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Synthesis and delivery of novel fluorescently-labelled nucleotides and their nucleic acids for bio-analytical applications
Güixens Gallardo, Pedro ; Hocek, Michal (advisor) ; Zimčík, Petr (referee) ; Klán, Petr (referee)
1 Abstract The goals of the thesis were to synthesise novel fluorescently labelled nucleotides and the corresponding nucleic acids for bio-analytical applications as well as their delivery into cells. The thesis also aimed at the development of an effective method to inhibit non-templated incorporation of nucleotides. The problematic non-templated enzymatic incorporation of nucleotides is addressed by using several commercially available 5'-modified-oligonucleotides. The oligonucleotides (ONs) that we tested bore ortho twisted intercalating nucleic acid (oTINA), a trityl group, or biotin at the 5'-end. The modified ONs were used as templates in the enzymatic primer extension (PEX) experiments in the presence of either modified nucleotides or only natural deoxynucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs). The oTINA templates underwent PEX reaction using natural dNTPs and different DNA polymerases of the A or B family. In parallel, two types of fluorescent nucleoside derivatives were independently designed and synthesised. Firstly, we envisaged new fluorescent nucleotide tags containing the hexamethylated BODIPY moiety as a bright fluorescent label. Conversely, we focused on the improvement of fluorescent nucleotide probes sensitive to the viscosity or polarity. The fluorescently labelled methylated BODIPY nucleotides...

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