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Health problems connected with using means of transport
Bouchner, Karel ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
Modern transportation does not only advantages for easy and fast avaible moving to remote destinations. So it may cause any level of health risks. Well known and most mentioned health problems in connection with transportation are certainly very dangerous respiratory infection. These diseases are feared problems because of their ease of dissemination. Everyone will immediately imagine a global influenza or SARS pandemic, spreading by air travel and total globalization very fast. Also pulmonary embolism in connection with travel thrombosis is a media grateful theme, although the danger to passengers without risk factors is relatively small. However passengers are threatened by another equally signifiant, but often overlooked, health risks I would refer. In this respect I am targeting on non-specific health consequences of chronic noise (not only in transport or work, but also in environment) on which the discussion has only just begun. In the other hand there are patiens suffering from back pain, one of the most common lament. This work deals also with psychological aspect of health disorders associated with travel. Travel sometimes brings people health problems which needs know, prevent and treat.
Prevention Options of Insults Caused by Ionizing Radiation in Nuclear Medicine
Kratochvíl, Vojtěch ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
Man is exposed to ionizing radiation since time immemorial. secondly World War II, however, exposure to ionizing radiation significantly increased violent development of applications in various fields of human activity. At the same time also increased knowledge of its effects, which subsequently led to the need to effectively protect exposed to the maximum possible degree. This is also true in nuclear medicine. There is already achieved protection against the effects of ionizing radiation relatively high level, yet still evolving. Understanding the nature of general principles and particular action is a matter quite simple, can not do without adequate knowledge of physics, biology, and to a lesser extent in other fields.
Diseases of nervous system caused by professional overloading of locomotor apparatus
Kozák, Šimon ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
Results have shown that as far as overload diseases in the Czech Republic are concerned, the situation is far from satisfactory. The biggest number of such cases was registered in 1996-2000. In this period, incidence of overload diseases reached on average 350 cases a year. The highest occurrence was recorded in 1997, with 477 cases. In subsequent years (2000-2004) there was a fall and on average 280 cases were registered annually. In 2005, the incidence of overload diseases rose again to over 300 cases a year. I am of the view that the variation of overload diseases is caused by a number of reasons. Behaviour of individual employees is one of the main ones. As I have said, forced reduction of staff in many companies during the past years has increased their fears of the loss of job, which has led to the dissimulation of many health defects. One can see a seeming fall in the incidence of professional diseases due to overload diseases in general. One has also to take into account the problem that is in the background. Not all cases are really registered. As a result, we do not know whether the incidence in 2000-2004 was higher than in the previous years or perhaps similar. It seems likely that real numbers of recorded overload diseases do not correspond to the real number of afflicted persons. Due to this,...
Diseases Related to Diving and Their Prevention
Chytil, Matěj ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
Disease which are connected with diving are mostly caused by changes of surrounding pressure. Liquids don't make any harm in organism,due to incompressibility under this conditions.Causal problems are caused by gas and spaces that are filled with it.Gas changes its capacity because of changes of the pressure and temperature and It exerts to walls of spaces filling with it.This fact is responsible for more than half causes of all diseases related with diving.The second half of diseas is caused by changing solubility of gas contained in liquids during changes of surrounding pressure.Other causes are mostly marginal
Diseases caused by ionizing radiation and their prevention
Hřib, Zdeněk ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
3 SUMMARY The text summarizes some of the newest knowledge about effects of the ionizing radiation on various levels of the biological systems and recent recommendations for radiological protection. First chapter of this diploma work gives a brief definition of ionizing radiation, possible sources, summary of its interactions with matter and description of the dosimetric quantities. Second chapter focuses on biological effects of the ionizing radiation. With development of micro-beam technology, the newest research has finally confirmed the assumption of DNA as the main target cell structure for ionizing radiation damage. Apart from well known stochastic effects (cancerogenic and those, causing hereditary and chronic diseases) caused by non-lethal cell damage and organ and tissue reaction (formerly known as non-stochastic or deterministic effect, eg. acute radiation syndrome, acute local damage, chronic radiodermatitis and cataract) caused by lethal cell damage also issues like low dose threshold, in utero exposure risk and newest recommendations for weighting factors are discussed here. Last chapter is dedicated to targets and principles of radiological protection for patients, workers and other population.
Diving diseases
Rejdovjan, Simon ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
This thesis mentions the basic physiological and physical principles of diving, it deals with diseases and injuries that occur in the connection with diving. The diseases are divided according to the phase of the diving as follows: The diseases originating from the change of surrounding pressure, diseases connected with staying in the depth and diseases stemmed after emersing above the surface of the water. Deeply elaborated chapter about Decompression disease includes a scale of predispositioning factors to this disablement. Next it mentions diseases that are not connected with the change of surrounding pressure. This part of my thesis describes the different forms of poisoning by enhaled gases, infectious diseases, drowning, hypothermia, hypoxia and it also includes an extended chapter that deals with sea animals and their potentional danger for human organism. The work also references to some preventive processes which can minimalize the risks of occurence of these diseases and injuries.
Diseases Caused by Noise
Schreier, Michal ; Hrnčíř, Evžen (advisor)
Excessive noise occupies a number of factors that threaten our environment increasingly important place. Few would doubt the fact that thenoise for adverse human factor, whose influence is growing. However, this isagain one itself, which due to their usual daily activities and needs, is "all to hear." In the work environment, chronic exposure to noise leading toirreversible auditory disorder. Disturbance and annoyance in the environment is still mimopracovním frequent complaints of subjective quality of the environment and can also constitute the initial impetus of development of neurotic and psychosomatic disorders. Although they are in place relatively strict limits to protect exposed persons, the problem often can not be addressed in practice easily and quickly. The fault is a complex relationship involving subjective interest in exposed persons often in contrast the interests of economic, social or political. The problem in specific cases, it may certainly be the interpretation of laws. The aim of this work is to characterize the various risks associatedwith exposure noise and provide an overview of how to protect against noise in work and mimopracovním environment.

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