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Germany's and the UK's Energy Policy in the Context of Their Climate Pledges
Šulcová, Kristýna ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Beranovský, Jiří (referee)
The main focus of the present diploma thesis are the energy policies of Germany and the United Kingdom. In the thesis, a comparative analysis of both countries' policies is carried out, focusing on their progress towards a low carbon energy sector and on the fullfillment of their respective climate pledges, such as the share of renewable sources of electricity and total emissions. The scope of the thesis is narrowed down to include above all the electricity sector and the technologies that help to reduce the energy intensity of the energy sector. The central part of the text is descriptive, comparing both the general outlines of the respective policies and the policy instruments used. The thesis largely follows the logic of comparing the different approaches to the main energy sources (nuclear, renewable, natural gas) and in part also deals with other important phenomena: CCS and EU ETS. The choice of relevant indicators and the evaluation of trends is an integral part of the thesis. The secondary goal is to attempt an evaluation of the individual instruments and policies. Among the conclusions, the following stands out: 1/ the relative success of the German nuclear phaseout as concerns supply security and the simultaneous risks it brings concerning the total emissions from energy; 2/ the relative...
Hormonal civilization
Matušková, Anna ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Hák, Tomáš (referee)
Submitted thesis deals with the topic of synthetic hormones and human perception of this matter. The phenomenon of the endocrinal disruption that contains synthetic hormones as well is presented in the theoretical part. Then the attention is paid to the negative impacts on human body and on the environment as well as to low effectiveness of the wastewater treatment plant to deal with those pollutants. The practical part of the thesis contains survey among respondents of the Social and cultural department and Electronic culture and semiotics department on the Faculty of humanities of the Charles University. This survey deals with the awareness of this topic, consumer behaviour and opinions on the attention that is paid to this matter in the Czech Republic as well as on the ideal solution to this topic. Key words: hormones, environment, endocrine disruption, human perception
Contribution of the Cohesion Policy of the European Union to the Climate Change Mitigation
Nekvasil, Michal ; Moldan, Bedřich (advisor) ; Hák, Tomáš (referee) ; Karásek, Jiří (referee)
The main purpose of this thesis was to evaluate the extent to which the Cohesion Policy of the European Union contributes to its climate change mitigation effort. While climate change mitigation and the EU Cohesion Policy have both been theoretically thoroughly studied, it has not been the case of their mutual relation. The objective of this paper is to fill, at least partly, this gap. A specific feature of this research is an analysis of the contribution of the Cohesion Policy to climate change mitigation over a period of 20 years, including a comparison of the three last programming periods (2000-2006, 2007-2013 and 2014-2020). Moreover, the contribution of the Cohesion Policy to climate change mitigation in the EU-28 is compared to the contribution in the Czech Republic. The results of this research suggest that while the beginning of the new millennium saw the Cohesion Policy neglecting the issue of climate change mitigation, the current programming period (2014-2020) placed it among its key priorities. This conclusion is supported by a comprehensive set of data on five selected indicators. Furthermore, this paper displays its results against the perspective of the overall climate change mitigation objectives of the European Union.
Comparison of proposals for sponsors in football clubs
Hák, Tomáš ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Comparison of proposals for sponsors in football clubs Objectives: The main objective of this diploma thesis is to compare and evaluate the list of advertisement options at 8 selected football clubs. Emphasis is placed on finding new trends that appear in tender leaves that are different from previous forms of list of advertisement options, as presented earlier literature. Methods: As a crucial method applied in this diploma thesis is considered content analysis. Additionally it was used as an analysis of documents and literature review. Results: According to available results show that the highest quality of tender leaf has a football club AC Sparta Praha. It offers on the Czech situation deluxe return for sponsorship. Other clubs bid sheet are much less sophisticated, but the differences between them are minimal. Diploma thesis shows the growing trend of new services partner of football clubs compared Čáslavová monograph (2009). It was found that the individual invitations to sheets appears additional 38 new areas related to the history, location and success of a particular football club. Keywords: sport marketing, sponsorship, advertising, list of advertisement options, football
Short- term intervention in the development of speed in soccer
Hák, Tomáš ; Kokštejn, Jakub (advisor) ; Hojka, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Short-term intervention in the development of speed in football Objectives: The work objective is to assess efficiency of speed intervention at categories of Under-13 and Under-14 of the football club FK Pardubice. Methods: The group observed contained players aged 13 and 14. Total number of players was 23 (n= 23, 13,2 ±0,3 year). In order to verify the efficiency of the interventional program, which took 6 weeks, a 20 m shuttle run, a change-direction run with and without ball were used. The data were gathered with 2010 programme and processed according to Statistica statistical programme. Results: After 6 weeks of a motion intervention the experimental group did not show any significant progress. The group not involved in the motion programme did not make any progress. In rare cases, even a slight deterioration occurred in both groups. Based on results stated below we declare that the program chosen was not efficient for speed development at the categories of U13 and U14 of the club of FK Pardubice. Keywords: football, academy, motion intervention, speed
Water footprint of the cow milk for two types of production systems in the Liberec Region
Hojcsková, Daniela ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Třebický, Viktor (referee)
The water footprint is a multidimensional indicator which was created to quantify the total volume of freshwater used for various purposes. With the water footprint it is possible to determine the volume and type of water used directly and indirectly during the production in a given place and time. The data related to the water footprints of products are utilized in the evaluation of the international trade with goods, too (a concept of virtual water used for the analysis of water stress export out of the country which imports water-intensive products). The greatest amount of water is used globally in the agriculture, so the agricultural products are the ones with the highest water footprints. The focus of concern is the water footprint of an agriculture production and the aim of this work is to bring the first results regarding the water footprint of the cow milk in the Czech Republic and also to evaluate a methodology of its calculation. Two dairy farms dealing with a market production of milk from the Liberec region were chosen for the research. The farm Rváčov is oriented to an intensive milk production and on the other hand the farm Bzí is a system with mixed elements of extensive and intensive characters of the dairy production. For the comparison of the milk production effectiveness we have...
