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Semantics and interpretation of the response particles ano 'yes' and ne 'no'
Hrdinková, Kateřina ; Šimík, Radek (advisor) ; Martínek, František (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issue of the Czech ano 'yes' and ne 'no' response particles, especially from a pragmatic and semantic point of view. In the theoretical part, it presents the current state of research on these response particles in Czech and international linguistic tradition and discusses two approaches in more detail: both Manfred Krifka (pragmatic theory based on salience) and Floris Roelofsen & Donka Farkas (semantic theory based on lexical-semantic features) see the response particles as distinctive anaphors of their antecedents. The following practical part tests the predictions of pragmatic and semantic theory created for English in the Czech language context. It is based on the study by Claus et al. (2017) and their response particle research. The main goal of the experiment is to find out the semantics and pragmatics of ano 'yes' and ne 'no' answers in response to negative questions with an initial verb. However, this main experiment is supplemented by two filling experiments: the first examines ano 'yes' and ne 'no' answers to questions with the final verb and the second investigates answers to positive questions. The final part first summarizes observations for the individual experiments. In the general discussion, the results of all three experiments are compared, which...
Castle names in the Pardubice region
Hrdinková, Kateřina ; Štěpán, Pavel (advisor) ; Adam, Robert (referee)
The bachelor thesis addresses the classification of castle names in the Pardubice region. The introduction deals with the issue of creating names of castles from a broader perspective. It defines the basic criteria for creating a list of entries. The second part contains a list of entries including the names of the surveyed objects in the Pardubice region, which is primarily divided into primary and secondary names, further according to the method of creation. Based on the collected information, the bachelor thesis interprets the basic tendencies in the formation of the castle names in the region. It focuses especially on the compounds of German origin.

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