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When reproductive rights are criminalized: cross-border abortions and a case study of the Ciocia Collectives
Catalina, Savanah ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
This research examines qualitative interviews with three informal feminist collectives: Ciocia Basia, Ciocia Wienia, and Ciocia Czesia. The Ciocia collectives are located in Central Europe, specifically Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, and work to organize abortions for people mainly living in Poland where abortion access is highly restricted. Every member of the collective is a volunteer and the group does not profit from their activism. While prior research has been conducted on individuals who are forced to travel to receive reproductive care, little current research exists on the abortion organizing groups who assist them in the process. The Ciocia collectives work tirelessly to organize cross-border abortions including arranging accommodation, appointments, funding, translation services, and more. This work poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities which will be further explored. Keywords: abortion, reproductive justice, cross-border abortions, feminist solidarity, borders, boundaries
The reconceptualization of consent in Europe; a feminist discussion of the limitations and possibilities of consent laws in Scandinavia
Ziirsen-Aineto, Luna María ; Helman, Ivy Ann (advisor) ; Kobová, Ĺubica (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF HUMANITIES Department of Gender Studies Luna María Ziirsen-Aineto The Reconceptualization of Consent in Europe; a Feminist Discussion of the Limitations and Possibilities of Consent Laws in Scandinavia Diploma Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ivy Helman, Ph.D Prague 2023 Abstract This research aims to investigate how the consent-based rape legislation of Denmark has been implemented and interpreted within court cases. Furthermore, this paper will shed a light on the complexities inherent to the process of consent negociation within sex, sexual assault and rape. The objective is to challenge the gender-neutral and neo-liberal perception of consent of Denmark, and in turn reveal and challenge the heteronormative structures that persist in our societal comprehension of gender, sex and sexualities. A further discussion will be had on the re-imagining of sex culture and in which ways consent proves to be a limited concept for envisioning an equal and feminist sex culture. A final point will be made regarding the other structural inequalities that are concealed due to the Danish approach to consent, and how this affects the court cases at hand. This research ultimately strives for a re-conceptualization of consent as a gendered concept, one that if not considered as such, will reproduce the...
How drag performers challenge and disrupt our understandings of gender: a case study of the Slovenian drag community
Muršič, Nuša ; Helman, Ivy Ann (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF HUMANITIES M.A. Program in Gender Studies Nuša Muršič How drag performers challenge and disrupt our understandings of gender: a case study of the Slovenian drag community Diploma Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ivy Helman, Ph.D. Prague 2023 Abstract The common perception of drag is that of imitating the "opposite" gender. Drag has, however, been evolving, and its implications for gender are explored in this Master Thesis. Feminist circles are usually divided between regarding drag as proliferating gender hierarchies and stereotypes or drag as a tool for subversion and new possibilities. I have conducted my research on the case study of the Slovenian drag community in order to reach results through doing interviews and participant observation. My results pointed to drag influencing the perception of gender via offering the space for experimentation and questioning. For both the drag performers, who were my interview participants, and for the audience of drag shows, drag loosened their strict perceptions of gender and the rigid gender binary, and showcased gender as a complex concept, which offers possibilities for gender play, can be fluid, as well as changeable. Gender hierarchies, are, however, to an extent still present when it comes to doing drag and drag communities. Keywords Drag,...
Queer Coding of Barbie Movies: Mattel's Attempt at Saving Barbie's Image.
Hansen, Alicja Sirkka ; Helman, Ivy Ann (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis is a combination of queer analysis of selected Barbie movies done by the author, with the support of the relevant academic literature, and queer readings of those same movies done by people online. The text starts with an introduction, which gives the reader an overview of the subject and introduces the main research question: "Why does Barbie seem queer in the movies?" Then the thesis discusses the relevant theoretical literature and methods used in the study in the literature review and methodology sections respectively, which includes theories such as feminist and queer theory, but also touching on postfeminism and girl power. Further, the main portion of the study is the analysis, preceded by a preface, which consists of seven chapters, each one focusing on a separate movie. Lastly, all of the results of this study are explained in conclusion.
Life as a Fat Female Body: A Feminist Narrative Inquiry with Iranian Women
Makian, Somayeh Sadat ; Lorenz - Meyer, Dagmar (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
The medicalization of women's body mass index has led to the usage of terms such as "overweight", "obese," or even "morbidly obese", which convey negative clinical and moral examines affects and experiences of becoming, living, and identifying as "fat bodies" through
Experiences of Vegan and Vegetarian Men Living in Turkey
Dinçer, Kemal ; Helman, Ivy Ann (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
Key words: Hegemonic masculinity, vegan, vegetarian, meat and men, masculinity. Although there have been many different academic studies on veganism/vegetarianism in recent years, there are limited studies specifically addressing vegan/vegetarian men. Considering the studies on this subject in Turkey, it is also seen that there is almost no research focusing on vegan and vegetarian men. This study aims to find the relation between men and meat and the role of this relationship in the experiences of vegan/vegetarian men in Turkey. Using hegemonic masculinity as a theoretical framework, I aim to illustrate if veganism/vegetarianism is popular among men in Turkey, in which environments and areas vegan and vegetarian men are exposed to negative experiences, what kind of reactions do they get in social environments and what institutions are directly or indirectly involved in the experience of vegan and vegetarian men. Additionally, my thesis researches the position of vegetarian and vegan men within Turkey-specific hegemonic masculinity practices. My work also specifically addresses the question of whether vegan and vegetarian men challenge this Turkey-specific hegemonic masculinity, and if so, how does the process take place.
