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Comparison of profesional reviews and user comments on Metacritic in the case of The Last of Us Part II
Kafka, Pavel ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houška, Jan (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to analyze and compare professional reviews and user comments on the aggregator Metacritic in the case of The Last of Us Part II. The goal of this thesis is to find out what distinguishes professional video game reviews from user comments, what dominant themes they contain and which of them play a major role in the final evaluation, on the example of The Last of Us Part II. First four chapters of the theoretical part of this thesis deal with the theoretical basis of the areas of game review and its function, review bombing, identification with protagonist and representation of female characters. The theoretical part ends with the introduction of The Last of Us Part II and the aggregator Metacritic. The research part contains a total of two surveys. The first two chapters are devoted to the introduction of methodologies of individual surveys and the definition of their research samples. The first research uses quantitative methods to describe the course of the user score over time. The second research uses qualitative thematic analysis to identify dominant themes in 10 professional reviews and 100 user comments. The dominant themes of these two research samples and their impact on the final evaluation are then compared with each other. The thesis ends with a discussion,...
Representing Death in Contemporary Computer Games - the case of The Last of Us II
Valtonen, Veronika ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houška, Jan (referee)
The work deals with the analysis of the representation of death in computer games, specifically in the case of The Last of Us II, a survival horror genre. The analysis notices the differences in the representation of death in games compared to real life, where games significantly downplay the subject of death, and at the same time death is the main game mechanics that rewards the player as a successful killer. Games can stereotype death in a harmful way, but the studied game is specific in that it does not contain these common stereotypes. The work analyses main and secondary characters in order to find out how they die and how their deaths differ from each other. Protagonists and antagonists are also point of interest, as their death is different therefore an appropriate subject to examine what the game is trying to convey. These differences will be further analysed in the work in the context of game mechanics and audio-visual representation. Narrative is the main aspect representing death in the game. The consequences of death are also part of the narrative, and the work will focus on the aspects of burial and mourning. To achieve the findings within the representation of death in the game world, the work will analyse characters perception of the death, specifically through their dialogues or...
Mechanisms of action of bisphenol A with emphasis on metabolism and fertility
Houška, Jakub ; Daňková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Novák, Jan (referee)
Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor, a chemical which is found in environment and also in water and food consumed by people and which disrupts endocrine system of humans and other organisms. Being endocrine disruptor it has a wide scale of negative effects on human health. I have attempted reviewing the molecular mechanism of its action with special respect to obesity and reproduction in this paper including interactions of bisphenol with specific receptors, its impact on enzyme synthesis and also on epigenetic mechanisms as DNA methylation or changes in miRNA expression. Possible ways of elimination of bisphenol A effects are examined in the end of this work. Keywords bisphenol A, molecular mechanisms, obesity, fertility, receptor, epigenetic mechanisms, elimination of effects
Establishment of agroforestry systems on agricultural land
Krčmářová, Jana ; Szabó, Péter ; Kala, Lukáš ; Doležalová, H. ; Snášelová, M. ; Králík, T. ; Jobbiková, J. ; Vávrová, K. ; Weger, J. ; Ehrenbergerová, L. ; Martiník, A. ; Chládová, A. ; Kotrba, R. ; Houška, J. ; Lojka, B.
The current intensive and industrial agriculture in the Czech Republic has many nega-tive impacts on the environment. Agroforestry, i.e. growing trees on agricultural land while maintaining agricultural production, can minimize these negative effects. Tree species grown in agroforestry systems (AFS) fulfil a productive function and at the same time provide important ecosystem services. The aim of this methodology is to define agroforestry, characterize individual types of AFS and estimate their extent in the Czech Republic. The aim is to provide background materials on the basis of which it is possible to establish agroforestry systems on agricultural land. The result is a clear definition, classification and characterization of different AFS in Czechia. Furthermore, their extension is estimated, and their historical roots explained. The methodology of establishment of AFS proposes a suitable design, list of suitable of woody species and describes the procedure of correct tree planting and management. An important part of the methodology is the analysis of the legislative environment for tree planting on agri-cultural land, economic evaluation of AFS and also the selection of suitable subsidy titles for such establishment. Last but not least, the methodology summarizes the existing capacity building and education in agroforestry in the Czech Republic.
