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Performance Management of an Economic Advisory Company
Hájková, Michaela ; Poláchová, Jana (referee) ; Režňáková, Mária (advisor)
The main aim of the thesis is to analyze the performance of the company providing economic services. The first part summarizes the basic information used to evaluate the performance of the company. Next part deals with comparison with competition and evaluation of profitability of selected orders by calculation method Activity-Based Costing. The final part proposes changes in cost management.
Electronic Communucation as Part organizational Culture
Hájková, Michaela ; Šafránková, Ivana (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis deals with the problems of the organization culture and e-communication. You will find there the fundamental demarcation of the organization culture and e-communicaton from the assorted authors and the most important theoretic definitions. It analyzes the organization culture in the company Monttel, s. r. o. I used the interview for the research on the current organization culture. The conclusion of this thesis contains the summary of the problematic sections and the proposal of the possible improvements or innovations.
Proposal for an Improvement of the Motivation System at the Telconnect Company
Hájková, Michaela ; Florianová, Jana (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
This thesis solves the problem of motivation system in the company Telconnect, Ltd. and notes and address any deficiencies of motivation system. New motivation system should excel its attraction and targeting the employees, but also minimized the financial intensity for the company. In my thesis are provided basic theoretical knowledge, practical solutions and suggestions, which could lead to total improvement of the system and effective work of employees.
Non-discrimination and equal treatment in Employment relationships in the Czech Republic and in selected EU countries
Hájková, Michaela ; Bělina, Miroslav (advisor) ; Fischerová, Iva (referee) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
Non-discrimination and equal treatment in Employment relationships in the Czech Republic and in selected EU countries Abstract Principles of equality, respectively equal treatment and prohibition of discrimination, are prominent in public discourse as well as in practical life, specifically in relationships between employees and employers. It is typical that these principles and their precise content and scope may vary in accordance with cultural, local and historical contexts. In the Czech Republic, arguments relating to equal treatment and prohibition of discrimination in employment relations are not very often heard and resolved by courts; that however does not mean that problems relating to unequal treatment or discrimination would be absent. Employment laws are in many respects driven and influenced by European Union law; ban on discrimination is subject to regulation by a number of Directives, which each Member State must transpose into its national legal framework. When these national laws are interpreted and applied, the primary concern must rest in maintaining consistency with the original regulation while considering any relevant case law passed down by the Court of Justice of the European Union. For the same reasons, it may be interesting to compare, from legislative standpoint and in application...
B-1 lymphocyte population and their role in the development of autoimmune diseases
Jabůrek, Filip ; Hájková, Michaela (advisor) ; Kalous, Martin (referee)
B-1 lymphocytes are specific type of B cells, development of witch occurs primarily in neonatal period of life. Later, the population is maintained through self-renewel. B-1 lymphocytes differ from classic folicular B lymphocytes in development from a distinct progenitor, expression of specific surface markers and production of polyreactive natural immunoglobulins. Since the discovery linking B-1 lymphocytes to the development of autoimmune diseases there was a shift in perspective on the B-1 lymphocytes and revaluation of the known facts. The aim of this thesis is to present a summary of current knowledge about B-1 lymphocytes, mechanisms of their effect on the development of autoimmune diseases and to outline the possible application of these findings in therapeutical practice. Key words: B-1 lymphocytes, autoimmune diseases, lupus, leukemia, SLE, B-CLL
Social and legal regulation of prostitution in selected EU countries
Hájková, Michaela ; Štangová, Věra (referee) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
Prostitution is a major social problem and social topic. In various EU Member States, prostitution is regulated differently, both on the legal and social level. Individual regulatory methods differ considerably as they depend to a large degree on the concrete cultural contexts of each given country. It is therefore impossible to determine which type of regulation could be designated, without other, to constitute regulatory framework which could be considered an ideal, universally applicable method to establish control over prostitution, or even limit it or prevent its occurrences.
The therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells in a mouse experimental model
Hájková, Michaela ; Krulová, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Hrdý, Jiří (referee) ; Šírová, Milada (referee)
Due to their immunomodulatory and regenerative potential, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) represent a promising therapeutic tool for cell-based therapy, organ transplantation or tissue engineering. To improve clinical applicability of MSCs, new methods to increase their delivery and efficacy have been tested in the latest years but the mechanism of observed alterations has not yet been described. In the present project we focused on studying the effect of several factors that can significantly affect the therapeutic success of MSC-based treatment. Initially, we analysed the therapeutic effect of MSCs applied locally on nanofiber scaffold with incorporated cyclosporine A (CsA) in a mouse model of allogeneic skin transplantation. Our results indicate that application of MSCs in the presence of CsA direct M1/M2 macrophage polarization towards regulatory phenotype. This phenotype switching is accompanied by decreased production of nitric oxide (NO) and interferon  (IFN-) and increase production of interleukin 10 (IL-10), and may result in suppression of the local inflammatory reaction. The next goal of proposed study was to analyse the effect of the treatment based on MSCs combined with immunosuppressive drugs with different mechanism of action on the balance among distinct T cell subpopulations. We...
