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RouterOS Devices Management System
Konečný, Jakub ; Novotný, Tomáš (referee) ; Hájek, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes a design and an implementation of an information system for management control and remote configuration of devices running MikroTik's RouterOS system. Primary purpose of the system is managing all compatible devices at one place. Within each device you can modify its DNS and DHCP settings, create or edit static DNS records and static routes. System is written in PHP using Nette Framework and MySQL database.
Collision Avoidance System for Mobile Robot
Dzuro, Daniel ; Hájek, Josef (referee) ; Herman, David (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the anti-collision system for mobile robot which is often liable to the collisions with other objects. Expensive parts of the robot could be saved thanks to the system. The main issue of the thesis was to design the system of premature reaction and it's application to the existing system which would help prevent the collision on time. Not only the breaking system was used to stop or slow down the vehicle but also the cooperation with the prediction of the vehicle's direction control was needed. Laser rangefinder and ultrasonic sonar were mainly used for this purpose.
Application for Recognition of Human Eye Retina
Drozd, Radek ; Hájek, Josef (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
The blood vessels layout in a human eye retina is unique for every person in the world, so it is one of important biometric characteristics. Processing of colour retina image may be a part of an intended biometric system. There is an algorithm for automatic blood vessels detection, optic disc and macula localisation, finding of bifurcation points and saving those as a biometric template presented in this bachelor's thesis. C++ programming language and OpenCV library were used for implementation. The application was tested on a set of colour retina images, taken by fundus camera. The final application is supposed to run on a digital signal processor, developed by Texas Instruments. The thesis gives the introduction into biometrics, signal processing and human eye anatomy.
HC08-Based Controller of a Step Motor
Hájek, Josef ; Růžička, Richard (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's work deals with issue of stepper motors and their control using single-chip microcontrollers. Target of the work is to be familiar with method of operation of stepper motors, with their abilities and restrictions in case there are used in built-in devices.     The part of the work is a proposal of control unit of chosen stepper motor and interconnection with developmental kit 908LJ12-G2. Implementation part of the work contains software for eight-bit microcontroller Motorola MC68HC908LJ12 programmed in language C. The stepper motor can be controlled by this program using the available kit's interfaces.
Energy Meter with Ethernet Interface
Binek, Tomáš ; Dluhoš, Ondřej (referee) ; Hájek, Josef (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to the means of measuring electrical power consuption by embedded systems with subsequent ability to present data on a computer network. The basic principles of operation of analogue and digital energy meters are discussed. The thesis contains a design of an Ethernet-enabled energy meter based on MCP3909 integrated circuit and microcontroller PIC18F97J60. A way of presenting energy meter output using a HTML page and parsing this page on a PC is suggested in the implementation part of this document.
Generation of Cryptographic Key from Eye Biometric Features
Semerád, Lukáš ; Hájek, Josef (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
The main topic of the thesis is creation of formulas for the amount of information entropy in biometric characteristics of iris and retina. This field of science in biometrics named above is unstudied yet, so the thesis tries to initiate research in this direction. The thesis also discusses the historical context of security and identification fields according to biometric characteristics of a human being with an overlap for potential usage in biometrics of iris and retina. The Daugman’s algorithm for converting iris image into the binary code which can be used as a cryptographic key is discussed in detail. An application implementing this conversion is also a part of the thesis.
Linux Keylogger
Pivarník, Jozef ; Hájek, Josef (referee) ; Procházka, Boris (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis collaborates on methods of logging key strokes in linux kernel in order to reveal secret passwords. Two methods are presented, both of which are useful for specific purpose. While the first one is effective in catching passwords typed in linux terminal environment, the other one intercepts every key stroke, even in a graphical user interface, and is designed to be working on the lowest level.
Configuration Software for INELS
Ctibor, Jiří ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Hájek, Josef (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis describe proposal and implementation of configuration software for intelligent wiring INELS designed by ELKO EP Ltd . This system is used to controls equipment in buildings and appliances trought central unit. The final application allows the user to design proposal and offer for customers simply by adding the units and linking devices. This work describe the analysis requirements for the configurator, graphic user interface and implementation of application.
Online Voting System
Škorpil, Jiří ; Hájek, Josef (referee) ; Korček, Pavol (advisor)
This master's thesis describes design, implementation and testing of online voting system. Based on the research of existing solutions, as well as the identification of their shortcomings for the target user group, the requirements for the new system are specified. This information system is primarily intended to be used for assembly of unit owners, members meeting of building housing cooperative, or meeting of the municipal council, general meeting of shareholders and similar.
Design of Quadrocopter
Uhlíř, Václav ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Hájek, Josef (advisor)
This student paper discusses basic concept of quadrocopter for purpose of academic platform for testing and development. Paper includes basic overview of construction, stabilization and controlling of quadrocopter. As result of this paper is presented concept of quadrocopter and its constructed prototype with included software console for wireless control under Android system.

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