance of 100 m. The maximum speed determined in the study is 22.1 km/hr., the best time for the 100 m is 18.0...
Diabetics and their application in Czech football
Soldát, Luboš ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hronzová, Marie (referee)
Title: Diabetics and their application in Czech football Abstract: The aim of this bachelor thesis is describe the application of diabetics in the Czech football teams at different levels of performance. Describe what diabetes is and its distribution. Elucidate problems that we come across with diabetics in the training process and bring their possible solutions. Characterize principles for safe integration into the team and specify requirements training and match loads. Key words: diabetes, football, application

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