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Effect of physical experiments on the development of preschool children
Bláhová, Jitka ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Irena (referee)
Title: Effect of physical experiments on the development of preschool children Author: Jitka Bláhová Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Houfková Jitka, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: In this thesis I am focusing on how to present physics experiments to preschool children. This thesis deals with analyzing influence of physical experiments on the development of preschool children. It starts with description of research methods, then I present intervention program compiled from physics experiments and this thesis ends with conclusion of results of the research on a group of preschool children. The thesis is accompanied by an annex including description of experiments with methodical notes and instructions. This thesis contains a description of five thematic units - Air, Water, Temperature, Magnetism and Light. These methodical materials are applicable directly to teachers in kindergartens. Keywords: physics experiments, kindergarten, preschool children
The use of a story connected with physical experiments in teaching at elementary school
Doležalová, Jana ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is creating a methodological material for primary school science educationalists. The thesis contains a research on materials about physics experiments for primary school pupils. The main part of the thesis is a story including five experiments for the children to partake in. There is a methodological sheet for the teachers for each experiment enriched with instructions and practical comments and worksheets consisting of diverse exercises to deepen and broaden the knowledge gained during the experiment performed in school. An integral part of the thesis is also a description of the testing of the story and feedback from the children.
Perception of the importance of physics by students at elementary school
Rusínová, Anita ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to introduce wayshow teachers can make their elementary school pupils more perceptive to learning physics by the means of specific methods. The thesis first examines on howthe subject is perceived by pupils. It later inquires whether the usage of physical experiments changes how they feel about physics. Initially, the work makes use of an Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI) questionnaire. The collected information is later compared and hypotheses are made. Next, the thesis describes how the structural dialogue with elementary school pupils was prepared and subsequently executed to prove the hypotheses. The questionnaire results put a base to the final conclusions and suggestions which can be applied in a classroom.
Experiments from geometrical optics for teaching at primary and secondary school
Hložek, Filip ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Gottwald, Stanislav (referee)
Title: Experiments from geometrical optics for teaching at primary and secondary school Author: Ing. Filip Hložek Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Jitka Houfková, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: This work is focused on experiments in geometric optics. There is a research of textbooks for primary and secondary schools, that deals with this topic of physics. Most of the work is dedicated to the proposed manuals for experiments for the excercise of geometric optics in Practical Course in School Experiments I. The manuals were tested with several groups of students at Practical Course. The test results are briefly summarized here, including several adjustments of the manuals that has risen from it. The work also deals with mirror telescopes, aberrations, and the production of models of two telescopes - Newtonian and Cassegrain printed on a 3D printer. The models are then used in two experiments for Practical Course. Keywords: experiments, geometrical optics, optical instruments
Support for the implementation and explanation of problematic physics experiments in education at primary school - mini case study
Čermáková, Aneta ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
i Title: Support for the Implementation and Explanation of Problematic Physics Experiments in Education at Primary School - Mini Case Study Author: Bc. Aneta Čermáková Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Jitka Houfková, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: This thesis aim is to refer and to acquaint with the problem of experiment in natural sciences at primary school. It identifies the obstacles encountered by primary school teachers when they use experiments in the education and it formulates principles that should guide authors of future materials dealing with experiments for primary school to make it easier for teachers to use them in education. After the introduction dealing with the experiment in the curriculum and textbooks for primary education, interviews with 8 primary school teachers follow. Based on the interviews, a material containing 15 descriptions of experiments for primary school was prepared. It is the next part of the work. This is followed by the outputs from the involved teachers' feedback on the basis of which the material was modified and the conclusions and recommendations for other similar materials were formulated. A CD with the thesis text in digital form, recordings of interviews with teachers, photos and videos illustrating the experiments...
