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Research of Localization Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
Holešinský, Pavel ; Morávek, Patrik (referee) ; Šimek, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on research of localization algorithms. Each developed localization algorithms are generally application specific. Because of application requirements diversity, many variants of localization algorithms exist. In case of finding appropriate localization algorithm for concrete application usability, existence of real condition simulation environment is useful. Development of this simulation environment was made simultaneously with both localization algorithms. At first, survey of available localization technic was performed and their summary was listed. Further work was aimed on research of two localization algorithms. Both of them use triangulation mechanism to determine unknown node position. This mechanism is based on measurement of distance to three reference points with known position. It would seem that both algorithms are similar, but simulation shows their difference and presents their suitability for diverse conditions.
Communication interfaces in mobile phones
Parduba, Jiří ; Holešinský, Pavel (referee) ; Morský, Ondřej (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on technologies, which are used for connection of mobile phone to other networks, which are available for current mobile phones - Bluetooth, IrDA Data, NFC, Cable connection and GPS, mobile networks, there are described technologies, which are used for connection to networks on the level of mobile operator - GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS. In Bachelor thesis is also described connection of mobile phone and SIM card, there are shown functions of SIM card and how is the card used. These chapters are focused on security and programming properties of technologies. The appropriate technology, which was used in practiced part of Bachelor thesis, was chosen on basis of its properties with compare to other technologies. The most useful technology, which was chosen, is Bluetooth. There are also described three the most used operating systems for mobile phones – Windows Mobile (Phone), Symbian OS and Android, in this chapter is shown how these systems can be used. In practiced part of bachelor thesis are used data from theoretical part and by programming language JAVA is programmed the application, which communicates by Bluetooth. This application is programmed on the platform JavaME and users can use this application for example information announcements about historical monuments. This is concretely demonstrated on the historical monument in Brno.
Implementation of advanced filters based on packet classification using Linux
Malár, Lukáš ; Holešinský, Pavel (referee) ; Matocha, Tomáš (advisor)
The Master’s thesis ”The Implementation of the Advanced Filtering Based on the Packets’ Classification using Linux” is intended to the realization of an internet gateway. The gateway serves to make the connection between local network and the internet. The thesis contains a short theoretic description of parameters and types of QoS services. The classful and classless queues are mentioned in detail. The last theoretic part refers to the introducing of LDAP protocol and its usage. The practical part of this thesis captures the configuration of firewall, dns and radius server connected with LDAP databases. The thesis also contains detailed description of the production QoS by HTB with L7-filter including the compilation of system’s core. The end of the thesis contains the series of tests of created scripts.
Java Sun SPOT sensor nodes
Malina, Karel ; Komosný, Dan (referee) ; Holešinský, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of Java Sun SPOT sensor nodes for multipoint wireless temperature monitoring and regulation through these nodes. The theoretical part is the description, composition and operation of sensor nodes Sun Spot Java. In the practical part there are description of programmed applications in the NetBeans IDE for a wireless temperature monitoring, battery capacity and their views on a host computer in the form of a graph. In the second part of the practical section is described how temperature can be regulated using Sun SPOT nodes.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Klimková, Kateřina ; Holešinský, Pavel (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The intention of the thesis is to evaluate the financial situation of ZEMAS, a.s. in the years 2010 - 2014 using various financial indicators and develop suggestions to improve the financial situation of the company. The work is divided into four parts, the introductory section contains the goals of this work, the used methods and the processing procedure. The second part is then intended to clarify the different concepts of financial analysis. The following third and fourth part is practical, first data from the financial statements are analyzed, and based on this data measures are suggested in the final part.
Establishment of QoS filtering on IPv6 protocol using Linux
Matušina, František ; Holešinský, Pavel (referee) ; Matocha, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis is interested in establishment of QoS filtering on IPv6 protocol usány Linux. Thesis describe protocol IPv4 and protocol IPv6 and their differences. Problematic is implement to Linux. Because this problem is implement in Linux, I describe a few distribution of Linux in thesis. Another part of thesis are about QoS and about QoS implement on TCP/IP model. In practise part is make a propsal resolution working site under protocol IPv6 in Linux. Realize include install of server, clients and their configuration. Realize include script, that account, take control of the traffic. Changeing traffic is show in graphs. Graphs of measure are comented and outcome clear up. All graphs and scripts are add to attachments.
Statical acoustical sources localization
Mikeš, Petr ; Holešinský, Pavel (referee) ; Míča, Ivan (advisor)
The microphone array can be used in many important applications. The primary usage, which most of other applications are based on, is only: acoustic sources localization and separation of each signal from their compound. The microphone array is usually included in ordinary mobile phones, where it reduces noise and sound of its surrounding that otherwise degrades vocal speech. Other microphone array utilization is in for example speech identification, speakers’ localization or signal isolation of one speaker.
Research into influence of input error format on localization process WSN
Pečenka, Ondřej ; Stančík, Peter (referee) ; Holešinský, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on two localization algorithms, iterative algorithm, and a linked algorithm simulated in MATLAB. Further, the investigation of the influence of input errors on the errors in localization of sensor nodes examined algorithms and explore possible relationships between the input errors and localization errors. Subsequently are submitted possible ways to optimize and their results.
Localization protocol for WSN with support of node mobility
Votava, Martin ; Šimek, Milan (referee) ; Holešinský, Pavel (advisor)
Work is focused on wireless sensor networks.The main theme is the mobility and localization in these networks. This work describes different methods and capabilities of mobile and localization schemes. This work describes a new localization protocol for wireless sensor networks. Finally, there is included a new protocol in the simulation at Network Simulator 2 and evaluate the results obtained.
Communication scheme of WSN in Omnet simulator
Mikauš, Jiří ; Šimek, Milan (referee) ; Holešinský, Pavel (advisor)
In the introduction of this semestral thesis there is an theory about wireless sensor networks which are still more used. Wireless sensor networks contains thousands nodes which communicate with each other due to wireless channel and so they create together a structure of the network. The nodes are low-energy and transfer information about measured medium to the base station which processes them and further provides to user. In the work are described protocols for medium access control and routing described. They place emphasis on as high reduction of consumption of energy as possible and thus they help to extend a network lifetime. Further the simulations in simulation program Castalia were performed where the energetic requirement for individual protocols of medium access are compared. As next there were also compared two communication units used in real application.

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