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Westwerk. A contextual analysis of the roots and meaning of the birth of the specific architectural element and its impact on not just carolingian but also later sacral architecture in Europe.
Horáček, Michal ; Royt, Jan (advisor) ; Macek, Petr (referee)
The essay hereby submitted concerns itself with the genesis of the architectural element generally known in art-historical studies as westwerk/westwork and originating in the Carolingian times of the eigth and ninth centuries. Methodologically the topic is approached from two mutually opposite perspectives. One, in the vein of the Vienna Scool, pays attention to the development of westwerk's form, i.e "from within," while the other favours the view "from outside," and stresses the cultural, political and other influences of the historical time.It also take into account the receptive approach of Ernst Gombrich. The main reason for wfiting this essay, however, is the fact that no special work has as yet been dedicated to the westwerk phenomenon in the Czech environment, aven though its influence on the local architecture was far from negligible.
Ferrocene acylphosphines
Vosáhlo, Petr ; Štěpnička, Petr (advisor) ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Horáček, Michal (referee)
6 Abstract The Thesis is aimed at the synthesis of novel ferrocene-based acylphosphines of the type FcC(O)PR2 and R1 2PfcC(O)PR2 2 (Fc = ferrocenyl, fc = 1,1'-ferrocendiyl), evaluation of their electron-donating capabilities and steric demands. The impact of these features was scrutinized by further coordination and catalytical studies. First, a series of monodentate acylphosphine ligands FcC(O)PR2 was synthesized (PR2 = diphenylphosphino [PPh2], dicyclohexylphosphino [PCy2], di(1-adamantyl)phosphino [PAd2] a 1,3,5,7-tetramethyl-2,4,6-trioxa-8- phosphaadamantyl [PCg]), which underwent oxidation by elemental selenium to give corresponding phosphine selenides used to probe their electron-donating capabilities via measuring 1 JPSe coupling constant. Then, chlorogold complexes were prepared from these ligands to evaluate their catalytic activity in gold-catalysed hydration of alkynes and cyclization of N-propargylbenzamide. Second, the model compound FcC(O)PPh2 was extensively studied as a ligand in palladium(II) complexes. The ligand was smoothly ortho-metallated by Na2[PdCl4] to form chloro-bridged palladium(II) dimer, which reacted with P-, N- and C-donors under cleavage to give monopalladium complexes. One of these complexes, containing trimethylphosphine auxiliary ligand, was alkylated with organometallic...
Polar ferrocene phosphines with nitrogen-containing linkers
Navrátil, Michal ; Štěpnička, Petr (advisor) ; Dostál, Libor (referee) ; Horáček, Michal (referee)
Title: Polar Ferrocene Phosphines with Nitrogen-Containing Linkers Author: RNDr. Michal Navrátil Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Petr Štěpnička, Ph.D., DSc. Abstract: This Ph.D. thesis describes three series of bridged ferrocene phosphines derived from aminoferrocene. The first series is comprised of homoannular α- and β-aminophosphines 1-3. The α-aminobis(phosphine) 1 was synthesized from aminoferrocene and (diphenylphosphino)- methanol via phospha-Mannich reaction in a 87% yield. This product was formed regardless of the reaction stoichiometry. Later, ligand 1 was utilized as a ligand for group 10 and 11 metal ions. With group 10 metal precursors, the ligand afforded five different square-planar complexes [MX2(1-κP)] (M/X = Ni/Cl, Pd/Cl, Pd/Br, Pd/I, Pt/Cl). In contrast, the complexes of group 11 metals showed varied geometry around the metal centre, ranging from a linear arrangement in [Au2Cl2(1-κP)], cyclic structure in [Au2(1-κP)2][SbF6]2 and tetrahedral arrangement in [M(1-κP)2][X] (M/X = Cu/BF4; Ag/SbF6; Au/SbF6). The cyclic voltammetry measurements suggested that Fe(II) oxidation is the first oxidation process. The attribution was corroborated by DFT calculations of 1 and [PdCl2(1-κP)]. To obtain the analogous monophosphine 2, aminoferrocene was N-methylated prior to the phospha-Mannich reaction. Subsequent...
Peripheral development in the post-industrial period in the Czechia and Austria with the examples of Slavonice and Waidhofen an der Thaya
Horáček, Michal ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Bruckner, Lucie (referee)
The thesis is focused on the analysis of peripherals for the presence of post-industrial phenomena. We are mainly focusing on the outer periphery. The object is to reveal the main factors and barriers that affect peripheral development and help periphery overcome their positional disadvantage. Analysis of a survey conducted in the municipalities of Slavonice and Waidhofen an der Thaya indicated fundamental differences in relation to the post-modern values between these two geographically close locations. Structured interviews with community representatives bring out certain details on cooperation and the barriers to individual development. We can conclude from the results that the different social behaviour of peripherals caused by distinct historical and political development has not grown closer to the Austrian model even after 25 years of democracy in the Czechia. Key words: periphery, post-industrial period, development, cooperation
The Implementation of Transport Projects in the Context of Developing Axes in Czechia
Horáček, Michal ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Šourek, Vladimír (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the implementation of transport corridors in the context of the Czech Republic's development axes. A general definition of transport corridors is initially presented along with their supporting methodological and legislative documents. Next, the thesis is devoted to showing geography affects TEN-T sites in Europe and the Czech Republic, respectively. Main part discusses the strategic documents in the transport sector and transport policy coherence related to compliance with implementation plans. In conclusion, transport network's problems are indentified and an evaluation of the relationship between planning and reality is presented.
Gambling as a Black Hole of the Social Universe
Horáček, Michal ; Abu Ghosh, Yasar (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
This master's thesis aims both to present empirical criticism of the published case studies of gambling, in particular the Deep Play by Clifford Geertz, which is the most cited one, and to propose such a methodology which would enable us to derive more meaningful data from the ethnographic material on gambling. In this context it is also needed to question the conventional conceptual categories which are internally conflicting as appears both in common speech and in the works of the social science scholars such as Johan Huizing, Eugen Fink, Roger Caillois, Gerda Reith and Jackson Lears.

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