The Fight against Evil: Stereotypization of Antagonists in War-Themed Shooters
Houška, Jan ; Švelch, Jan (advisor) ; Krobová, Tereza (referee)
Using the method of qualitative content analysis, my research is focused on the visual and ideological representation of antagonists in eight PC games of first-person shooter genre (FPS), released between 2007 and 2019. The analysis is based on the identification of the stereotypical antagonistic representations. Its main attention is devoted to the ethnic and national stereotypes, because antagonists are ethnic and national Others in relation to protagonists. I aimed to define another summarizing and defining criterion of antagonistic representation, apart from the categories of othering already mentioned. In my thesis, I also describe ideological aspects which frame antagonistic representation. For the analysis of ideological content, I use Pötzsch's selective realism, which, by means of the four filters (violence, consequence, character and conflict) excludes negative and controversial aspects of war from FPS games. Not only does selective realism presents war selectively, it represents antagonistic actions selectively, too. In the text, I identify the stereotypical representations of three ethnic-national groups - orientalism and Cold War stereotypes in the case of Russians, neo-orientalism in the case of Middle Eastern antagonists and techno-orientalism in the case of East Asians. The ideology...
Maintenance and diagnostics of machine tools focusing on vibrodiagnostics, electrodiagnostics and tribodiagnostics
Houška, Jan ; Řezníčková, Hana (referee) ; Hammer, Miloš (advisor)
Master‘s thesis deals with maintenance and related technical diagnostics of machine tools. Diagnostics methods on which is the thesis focused are vibrodiagnostics, tribodiagnostics and electrodiagnostics. Work includes design of diagnostic system and measurement of vibration and electrical parameters of the machining center. Based on given results from data evaluation, further steps in predictive maintenance and usage of technical diagnostics for machine tools are recommended. Within tribotechnical diagnostics, the thesis is based on evaluation of long-term monitoring of process liquid status, which was used in several machining machines. A procedure for the measurement of selected parameters is proposed and periodical liquid status checks are established.
Ethics at the wards of psychiatric hospital
HOUŠKA, Jindřich
Thesis deals with the ethical problems at the wards of psychiatric hospital. The environment of a psychiatric hospital in the context of its target group psychiatric patients is a source of ethically important situations, which must be solved by the medical social worker. This puts high demands on the worker as he is the/an executive tool of medical social work.The goal of the thesis is to identify ethically important situations, to suggest their solution and eventually to reflect these solutions with the ethical theories, ethical codes, inner rules of the psychiatric hospital and other statutory norms. The structure of the thesis is adjusted to this goal: first, I define the environment of the hospital, describe the target group and medical social worker profession. Secondly, I describe ethical problems identified before, suggest their solutions and reflect them. Finally, in the last part of the thesis, in the discussion, I contemplate about preliminary ethical understanding as a basis for identification of the ethical problems and I ponder other factors that matters in reaching the remedies of ethical problems.
Strategic management
Houška, Jiří ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis Strategic Management provides a comprehensive view of the environment in which it is subject under examination. The work is divided into two parts, into theoretical and practical. The theoretical part contains information related to strategic thinking, management and planning. The fundamental part is dedicated to the recommended methods of exploration on the level of macro and micro environment analysis of the business life cycle, stakeholder analysis and SWOT analysis. The practical part of the use of selected methods systematically directed to the target job to generate and recommend appropriate pensum strategic tasks for the situation in which the surveyed company is currently located. Results of the analyzes are used as input data to generate proposals and strategies. Finally, there is the evaluation and comparison of the proposed recommendations, with the current implementation process and implementation of strategic management of organizations surveyed.
CNC Machine tools safety
Houška, Jan ; Blecha, Radim (referee) ; Blecha, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis sort out safety requirements relating to CNC machining centres under relevant European Union harmonisation legislation, Czech Republic legislation and under harmonised standards. After giving a summary of requirements, the thesis contains check lists for specific CNC machining center.

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