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Identity of present-day Lusatian Sorbs illustrated by the example of the traditional Easter rides.
Hoření, Vendula ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Lupták Burzová, Petra (referee)
This work takes interest in the present-day indigenous minority of Sorbs and their life in a mainly German-speaking environment. All of the field research was done in 2014 and 2016 during the important festival and celebration The Easter ride of Crusaders in the Catholic part of Upper Lusatia, which is a sign of the community and religious communal strength. The Sorbs are the rural population, which has never demanded it's rights in a violent way. On the contrary, their traditional weapons throughout history were their conservative mentality, passiveness and isolation. The Sorbs have a double identity, they are bilingual and they can change the language they are speaking in an instant. The church was historically the only place where Sorbian was strictly the only language used. In fact, outside of the family German was the dominant language at all other institutions. The main differences that the Sorbs noticed between themselves and their German neighbors was a different language, being Catholic instead of Protestant, maintaining their own traditions, which the Sorbs believe can be a source of fear in the majority of the unknown. In the interviews, all of the problems that the Sorbs had with the majority Germanic people were mentioned in past tense. Compared to the post war generation, they now do not have...
Contemporary Czech Poetry and its Perceiver
Hoření, Vendula ; Hník, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hausenblas, Ondřej (referee)
Diploma Thesis Abstract: Contemporary Czech Poetry and its Perceiver Charles University in Prague Faculty of Education Czech Language and Litterature Department Vendula Hoření The introduced diploma thesis deals with the topic of contemporary Czech poetry. Its typical form and content are desired to be found. By "contemporary" is meant the period in which the materials for its realisation were collected, i.e. between spring 2010 and spring of the 2011th. Emphasis is placed on the perceiver and the way in which he can meet with poetry today. The hypothesis that the result of research will be revelation that certain contents and forms are timeless, but others only current, was confirmed. As a new content were found topics as responses to the actual phenomenas of virtuality, ecology and consumer society. Among the new forms of contemporary Czech poetry were classified: the project Poems on the Underground, anthology The Best Czech Poetry, competition in author recitation Poetry Slam and singer-songwriter meeting Open mic as taken from foreign models and Physical poetry of Petr Váša and in a certain sense also poetic improvisation of Jakub Foll as original contemporary Czech poetry.

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