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Body composition in selected groups of children of younger school age in Prague
Hadžega, Tomáš ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kutáč, Petr (referee)
Subject The current lifestyle of most children and adults is characterized by sedentary lifestyle. Research shows that physical activity among children is decreasing while aging, (Bunc, 2004) which causes gaining the body fat, loosing physical fitness and overall resulting in overweight and obesity (eg Brettschneider, Naul, 2007; Malina, Bouchard, 1991; Roche et al., 1996). This lack of physical activity leads to a decrease in physical fitness as global phenomena (Malina 2004; Reed et al., 2006; Tomkinson, 2007), urges the increase in overweight and obesity, or causes certain health problems. One way to examine the level of lifestyle and the quality of life of children and adults is the body composition. This knowledge can contribute to determine the health of the individual and its physical ability. Objective To describe changes in somatic indicators and selected body composition parameters that are related to age and gender among younger school age children. To find out the correlation among somatic indicators, age and parameters of the body composition of children of both genders and to discover dominant factors affecting the body composition in both genders. Methods A cross-sectional statistical survey was carried out at three primary schools in Prague, where during the first testing, 220...
Energy security of the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Havel, Zdeněk ; Zájedová, Iivy (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
Energy security is currently a favourite topic. It is being talked about in the context of several conflicts in Third World countries that, due to the supply of energy raw materials such as oil and gas, affect the rest of the world. For some states, however, the issue of ensuring energy security is a more vital. Some states, such as the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are dependent on supplies of fossil fuels from neighbouring countries. Moreover, up until recently their energy markets have not been liberalized, nor connected to the rest of the Europe. It is a well-known fact that the Russian Federation is the main supplier of these raw materials to them. Therefore, the Baltic states have been trying to reduce the influence of the Russian Federation in the Baltic region since they regained independence 26 years ago. This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the energy security of all three Baltic countries. The thesis carefully analyses all aspects of their energy sector. It examines the historical development of the region, thanks to which we can understand the influence of the Russian Federation on the Baltics energy sector, as well as the level of international cooperation of the Baltic states with the EU in ensuring energy security. The analysis also focus on the...
The Influence of age, gender and movement activity on the reaction abilities of lower limbs by pubescents
Brychta, Petr ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee)
Title: The influence of age, gender and movement activity on the reaction abilities of lower limbs. Objectives: The main objective of this dissertation was to find the reaction abilities of pubescent's (aged 10 - 15years) lower limbs on the basis of age, gender and movement activity. The further aim was to determine the pubescence period (age) when the most noticeable decrease of the visual disjunctive motor response time of lower limbs occurs. Methods: 214 boys and girls aged 10-15 years (157.8 ± 10.8 cm; 47.2 ± 10.7 kg) participated in this research. Simple, choice and disjunctive reaction time of lower limbs was measured through the Fitro Agility Check test. The results processing, including statistical procedures, was carried out using the Matlab (MathWorks, Inc.) programming environment, an IBM SPSS Statistics 22. Three-way ANOVA and Tukey post-hoc tests (α=0.05) were used to determine the individual parameters connection. Results: With increasing age, year over year, we found important differences and reaction time decreases of all types of reaction speeds. Testing brings to light the fact that the most noticeable decrease of both selection and disjunctive reaction time of lower limbs are between groups of 11 year olds (11.00-11.99) and 12 year olds (12.00-12.99). The most noticeable decrease...
Influence of a performance level of fencers on reaction time and actvation of selected muscels during a lunge
Balkó, Štefan ; Hendl, Jan (advisor) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee) ; Šimonek, Jaromír (referee)
Title Influence of a performance level of fencers on reaction time and activation of selected muscles during a lunge. Problem The motion efficiency of offensive or defensive actions implemented during the match of fencing is related to the consolidation of movement patterns in the CNS through the training proces and competition situations. In this regard, muscle activation during a lunge, which is the most common form of attack, may be important for the resulting performance of fencers. The attack during a match is usually initiated by the occurrence of visual stimuli (eg. opponent's arm movement). Throughout the training proces and practise, in which are the given model situations repeated, occurs a creation of a specific purpose motion program stored in memory. Fencers are during the match often exposed to situations where they have to respond simultaneously to multiple stimuli that have to be adequately evaluated. The appropriate response may be associated with the movement or ignorance of stimuli, therefore will this work also deal with the level of complex reaction time. When measuring complex reaction time so-called "additional" stimulation will be used, it is increasing the number of stimuli, but should not lead to physical reaction of the fencer. The results of the present work related to...