The Flexible Gender Discourse on LGBT Identities in Turkey: A Critical Discourse Analysis
Kurtar, Nur Gülşah ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
How has the image of Turkish queer changed from something that should be protected to something that is alien and dangerous in the period of the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi/Justice and Development Party) government? In other words, how have LGBT people been portrayed by the AKP representatives in the last 20 years? How has LGBT community become alien and dangerous? How has the AKP government explained this shift in their gender discourse on LGBT identities? Eventually, who is responsible for the protection of LGBT people or for the protection of the nation? This thesis aims to investigate the gender discourse of the current government of Turkey by answering these research questions. The particular focus of the research is on the political approach of the AKP government regarding LGBT rights and freedoms on the basis of the governmental strategies of the foreign policy, specifically of the European Union accession process. In other words, relating the domestic gender discourse to the foreign policy, I aim to analyze the approach of the most powerful elites of Turkey in the last 20 years with regards to LGBT rights and freedoms. In order to reveal power and inequalities, I use critical discourse analysis focusing on the language of the AKP representatives and their rhetoric about the LGBT issues...
Gender Inequality in the Japanese Workplace: Issues Related to the Promotion of Childcare Leave Taken by Men
Hata, Maiko ; Kobová, Ĺubica (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
Gender inequality in the workplace is a high-profile issue. Presently, Japanese women face a variety of issues in terms of gender inequality, particularly in the workplace. The concept of work-life balance has been used to understand the linkage between women's participation and advancement in the workplace and Japan's low birth rate. It has been discussed by the government, media, and companies and utilized as a mantra since the early 2000s. Since then, the government has provided and developed the state's system of childcare leave and policies to support parents raising children. The expansion of childcare leave and benefits reveals Japan's concerns about the country's decreasing birthrate and aging population. The Equal Employment Opportunity Law was implemented in 1986. Since then, the number of women gaining college degrees and participating in the labor force has increased significantly. Today in Japan, gender-based discrimination is prohibited by labor law and women have equal rights to access education and equal opportunities to work. However, gender inequality persists, such as the gender wage gap, the percentage of men taking childcare leave, and female representation in management positions. This thesis thus aims to clarify the sociopolitical and cultural backgrounds of gender inequality...
Understanding Institutional Support and Service Experiences of Lesbian and Gay Youth
Ai, Liya ; Dvořáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
Sexual minority youth, such as youth that identifies as lesbian or gay, often face many specific issues related to their sexual orientation that require institutional support and services, yet little is known about their experiences receiving support and using services. This research aims to explore the institutional support and services experiences of lesbian and gay youth. A qualitative method is used to analyze the experiences of lesbian and gay youth age 16 to 25, who received support or used services either from educational institutions or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other non-heterosexual and gender-diverse support organizations. Their stories reveal that various factors influence how they perceive the effectiveness of the support and services. This research offers insight into how school staff can provide effective support and services that meet the needs of sexual minority youth. Keywords: sexual minority youth, gay, lesbian, institutional support, educational institution, LGBTQ+ support organization
Covid19 and the Outbreak Narrative: How the Turkish State Produces and Obscures Gendered and Sexual Vulnerabilities
Cirikciel, Çağla ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
How do the state institutions in Turkey (dis)articulate gender politics? How does the institutional discourse disintegrate gender politics? Where, when, and how do the institutions locate discourse of gender and sexuality into politics of pandemic? Where do institutions become silent? This thesis offers a feminist reading of the pandemic politics and discourse in Turkey; specifically, it analyzes the gendered tensions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Investigating the impacts of the pandemic discourse of the state on gender politics, I aim to unpack the state rhetoric where the official outbreak narrative generates a particular gender narrative. Observing that the state discourse obscures the gendered impacts of the pandemic, I work on locating the pandemic responses and discourses in Turkey. Approaching to politics of discourse as an issue of power and knowledge where power appears through the continuity of knowledge production, I elaborate on how an institutional discourse interprets, incorporates, articulate and disarticulate gender and sexuality overtly and covertly. As unpacking the discursive struggle of the state for mastery in gender and sexuality discourse, I demonstrate how the state reshapes and redirects the narratives on gender and sexuality within the politics of outbreak. Keywords:...

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