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Use of mathematical methods in creating an investment portfolio
Holub, Miroslav ; Novotná, Veronika (referee) ; Janková, Zuzana (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of mathematical methods in creating an investment portfolio, which is designed for small investor. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the necessary knowledge to understand Markowitz model, selected indicators of financial analysis and the Value at Risk method. The practical part contains a selection of investment instruments traded on the US market according to established criteria, the creation of a real portfolio of these investment instruments and the final evaluation of results.
Návrh pilařského provozu Diecézních lesů Hradec Králové ve Vortové
Holub, Miroslav
The diploma thesis includes a proposal for a new sawmill operation in Vortová, ORP Hlinsko, Pardubice Region for owners of surrounding forests of the Bishopric of Kralovehradecka, which manages the company with restricted constraints Diocesan forests Hradec Králové, s.r.o. On the theme the suggestion of sawmill Diocesan Forests in Hradec Králové in Vortová. The owner's request is the creation of a pilot plant project, including technology, technological arrangement, machinery of operation at the site of former premises designated for associated forestry production at Vortová no. 28. This sawmill operation must be able to carry out an annual sowing in single-shift operation of 6000 m3 spruce Round logs. The priority will be the cutting of spruce spruce logs and commercial cut to order from the logs of their own forest, until the next activity will be the cutting of foreign logs. The diploma thesis is supplemented with drawings of alternative solutions of sawmill operation and warehouses of lumber. Part of the drawing is the final recommended version of the sawmill operation. The output of the diploma thesis is the design of the sawmill operation, its incorporation according to the land disposition of the complex at Vortová, recommendations for effective and economical logging and preparation of cutouts. The entire operation is tailored to the most efficient use of space, to cut difficult to trade wood assortments. This proposal should be used as a guide for the owner in the creation of an overall property concept of all estates in Vortová and surroundings.
DC-DC converter for onboard charging of electric vehicles
Holub, Miroslav ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Folprecht, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design of DC-DC converter for onboard charging of electric vehicle. Developed converter will mainly be used for charging stationary traction battery in laboratory. Output voltage of this charger will be adjustable by user in between 200 V and 450 V depending on the current charged battery configuration. Output current limit is set at 8 A. Since the converter will be supplied from standard household socket, the problem of power factor correction must be solved during the design. That is because a large part of this thesis is focused on describing the problematics of power factor correction. After that, active PFC module is designed, completed and performance of this module is verified. To achieve low overall losses and thus be able to keep small volume of the system, modern switching components based on Silicon Carbide were preferred. Beside laboratory use, completed system will be used to emphasize volumetric difference between onboard chargers based on old versus modern switching components.
Utilization of the Laboratory stand with inverters and motors in the teaching process.
Holub, Miroslav ; Ondrejček, Vladimír (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is about laboratory stand for electrical drives lessons. This facility is developed by UVEE department and functional protype is allready finished. Main subject of this thesis was revising of gate driver circuit board and physical realization of further workplaces. At overall 8 identical workplaces are constructed. Last part of thesis was testing of actual prototype performance especially its load capability.
Periodic solutions of damped oscillations
HOLUB, Miroslav
The main topic of the Thesis is qualitative analysis of linear differential equations of second order. The Thesis is divided into five parts. At the first part there are explained basic type of oscillators (mathematical pendulum and spring). The second part is devoted to definitions and theorems, which are necessary in the study of differential equations. The third part shows the model of linear differential equation of second order. The solution of this equation depending on various parameters is indicated in the fourth part. Some open questions are formulated in the last part.

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