Legal and social regulation of prostitution in the CR
Hájková, Michaela ; Munková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Kotous, Jan (referee)
Závěr Prostituce představuje velice komplexní fenomén. Z právního hlediska se jedná o materii ovlivňovanou mnoha právními obory, z hlediska života ve společnosti nalézáme souvislosti mezi prostitucí a kriminalitou, morálkou, lidskými právy, výchovou mládeže, genderovými otázkami apod. Smyslem předložené práce není podrobný rozbor všech souvisejících dílčích otázek, což by s ohledem na rozsah práce ani nebylo možné, spíše se jedná o přehled základních, v souvislosti s prostitucí diskutovaných témat, příp. materiál k diskusi. Prostituce je kontroverzním tématem, ohledně kterého neexistuje shoda na národní ani na mezinárodní úrovni; v závislosti na zeměpisné délce a šířce se liší právní instrumenty, pomocí kterých je prostituce řešena, přičemž ani v jednotlivých státech nepanuje stran příslušné legislativy shoda. Stav v České republice se jeví jako neudržitelný, právní úprava prostituce je nedostatečná a neefektivní, zejména obce volají po zákoně, který by prostituci reguloval a umožnil ji alespoň částečně dostat pod kontrolu. Současná legislativa neposkytuje prostitutkám a prostitutům patřičnou ochranu a zároveň ani příslušné orgány nejsou nadány dostatečnými pravomocemi, pomocí kterých by mohly prostituci kontrolovat, resp. omezovat související negativní jevy. Návrh zákona o regulaci prostituce, který je po...
Epitopes of HLA antigens and their relevance for organ transplantation program
Šutta, Adrián ; Slavčev, Antonij (advisor) ; Hájková, Michaela (referee)
and Key words This diploma thesis is focused on assessing the potential benefit of HLA epitopes for the prediction of de novo antibody production at kidney transplant recipients. The topic and patient selection criteria were selected in accordance with the 18th International HLA and Immunogenetics workshop (IHIWS), which is taking place in May 2022 in the Netherlands, where our data will also be contributed. Our aims were to compare HLA antigens mismatches (counted as total number of mismatched alleles) defined on the high-resolution level by NGS sequencing, HLA eplets mismatches defined by HLA matchmaker, and amino acid mismatches defined by HLA EMMA in their capacity to predict de novo antibody production and compare these results to other works by different authors from this field. We have identified N= 28 patients who developed de novo antibodies and N= 19 who didn't develop de novo antibodies in 5 years follow up their transplant. These two cohorts were compared based on all three approaches and correlation between number of mismatches and number of patients with de novo antibodies were made using ROC curves. Superiority of eplet mismatches over HLA antigen mismatches (total number of mismatched alleles) defined on high resolution was not detected. The HLA epitopes identified by the HLA...
Immunogenicity of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)
Tejklová, Tereza ; Drbal, Karel (advisor) ; Hájková, Michaela (referee)
Ectopic expression of several transcription factors into the somatic cells allows us to artificially dedifferentiate them into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), which show great promise in regenerative medicine and personalized disease modelling, as well as diagnostic tools. Unique attribute of iPSC is the possibility of creating autologous cells for each patient, which could be used for transplantation without fear of immune rejection. However, cells differentiated from iPSC generally display decreased expression of MHC I glycoproteins, which leads to the activation of NK cells of innate immunity. T cells, the part of adaptive immunity, are activated after recognition of antigen peptide or foreign MHC I glycoproteins only in co-operation with costimulatory molecules, which are not usually expressed on iPSC. During dedifferentiation, cells keep the epigenetic profile of the source cell, which can result in the abnormal expression of genes within derived cell lines. Overall immunogenicity depends on the method of iPSC preparation, with respect to genomic stability. Another important factor is the immune environment of transplantation site as well as the tissue damage caused during transplantation. This results in the presentation of danger signals (DAMPs), which are then recognized by pattern...

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