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Ethical dilemmas of social workers of an asylum for mothers with children
The thesis deals with the ethical dilemmas of social workers in the asylum and its analysis through the selected ethical direction. Utilitarianism is chosen as the key ethical direction. In its introductory part, the thesis deals with the characteristics of the target group of shelters for mothers with children. It portrays the diversity of needs of the target group of the asylum for mothers with children. It also discusses the possible effects of single parenthood and the state apparatus used to resolve their social situation. The second part of the thesis presents a presentation of a specific shelter for mothers with children, taking a closer look at explaining what an ethical dilemma or ethical problem is, and what the possibilities of solving them are in practice. The above-mentioned topics help us to better understand the next part of the thesis, which will deal with the real ethical problems of social workers in an asylum for mothers with children. In a particular asylum home for mothers with children in Prague, an investigation is conducted through semi-structured interviews that will find out what ethical dilemmas social workers face most often in their practice. The thesis aims to find out the ethical dilemmas that social workers deal with and to look at them through the lens of an ethical approach. The ethical approach chosen is utilitarianism. During the reflection on ethical dilemmas, the thesis relies mainly on professional literature. Analyzing an ethical dilemma through the aforementioned ethical approach provides a broader view of the issue and can help social workers in solving ethical problems.
Methods of market pricing of house
Hlaváčková, Tereza ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis defines the methods of determining the normal price of a house. Among the methods that lead to the detection of the normal price, the method includes finding material values, comparative method, the method of determination of the yield value method of averaging, which is connected to Naegeliho weighted average method, Bradáčova modification weighted average method and the rest. Further analyzes of the established method in practice and as a result these methods will be compared with each other.
The Revision of the Publick Order Act Regarding to Practical Application
Hlaváčková, Tereza ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analyses changes public procurement legislation, brought about by the amendment no. 55/2012 coll., amending act no. 137/2006 coll., on public procurement, as amended and it focuses on the possible impacts in the areas of procurement from a practical point of view.
Change in the clientele of Lázně Priessnitz during the First Republic
Hlaváčková, Tereza ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis investigates the effect of promotion on the clientele change of the Priessnitz Spa in Jeseník. The thesis takes into account the origins of the spa and its history and focuses specifically on the First Republic period. It analyses the brand and promotional activities used by the spa. The introductory section presents the theoretical concepts that are the foundations to the practical application discussed in the latter part of the thesis. Based on these foundations, an analysis of the communication and promotional materials published and used during the First Republic period is presented. Subsequently, the theoretical segment introduces the historical context, providing an overview of the events of 1914 to approximately 1919, including the economic, social and political dynamic in newly formed Czechoslovakia. This is followed by an overview of the history of the spa industry and a list of competing spa establishments in Czechoslovakia, more specifically in the border region of Silesia. The promotional materials used are presented. The thesis then focuses on Priessnitz Spa itself, analysing the brand, communication and promotional activities and clientele. On the basis of providing a temporal context and a content analysis of historical materials, it is examined how the spa's...
Význam vědeckého výukového centra MU - Bioskop pohledem učitelů ZŠ a SŠ
Hlaváčková, Tereza
The following bachelor's thesis is focused on the evaluation of a scientific educational center called Bioskop. The first part of this thesis contains a theoretical point of literature devoted to the importance of science and research on regional development, on employment and on education. Vital parts of this thesis are the methodology and the thesis objectives. The second part focuses on the search for opinions from elementary and secondary school teachers who attended at least one course at Bioskop. This was achieved by the use of questionnaires. Based on the evaluation of these questionnaires was Bioskop, in regards to teachers' opinions, evaluated.
Possibilities of house training for clients in an asylum house
This work is dealing with the possibility to support the clients of the training housing who used to stay before in the asylum house for mothers with the children. The aim of the work is to evaluate the process of support in the training houses and presentation of the discovered processes on the individual cases. The first part is focused on the aspects of social works in the reception centers and their targets because the asylum housing is starting point for the female clients of training housing. The second part is dealing with the social works performed in training houses and areas of support connected with this service. The whole process is summarized, presented, and explained in the third part by an example of the specific organization and respective cases of three female clients. In conclusion the possibilities of support of the female clients in the area of training housing are evaluated. The examples of the cooperation with female clients have been summarized and the individual areas of support have been reflected from the practical point of view.
Characterization of perinuclear actin fibers and their role in cell migration
Hlaváčková, Tereza ; Vomastek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Binarová, Pavla (referee)
Cell migration is crucial for such physiological and pathological processes as wound healing, emryonal development, immune response, and methastasizing of the cancer cells. It is tightly coupled with cell polarization, nuclear traslocation, and turnover of actin cytoskeleton. Substantial, but so far poorely explored, part of actin cytoskeleton is perinuclear actin cap - dome-like structure above the nucleus costructed from perinuclear actin fibers. At the apical side of the nucleus perinuclear actin fibers are associated with LINC complex through nesprin proteins; at the edges of the cell they are anchored to focal adhesions. In the literature there were assumptions that this type of actin fibers can generate traction forces for nuclear reorientation during cell migration. The aim of this thesis is to elucidate the mechanism involved in the attachment of perinuclear actin to the LINC complex and the nucleus, thereby regulating the formation of the perinuclear actin cap. In addition, we aimed to establish a semi- automatic tool for perinuclear actin fibers quantification. Rat2 fibroblasts were used as the model cell line because they contain well-developed perinuclear actin cap. We focused on the inactivation of LINC complex components, namely Giant nesprin proteins (nesprin 1 and nesprin 2) and...
Effect of deep foot massage on postural stability in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia
Hlaváčková, Tereza ; Pospíšilová, Mariana (advisor) ; Čech, Zdeněk (referee)
Introduction: Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is currently defined as a group of diseases with progressive cerebellar syndrome, which manifests distinctively by ataxic stance and gait. In patients with SCA, deterioration of postural control occurs due to changes of pathophysiological degenerative nervous system. Control of postural stability is significantly influenced by somatosensory afferentation of soft tissue of foot. The work objective is to determine the effect of deep foot massage on postural stability in the group of patients and to compare obtained results with experiments without deep foot massage. Methods: Seven patients of the Clinic Rehabilitation at the Faculty Hospital, Prague Motol (average age 51.9 ± 13.9 years, 5 men, and 2 women) with SCA and clinical signs of cerebellar ataxia were participated in this study. All patients were examined using posturography before and after application of deep foot massage. Measurements were conducted on a firm surface, foam pad with open and closed eyes. Length of COP trajectory, COP area and COP velocity were measured. Results: Significantly lower values of the length and COP velocity were found on the foam pad with closed eyes, when the deep foot massage was applied. Experiments without applications of the deep foot massage did not show any...
Marketing strategy change management
Hlaváčková, Tereza
The main aim of the diploma thesis is to suggest a sophisticated methodology of change management while changing marketing strategy in a company. The result of this thesis is the consistent methodology that can be used by any company that desires to change their contemporary strategy. Managing change is based on Lewin’s model of change management in this work. The practical part will comprise two sections one of which will be devoted to the mentioned methodology of the strategy change management process and the latter to the application of the methodology to a particular company intending to change its current strategy.

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