Consumption of selected agricultural commodities in Czechia and its impacts on water resources in producing countries
Nováková, Petra ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Stojanov, Robert (referee)
The thesis is focused on the relationship between food consumption and environmental impacts on places which are often very distant from the where the consumption itself occurs. Food consumption through the international trade causes pressure on water resources in different countries. The thesis analyses the water footprint from geographical perspectives, specifically focused on national consumption of two selected crops, with an emphasis on external water footprint. The main objective is to evaluate the impacts of consumption of selected imported crops on water resources in producing countries by comparing the differences of the impacts in these countries. To evaluate these impacts, new method of revised water footprint is used. This method connects the water footprint and impact assesment on water resources. In the first section the thesis is devoted to the description of the current state of water resources in different regions of the world, water use in agriculture, international flows of virtual water and theoretical concepts of water stress and water footprint. In the next section, suitable crops are selected and the water footprint of national consumption is quantified. The following section deals with the water footprint revision and assessment of impacts on water resources in the world,...
Analysis of the Commitment to Development Index
Syrovátka, Miroslav ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Nováček, Pavel (referee) ; Šauer, Petr (referee)
Analysis of the Commitment to Development Index Miroslav Syrovátka ABSTRACT The Commitment to Development Index aims to measure the effects of wide range of rich countries' policies that support or limit development prospects of poor countries. These policies are grouped into seven components of the index. The thesis analyzes and assesses the methodology of the index construction with the main focus on its environmental component. It is argued that although the environmental component is a legitimate part of the concept behind the index, the difficulties of its implementation limit its information value. This is due to the specific shortcomings of component indicators and the necessity to combine environmental policy indicators with indicators of exploitation of global environmental resources. The scores of Visegrad countries and correlation analysis show the specificity of the environmental component within the whole index and indirectly support the conclusions about its reduced information value. The thesis discusses the options for modification, both at the level of composite index construction and presentation, and at the level of individual indicators of the environmental component.
Material Flows and Environmental Impacts of s-WEEE in the Czech Republic
Polák, Miloš ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kočí, Vladimír (referee) ; Vladík, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis is a comprehensive study describing and quantifying material flows of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the Czech Republic; specifically the material flow of small waste electric and electronic equipment (s-WEEE) as well as representative substances. The studied material flows were estimated regarding aspects of the environmental impact. The End-of-Life mobile phone is seen as a typical representative of s-WEEE ; therefore material flows of mobile phones are described in this thesis as well. To put it in concrete figures, approximately 124 thousand tons of WEEE from households originated in the Czech Republic in 2010, where each inhabitant got rid off 4 pieces of WEEE in average. Further, total production calculating also consumer-like WEEE from companies and institutions was around 141 thousand tons in 2010. S-WEEE present around 15% from the total amount of WEEE originating in 2010; however it is more than 80% as regards the number of pieces. Despite of that fact the recycling potential of Au for instance is slightly higher by s-WEEE than by large WEEE (63kg/year compared to the 59kg/year respectively). As regards estimation of the total production of EoL mobile phones, around 45 thousand pieces originated in the Czech Republic between the years 1990-2000 and 6,5...
Environmental assessment of the Czech Republic based on Water Footprint
Žlábková, Jana ; Hák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vačkář, David (referee)
This dissertation sets its goal in application of the water footprint indicator, which is a practical and multi-layered indicator of water sources consumption. Of human activities, agriculture presents the most significant demands on water sources consumption. Therefore I have turned my focus to the widely-discussed issue of biofuels production, because the input materials for production of this kind of energy are agricultural crops (in the Czech republic those are: oilseed rape, sugar beet, Indian corn and winter wheat). The calculated results of water footprints of the selected industrial crops (m3 /t) and of water footprints of the heating value units of that crops (m3 /GJ) offer us a concrete notion of energy requirements of water of that chosen industrial crops in the conditions of the Czech republic. Keywords: water footprint indicator, biofuels, oilseed rape, water consumption, biodiesel, bioethanol, evapotranspiration.

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