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Financing innovative companies in USA through venture capital
Stropkaiová, Aneta ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee)
Silicon Valley and companies grouped around MIT are known as world centres for investor activity for venture capital. These areas with many start-ups and companies participating on R&D are today ranked as regions with highest concentration of innovations in the world and companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft or Google who are based in Silicon Valley, belong among the most innovative and most important companies of our generation. From Windows to FedEx, technologies created within the companies financed by venture capital, changed our world. The purpose of my diploma thesis is identify relationship between venture capital, innovations and economic productivity on example of USA. In first chapter I define the term venture capital, explain how the process of investing venture capital is happening, and which subjects are involved in the process. In second chapter I evaluate the role of venture capital in American economy. I´m also researching in what way venture capital is contributing with creation and development of innovatory companies. In third chapter I apply conclusions of my findings on an example of specific American company, which fulfills two conditions; it is financed by venture capital and has high innovation potential. On practical example I verify the relationship between venture capital, innovations and economic productivity of country.
Monetary policy Trilemma of CBRT in the context of economic and political development of Turkey
Daněk, Jakub ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to verify the validity of The Theory of Exchange Rate and The Theory of Monetary Policy Trilemma in the real environment and to analyze the effect of the trilemma on the monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. I chose Turkey as an object of research because of its economic, political and monetary policy development in the second half of the twentieth century and in the twenty-first century. This thesis consists of three chapters. The first chapter summarizes the theoretical framework related to the topic. In the second chapter, I describe and analyze the political and economic development of Turkey. In the third chapter, I verify the validity of the theories and analyze the relationships between macroeconomic variables using econometric methods and further evaluate these relationships based on the findings from the second chapter.
Effect of the Federal Reserve's actions on the U.S. economy between 1987 and 2016 through a prism of the Austrian School of Economics
Karas, Jan ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Neumann, Pavel (referee)
This thesis aims at discovering whether actions of the Federal Reserve System have a negative impact on the U.S. economy. The first chapter considers theoretical economic impacts of central banking through a prism of the Austrian School of Economics. This chapter aims at finding out whether central banking is compatible with a sustainable economic growth and whether business cycles are not caused by interest rate manipulation by central banks. The purpose of the second chapter is to assess the influence of the Fed on the American economy between 1987 and 2016 and compare impacts of actions of the Fed on different social classes.
Potential impatcs of TTIP on the automotive industry in the Czech republic.
Brychtová, Alena ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Sankot, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the contract of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and its potential impact on automotive industry of the Czech Republic and European Union. The aim of this thesis is to find out and subsequently appraise potential impacts of this contract on the automotive industry of the Czech Republic. In the first chapter a current situation of world automotive industry is analysed with the focus on the industry of European Union and Czech Republic. The analysis dedicates of exports and imports of automotive products and mutual trade between European Union, Czech Republic and United States of America. The second chapter is concerned with the potential impacts of the contract of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on the automotive industry of European Union and Czech Republic in economic and social field.
New Regionalism in the Foreign Relations of Chile
Skopalová, Klára ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Sankot, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the foreign economic relations of Chile. The first chapter, provides information about position of Chile in global market and analyses, commodity and territorial structure of the foreign trade. The second chapter goes on to describe bilateral free trade agreements between Chile and its biggest trading partners, their evolution and content. The last chapter is dedicated to analyzes and comparative development of economic relations between Chile and the US, as well as, Chile and China. This main objective of this thesis is to find out how specific commodity and territorial structure of the foreign trade of Chile influences its approach to new regionalism.
Economic limitations of state capitalism and their impact on international politics of superpowers
Stehlíková, Jana ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Druláková, Radka (referee)
State capitalism is an economic model implemented by the Chinese government to enhance inner economic growth without losing control over the domestic market. Chinese economic boom, which provided China with superpower status, might lead to inaccurate conclusions about the efficiency of the model. This diploma thesis analyses the economic limitations of state capitalism in China, their impacts on the Chinese superpower status, and Chinese response to possible reduction of its economic hard and soft power.
State and development of balance of payments of Germany
Sova, Ondřej ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Procházková Ilinitchi, Cristina (referee)
This thesis focuses on development of balance of payments of Germany, especially on three important historical periods: the international fixed exchange rate system, the unification of Germany and the adoption of euro. The first part of every chapter is based mainly on an economic theory and serves as an introduction to the topic at the same time. In the second part there is a detailed analysis of the balance of payments accounts as well as an analysis of the balance of payments in general at the given period of time and in relation to the given historical events. The first chapter revolves around the international fixed exchange rate system and describes related phenomena. This chapter is little bit different and serves mainly as a theoretical introduction designed to clarify some important economic theorems which are relevant to the following chapters as well. The first half of the second chapter consists in economic aspects of the unification and focuses mainly on the problematic of capital and salary level. In the second half there is a detailed analysis of the international economic relations of the country. The introductory part of the third chapter concerns the development that led to the common European currency as well as some important macro and microeconomic aspects of the euro adoption. Finally there is an analysis in terms of balance of payments of the new common currency establishment.
The Impact of Governance on the Performance of Universities in International Comparison
Sedláček, Jan ; Šaroch, Stanislav (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee) ; Laboutková, Šárka (referee) ; Kvizda, Martin (referee)
The aim of the dissertation thesis is to give recommendations for higher education governance in the context of the Czech Republic based on the research of the impact of selected aspects of governance on the performance of universities in international comparison. The aspects of governance are the autonomy of a university and the influence of stakeholders on the internal governance of a university. The performance involves education, research and the third mission. The dissertation thesis also applies Goodhart's law on the higher education system. It identifies and classifies unintended side effects caused by inappropriate use of measaruble indicators in regulation. On the basis of findings there are given reccomendations for higher education governance in the Czech Republic.
Monetary policy of European Central Bank and its development
Liutsko, Ilona ; Šaroch, Stanislav (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the ECB's activities, function and mission and its development. It is an institution which determines the development of banking in all the countries of the European Union. This institution is a very important part of governance that determines the monetary and financial policies of the member States of the European Union.
The development of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and its manifestation in civilian missions
Valeš, Jan ; Antal, Jarolím (advisor) ; Hnát, Pavel (referee)
The present theses analyses external actions of the EU institutions tasked to implement the CSDP. The text attempts to establish to what extent the CSDP has been practically implemented in the period following the Treaty of Lisbon's coming into effect. To accomplish the task I have chosen to analyze two cases of the EU's involvement in African countries, namely in Libya and Niger. The development of the EU's external action was long and uneasy. The unification of EU's external actions and goals was putted forward by the Treaty of Lisbon. The CSDP is based on consensual negotiations between the governments of individual member states with often differing interests in the international realm. Towards the conclusion, the text demonstrates that the institutions created by the Lisbon Treaty fulfill their role in implementing the prescribed course of external action by the means of various instruments including issuing statements, convening international forums, and cooperating with regional partners. In conclusion, it can be said that in the attempts to assist in solving various issues in African countries and elsewhere the EU clearly demonstrates its intention to stabilize the socio-political situation in individual regions hence deliver on the aim of a peaceful and safe neighborhood.

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