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Production of enzyme hydrolysates from flaxseed proteins and evaluation of their properties
HAŠKOVÁ, Kateřina
This thesis focuses on effect on antioxidant properties and chosen functional properties: solubility, water and fat holding capacity, emulsification activity and stability caused by hydrolysis of protein isolates (PI) made from three different flax varieties (Libra, Agriol and Raciol). Part of this work was production of PI from flax seed. For hydrolysis trypsin, alcalase and papain were used - hydrolysis by trypsin was the mildest, while hydrolysis by papain was the most intensive one. Dynamics and degree of hydrolysis were also observed. Solubility of PI and hydrolysates was discovered to be very high (almost 100%). On the contrary water holding capacity was lower (3,93 g/g and less) than fat holding capacity (4,34 g/g), which increased upon hydrolysis for most enzymes, while water holding capacity decreased. Emulsification activity rised (1,47×) under the effect of hydrolysis, however stability dropped (1,3×). The best emulsifiction properties were found out in trypsin hydrolysates. Hydrolysis caused great impact on content of polyphenols which were in alcalase hydrolysates up to 3× higher and on antioxidant activity which grew in papain hydrolysates up to 2,5×.
Evaluation of modifications in content of selected bioactive substances in flax (\kur{Linum usitatissimum} L.) seeds during germination
HAŠKOVÁ, Kateřina
This thesis focus on analysing effect of germination on some groups of bioactive compounds in flaxseed. We used flaxseed variety named Libra. Its germination was 10 days long, done in two different conditions: in the dark and fully iluminated for 24 hours daily. Samples were taken on 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th day. Following analyses were performed: determination of dry matter content, lipid content, content of nitrogenous compounds, content of proteins and protein spectrum, chlorophyll content, content of total polyphenolic compounds and antioxidant activity. Content of dry mater was proved to decrease during germination as well as lipid content regardless of light conditions. Amount of nitrogenous compounds stayed relatively unchanged during germination. Whereas amount of proteins increased depending on duration of germination and light conditions. Hydrolysis of proteins during germination was proved by protein spectrum analysis. Content of chlorophyll inreased in light-germinated seeds only. Increasing effect of germination on total polyphenolic compounds content and antioxidant activity was proven as well. Moreover aproximately two-fold rise of values was reported after defatting of samples.
The practical marketing e-shop optimization
Hašková, Kateřina ; Sedláček, Jiří (advisor) ; Kouba, Zdeněk (referee)
Diploma thesis The practical marketing sales web optimization introduces to the reader the problematic of the Internet sales channel. The first chapter provides general aspects of internet business and introduces the concrete web, which is then used to validate the proposed procedures in the practical part of the Thesis. The chapter, entitled Initial analysis provides detailed analysis on a real Internet business, from technical, content and marketing perspective. The chapter Optimization applies and comments practical optimization steps in technical, content and marketing field. All the procedures proposed, and the result achieved are documented based on a verification using standard and recognized web analytics tool, web site traffic reporting tool and trades evaluation tools. The closing chapter Evaluation of optimization, evaluates the changes and extensions implemented and proposes additional both supplementary and strategic changes for the future.
Hašková, Kateřina ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Svatoň, Ondřej (referee)
Bachelor thesis summarizes the basic theoretical knowledge of marketing, defines marketing mix and its tools. More attention is paid to those, which are the most current for communication of residential marketing, namely communication mix tools. Then the paper deals with the concept of civil engineering and selects the development and subsequent residential development. Briefly describes its evolution, current situation in the Czech Republic and provides basic features of development marketing. Following section is specifically devoted to most used tools of marketing communication in residential property development, advertising, public relations, sponsorship and interactive marketing. Then the paper examines the problems of overproduction and excessive possibilities of choice in existing markets and increasing difficulty of finding the path to a customer. Purely practical concluding part gives examples of marketing communication of major residential developers on the Czech market. Finally, follows an assessment of studied facts and an estimate of future trends.
Trade Union movement in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the years 1948- 1960
Hašková, Kateřina ; Váňa, Daniel (advisor) ; Soběhart, Radek (referee)
My bachelor work deals with the Trade Union movement in the Czechoslovak Republic in the years 1948 -- 1960. Chapter I concerns itself with the foundation of the Revolutionary Union Movement in 1945 and its organization structure. Further chapters map the development and the role of Union movement under the new post-February Czechoslovakia's political and economic circumstances. The fundamental chapters refer to the relationships between Unions and Communist power, the position of Unions in the socialist system and within the National Front, and the relationships between Unions and the socialist state. One of the chapters deals with the role of Unions and methods of Union movement. I am seeking to illustrate a general view of the 1950s Union movement and analyze the relationship between Unions and political power in the given period. My work is grounded on the published sources and the latest special literature.

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