The influence of stretching exercises on the range of joint flexibility in students PF UJEP in Ústí nad Labem
Kabešová, Hana ; Novotná, Viléma (advisor) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee) ; Pavlík, Josef (referee)
THE INFLUENCE OF STRETCHING EXERCISES ON THE RANGE OF JOINT FLEXIBILITY IN STUDENTS AT JAN EVANGELISTA PURKYNĚ UNIVERSITY IN ÚSTÍ NAD LABEM The dissertation evaluates the influence of stretching exercises on the range of joint flexibility in students of the study programme Physical Education and Sport at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. In total, 128 students aged 21 - 25 (78 women, 50 men) enrolled in the subject Basic Gymnastics took part in the experiment, conducted in the period from February to May of the academic year 2008/2009. Of these, 59 students were excluded by a physiotherapist - i.e. hypermobile men and hypermobile women as well as women with normal flexibility (excluded purposefully) subject to the results of the Thomayer test. In total, data from 39 men and 30 women were used. From April 2009, over a period of six weeks (before the end of the summer term tuition), an intervention flexibility programme including the Anderson static stretching method and the PNF stretching method by Sölveborn were applied for the research file. To evaluate the level of joint flexibility, the Sit and Reach Test and credit exercise to estimate joint flexibility were used. In a controlled interview, out-of-school activities were analysed, which contained stretching exercises with a...
Relatioship of somatic and motor variables to the postural stability in children
Černá, Lenka ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee) ; Suchomel, Aleš (referee)
Subject In professional literature progressive development of postural stability related to the age during the childhood is documented which is characterized by decline of amplitude and speed deviations. The postural stability becomes similar to adults by primary school children, specifically in the age of 7 to 10 (Shumway-Cook, Woollacott, 2001) and children switch to more accurate strategy of postural control. The period of primary school is described as positive for motor development. Performance in this period is most considerably influenced by biogenetic factors which include growth factors as for instance body height, weight and body composition. An appropriate movement routine with an adequate amount and quality of movement activity is important for development of children's organism by primary school children. Objective The aim of this work is to describe the changes of chosen parameters of postural stability which are related to the age and gender of primary school children and to submit to analysis the changes in chosen parameters of postural stability in connection with somatic characteristics, movement abilities and movement activity. Methods The summarizing statistical research took place at a primary school where 154 children (85 boys, 69 girls) in the age of 7 to 11 were tested....
Body composition and life style of 11-12 years old school children in Usti region
Nosek, Martin ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Krejčí, Milada (referee) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee)
This dissertation thesis focuses on the relation between body composition and selected life style categories of students at primary schools and gymnasiums in Ústí region. In order to find this relation, we used the data of 424 boys and 382 girls in age range 11,0 - 12,9 years in Ústí region that had been gathered in April and May 2009. The bioimpedance analysis through the use of Bodystat 1500 MDD was used for the body composition classification. The aspects related to the life style were found out using the questionnare of 6. National anthropological research. As for body composition, we have found, by means of the bioimpedance method, that a quarter of 11-12 years old children is overweight (14,9%) or obese (10,9%). At the same time we have detected a significant interdependence between the quantity of body fat and the amount of motoric activities carried out by children (boys: r= - 0,343, ES r2 = 11,7 %; girls r= - 0,329, ES r2 = 10,8 %). Another finding is the fact that boys spend as much time doing phy sical activities as girls. The average time spent doing physical activities is 7,9 hrs/week for boys and 7,46 hrs/week for girls. During the analysis of the interdependence between parents' educational attainment and a child's body composition we have also found out the significant relation...
Evaluation of spring discharge/temperature relation in Klatovsko region
HAVEL, Zdeněk
This work focuses on the evaluation of dependence between the spring discharge fluctuations and water temperature, both during the year and extreme rainfall-runoff events, on spring equipped with a V-notch weir with a continuous monitoring of spring water temperature and water level above the weir. Data were gathered on descending fissure spring of Tocnicky stream, located in the southwestern part of the Planicky ridge natural park in Klatovsko region. More data and stand characteristics (air temperature, soil temperature profile, soil moisture) were measured for better evaluation of the dependence, both at the spring location and in the infiltration area on the western slope of local highest peak Rovná. The formation of runoff on the slope above measured spring is likely to be subject to a combination of shallow circulation with a component of preferential flow during extreme rainfall-runoff events and deeper circulation, which is not yet well known and understood.

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