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Physical activity of pupils of older school age at the time of emergency
Homola, Martin ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kainová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the psysical aktivity of pupils of older school age, ie pupils of the second grade of primary school, during an emergency caused by a coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the work is based on theoretical analysis and the results of our own research to map and compare the programof teaching psysical education in distance form in selected schools. The theoretical part deals with the issue of physical activity, the period of older school age, the state of emergency and the associated excessive sitting and social isolation. The practical part specifically focuses on the content, volume, intensity of physical education, communication between teachers and students in the distance form, but also on leisure physical activity. To find out the results for the practical part, I chose a questionnaire survey of pupils in the second grade od selected primary schools and interviews with physical education teachers. Based on these results, a specific program for teaching physical education in distance for was created.
Increasing maturity of testing processes in agile projects - qualitative empirical research
Homola, Martin ; Doležel, Michal (advisor) ; Buchalcevová, Alena (referee)
Diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of testing process development derived from agile project team members awareness. This analysis is the foundation for individual problem areas and sub-areas identification and also common areas for the testing process development of researched teams. Afterwards, improvement plans for these areas are proposed from the authors experience, literature and the team members input. The research findings are generalised and model areas that influence agile testing maturity is created. This thesis consists of four parts. The first part contains basic definition of the researched area terms, and explains agile maturity, agile testing maturity and agile testing in detail. It defines what the agile team is and the testers role in it. It also contains the purpose of testing, testing success factors, agile testing practices and agile test types. In the second part, the research methods and the research process is explained. The third part contains the outputs of the research. It describes research teams, their organisational context, their testing process development, team problems, common problems and improvement plans for these problems. It also contains the common areas of the testing process development and model of areas that influence agile testing maturity. The final part of this section contains the research outputs about the importance of testers in agile teams. A discussion and conclusion are at the end that contain connections between the theory and the research findings and evaluates the success of determined goals, the thesis outputs and the proposals of future work
Analysis and design of information system functionality for J.P.-STAV spol. s r. o.
Homola, Martin ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyse requirements for information system in selected construction company. The aim is to analyse company processes and design their possible improvement. Based on this analysis the thesis makes suggestions of suitable functionality supporting business processes as efficiently as possible. The work is divided into four parts. The first part defines theoretical basis for analysis and design of information systems. The second part contains analysis of the company, its policies and strategies. There is also described the current state of the information system, the overall infrastructure of the company and exchange of documents and information. The third section analyses main processes and gives suggestions for their improvement. The last section contains analysis of company's weaknesses and risks. There are also mentioned proposal features that remove these deficiences.
Mystery shopping - Comparison Douglas vs. Sephora
Homola, Martin ; Zamazalová, Marcela (advisor) ; Šojdel, Václav (referee)
A fight for customer is nowadays a typical sign of business. There is no doubt about an importance of a customer service. If a company doesn't dispose of quality in this point of view, a dissatisfied customer will use competitor's service in future. There is plenty of sellers, who don't master their roles. However, to measure the quality of service is difficult. One of methods that are used by a modern marketing, is mystery shopping. This instrument serves for an identification of imperfections in the process of service, where occurs a contact between the seller and the customer. It reveals a relief and a complete approach of staff to customers. Based on this there is a possibility to compare results with standards and norms of the company, but also with competitors, the market. Identification of the best and the worst parts is a possibility to improve the performance and the quality of service. A topic of my dissertation is usage of mystery shopping to compare the customer service in perfumeries Douglas and Sephora. The aim of the dissertation is to recommend steps concerning customer service to Douglas and Sephora based on results of mystery shopping. Partial aims are judging aspects as the importance of time of shopping, whether there is a difference between quality of customer service during week and on weekend, how much it's important if the customer is a man or a woman, or if the critical factor is customer's age. I will also try to prove that prices in common stores are noticeably higher than in e-shops.
Comparison of Coca-Cola and Kofola in term of additional substances
Homola, Martin ; Kořánová, Helena (advisor) ; Hůlová, Marie (referee)
HOMOLA, Martin. Comparison of Coca-Cola and Kofola in term of additional substances. Praha: The university of economics, The faculty of business administration, The department of management, 2009. 42 s. The aim of this task is a characterization of additional substances, an examination of the influence of Coca-Cola and Kofola on human's health, a discovery of these beverages popularity and a reference on health's hazards resulting from theirs repeated consummation.

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