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Půdní biologie v učebních osnovách biologie pro střední školy
This study is aimed on teaching of soil biology at secondary schools. Available biology textbooks are assessed and their content on soil biology is evaluated. Part of the thesis constitutes of a survey among teachers of biology. It is focused on contemporary teaching approaches, availability of materials and the requirements of teachers to teach soil biology at individual schools. In conclusion, I propose an educational project focusing on the importance of soil.
Emise skleníkových plynů ve vztahu k mikrobiální aktivitě a obsahu živin arktických půd
The aim of this study was to understand the link beween greenhouse gasses emissions (CH4 and N2O) microbial activity and nutrient content in soil from different types of soil in Svalbard. Warming can cause release of large amounts of carbon and nitrogen in form of greenhouse gasses from soil into the atmosphere. This might strengthen the greenhouse effect and thus global climate change. We measured release of greenhouse gases from soil. At the same time, soil sampling was conducted at five different localities in August in the years 2014 and 2015. Soils were found to have low nutrient content and unfavourable C/N ratio to support vegetation growth. Areas were not a significant source of emissions of greenhouse gasses from soil to the atmosphere.
The effect of management type on greenhouse gas emissions from grasslands
This work represents the grant application for project dealing with the influence of the type of management and fertilization on greenhouse gas emissions of (CO2, CH4, N2O) from grasslands, namely grazed pastures, mown and mulched meadows at an organic farm Borová near České Budějovice. This project evaluates the diurnal gas flux dynamics affected by application of different nitrogen fertilizers (i.e. NH4+, NO3- and manure).

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