Motivation of preschool and younger school pupils to physics through stories
Čermáková, Aneta ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Koupilová, Zdeňka (referee)
This Bachelor thesis goal is to prepare pedagogical material for teachers and lectors working with children in kindergartens or school clubs at elementary school. It deals with a problem how to motivate children to explore physical laws and natural phenomena in our surroundings, and with the issue of the loss of natural curiosity and desire to discover the new. One part of the work is a research of the available resources of basic physics experiments for pupils at elementary schools and for preschool pupils in kindergartens. It also summarizes literature dealing with developmental psychology and inclusion of stories into usual activities. The main part of the work includes two stories with 11 physics experiments, which are integrated into the stories and are also later described and explained in detail. The notes from realizations are a very important part of this work. A CD with the thesis text in digital form, feedbacks and photos from the realizations and some examples of drawing feedback from kindergarten children is enclosed to the thesis. Powered by TCPDF (
Interactive application for teaching the topic of the Earth as a planet
Černík, Václav ; Křížek, Marek (advisor) ; Houfková, Jitka (referee)
Interactive application for teaching the topic of the Earth as a planet Abstract The thesis is focused on the creation of an interactive application for teaching the topic of the Earth as a planet at secondary schools. The theoretical part generally deals with digital technologies for teaching, educational applications and pedagogical-psychological aspects of the subject. The topic was defined and analyzed using curriculum documents, textbooks and school atlases. Based on the analysis, partial topics were selected and turned into an application that covers separate learning objects. 8 learning objects were created ("Distances and dimensions", "Earth's orbit", "Seasons", "Solar time", "Moon phases", "Solar and Lunar eclipses", "Orbiting around the barycenter", "Tidal phenomena") and 4 learning objects were taken ("Solar System", "Earth's shape - geoid", "Time zones", "Future eclipses"). Each learning object has been provided with its theoretical introduction and methodological questions and tasks. The final educational application will be available on the Internet as a web application, without the need for installation. Keywords: educational application, interactivity, teaching Geography, the Solar System, the Earth, the Moon
Quantitative physics tasks - solution process
Kučerová, Marie ; Koupilová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Houfková, Jitka (referee)
Solving of quantitative physics tasks makes out a considerable part of physics education. The goal of this work is to decide, whether the methods described in literature correspond in any way with the methods chosen by the students and teachers. For a better understanding of difference between two examined methods, eight physics task along with their detailed solution in term of both methods are presented in this work. The solution of seven high school students and eleven teachers with different length of teaching experience was examined. On the basis of this examination, the author came to conclusion that methods used by students and teachers when solving the given tasks correspond to those described in literature.
Solved Problems in Optics
Jungová, Michaela ; Snětinová, Marie (advisor) ; Houfková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Solved Problems in Optics Author: Michaela Jungová Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: RNDr. Marie Snětinová, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: Twenty problems in optics were created for electronic collection of solved problems in physics in my thesis. These problems contain detailed structured solutions with solved hints and pictures as well. You can find the problems in the chapter "Geometrical optics" on the website: and on the enclosed CD. One of the chapters in my thesis deals with description of the problems. The thesis also engages in thesis engages in the way how to classify the problems using different standards. A proposal of a problem classification, that has been used in during study of both elementary and high school physics textbooks and collections, is presented in the thesis. The goals of this classification were two: to get the picture of school curriculum connected to optical problems and to propose suitable structure of the chapter Optics in the electronic collection, which is in the aboved mentioned electronic collection. Keywords: solved problems, classification of physics problems, electronic collection, optics
Science problems of PISA type at czech schools
Havlíček, Karel ; Mandíková, Dana (advisor) ; Houfková, Jitka (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the ability of people to solve scientific tasks in PISA research, how well is PISA known and what strategies are used when solving these tests. Subjects of this research were students of ninth grade of elementary school, university students of pedagogy (future science teachers) and small group of in-service science teachers. Basic characteristic of the PISA research, its methods and how will they change in year 2015 are given in the beginning of this work. The following chapters contain information about my own research, namely what tasks and questions were selected for the test and description of the sample of respondents. Majority of the work focuses on detailed analysis of their results. Aim of this analysis was to compare pupils with their current or future teachers and explore how their results are linked to their motivation or familiarity with PISA research. This work also contains three examples of tasks illustrating new framework for PISA 2015, two of which I translated to Czech.

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