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Optimalization of ultrasonic interconnection
Gregor, Pavel ; Hejátková, Edita (referee) ; Buršík, Martin (advisor)
The thesis summarizes the basic knowledge of Wirebonding. It also closely studying the various influences on the final shape, strength and reliability of the bonds. In the experimental part are found the optimal settings of various wire bonders. For wire bonder TPT HB-10 are found the optimal settings for different types of surfaces, which were contacted.
Contacting and the climatic contact imunity
Gregor, Pavel ; Jankovský, Jaroslav (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The object of this work is the identifikacion of Wirebonding (welding with a thin wire). This work elaborates various methods of welding. Various methods of testing are described, especially destructive and non-destructive testing. Destructive testing is used in experimental part and the results are placed in tables.
Mutation Screening in Familial Cardiovascular Diseases
Čapek, Pavel ; Brdička, Radim (advisor) ; Gregor, Pavel (referee) ; Baxová, Alice (referee)
Introduction: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a congenital cardiac disease with autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance and incomplete penetrance. With the knowledge of the responsible genes, the ability to detect the underlying genetic change and with the study of functional analysis of defected protein, we might be able to determine whether specific genotypes lead to different phenotypes. Aims of Study: To comprehensively analyze the mechanism of genesis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in Czech patients afflicted with this disorder from molecular genetic point of view (MYH7, TNNT2 gene) to functional analysis of the 3D molecular model of defected β-myosin heavy chain protein in silico. Beside these aims of the study, the reduction of production of inflammatory aggregates in the cardiovascular system was studied in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The reason of this study was to look into possibilities of therapeutical effect on selected cardiovascular risks in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy simultaneously suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Both of these groups of patients have substantially increased risk of cardiovascular diseases due to development of premature atherosclerosis. Material and Methods: A total of 170 probands were enrolled in this study of MYH7 gene. DNA...
Electronic Study Text on Mathematical Methods Used in Physics
Gregor, Pavel ; Snětinová, Marie (advisor) ; Ryston, Matěj (referee)
The main intention of this diploma thesis is to supplement existing study texts for the subjects Introduction to Mathematical Methods of Physics and Mathematical Methods in Physics with the missing parts. The diploma thesis deals with the partial derivative, the improper integral, the coordinate form of the curl operator, the formalism using the Kronecker and Levi-Civit symbol, and tensors. The work also includes a search for sources on the topic of textbook evaluation. Based on it, a questionnaire survey was conducted among students of physics teaching. The description of the preparation of this survey and its evaluation is also part of the thesis. 1
Electronic Textbook in Mathematical Methods of Physics - Line and Surface Integral of a Vector Field, Differential Operators
Gregor, Pavel ; Kolář, Petr (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to supplement already created teaching materials for the subject Mathematical Methods of Physics with chapters dealing with line and surface integral of a vector field and differential operators. The resulting text, as well as the existing texts, should serve full-time students of physics teaching, students of Lifelong Learning and others interested in the processed issues. The bachelor's thesis is based on the preparations of Doctor A. Hladík, Professor J. Podolský and Associate Professor V. Žák. The experience of both the author of this work and the author of the teaching texts created so far were taken into account. The bachelor thesis also contains a search of existing resources on the topics covered in this work. 1
The contribution of myocardial contrast echocardiography in patients with coronary heart disease
Toušek, Petr ; Gregor, Pavel (advisor) ; Chaloupka, Václav (referee) ; Hradec, Jaromír (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee)
Contrast echocardiography is a new myocardial echocardiographic method that extends the capabilities of conventional echocardiography. In our first two works, we focused on determining the size of infarction in patients after AMI and compared this method with today's most commonly used diagnostic methods. We found good agreement between KEM and SPECT in the evaluation of infarction size and correlation between the extent of oscillations Q on ECG and impaired microvascular perfusion of the myocardium - or the size of infarction. In patients with chronic forms of CHD, we found that the KEM can fairly well predict the kinetics porevaskularizační improvement segments with severely impaired kinetics and in this clinical situation is comparable with Contrast-magnetic resonance imaging. In addition, low variability and low number of investigative areas nehodnotitelných infarction KEM show that it is a simple, easily reproducible and teachable method. Finally, the relatively low cost and wide availability KEM indicate great potential usefulness of this method in clinical practice.
Genetic and clinical correlates in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Čurila, Karol ; Gregor, Pavel (advisor) ; Málek, Ivan (referee) ; Krejčí, Jan (referee)
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a hereditary disease, which is caused by mutations in genech coding for proteins of carcomere of heart muscle. Disease is characterised by wide genotypic and fenotypic heterogeneity. Since the 90-th of 20-th century, when the first mutation responsible for HCM was identified, many research was done in detecting the correlation between mutant gene and clinical picture of the affected patient. As the first in Czech republic, we determined the frequencies of 4 most common genes in HCM in czech patients. We figured out, that spectrum of mutations is somehow different from another populations. We didn't find any correlation between specific gene mutation and morfologic and clinical characteristics of affected subjects. In our study with AT-1 receptor blocker - candesartan, we demostrated positive effect of candesartan on level of hypertrophy and function of the left heart ventricle and clinical symptoms of the patients with HCM.
Valvular heart diseases: some of the less frequent aspects of the problem-the task of noninvazive methods
Línková, Hana ; Gregor, Pavel (advisor) ; Mandysová, Eva (referee) ; Linhartová, Kateřina (referee)
Unusual aspects of valvular heart disease - the role of noninvasive imaging methods MUDr. Hana Línková Abstract More than 100 million people around the word suffer from valvular heart diseases (VHD). We observe changes in the etiological spectrum in well developed countries. The number of postrheumatic diseases diminishes, while there is an increased number of patients diagnosed with degenerative VHD, in particular with aortic stenosis (AS). The observed increase of VHD, in particular secundary etiology of VHD, is also connected with an improved treatment of heart failure. Less frequently, the VHD can result from unusual mechanisms, in particular regurgitation VHD developed on both native and artificial valves. This work concentrates on the VHD which developed more or less due to iatrogenic mechanism. A special attention is payed to noninvasive imaging methods used for VHD diagnoses, their prediction and prevention. These diseases developed as a result of drugs therapy which can induce valvulopathy or they can appear as a complication of transcathether aortic valve replacement (TAVI) with patients with AS. In the first part of this work, possible effects of Pergolide is described. Pergolide - an agonist of dopamine receptors- used in the treatment of Parkinson disease (PD) can contribute to the development...
New diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of inflammatiory cardiomyopathy
Kuchynka, Petr ; Šimek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Krejčí, Jan (referee) ; Gregor, Pavel (referee)
Introduction: Inflammatory cardiomyopathy (DCMi) represents a non-familial form of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and endomyocardial biopsy (EMB) is crucial for its diagnosis. Aims: To assess the prevalence of DCMi in patients with DCM of unclear origin, to evaluate the significance of serological tests for antibodies against infectious cardiotrophic agents and to analyze the effect of specific therapy guided by EMB results. Methods: EMB was performed in 56 subjects (mean age 52 ± 10 years) with DCM of unclear etiology and left ventricular (LV) ejection fraction (EF) < 40% with a history of heart failure less than 1 year. EMB samples were analyzed by immunohistochemistry, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and electron microscopy. Results: Immunohistochemical examination revealed myocardial inflammation in 26 patients (46%), the PCR method detected genome of microbial agents in 32 patients (57%). Electron microscopy showed the presence of particles of microbial agents in 41 patients (73%). Serological blood tests found no IgM antibody positivity against any of the investigated microbial agents. Targeted antibiotic therapy in patients with evidence of Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) genome in the EMB led to a reduction in LV size, improvement of LV EF and alleviate symptoms of heart failure. Conclusion: DCMi...
The stress response to cardiac catheterisation. The concentration of stress markers of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
Skarlandtová, Hana ; Kittnar, Otomar (advisor) ; Gregor, Pavel (referee) ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee)
In our study, we analyzed four stress markers (cortisol, cortisone, DHEA and DHEAS) in blood serum in young sows using minimally invasive heart catheterisation as the stress factor. The marker levels were assessed in four defined periods of the experiment, beginning with the baseline level on the day before intervention (1), the second period was after the introduction of anaesthesia (2), the third was after conducting tissue stimulation or ablation (3), and the final period was after the end of the catheterisation (4). Cortisol and cortisone were detected using HPLC method, DHEA(S) by commercial kits. For statistical analyses non-parametric tests were used (due to non standard Gaussian data distribution). In our study we arranged these experiments: 1. Diurnal variability in these markers concentration during heart catheterisation was tested. 2. Are there differences between stress markers concentration the day before experiment (sampling 1) and in the day of the catheterisation (samplings 2, 3, 4)? 3. Are there differences between these markers concentration during operation (the first sampling was excluded)? 4. The cortisol/cortisone ratio was calculated. We found only minimal statistical differences in studied markers between the morning and afternoon group (p > 0.05) in experiment 1. For tested...

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