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The influence of situational and personality factors on willingness to pay for worthless information
Frollová, Nikola ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Höschlová, Eva (referee)
Thesis presents recent relevant studies of cognitive biases and false perceiving of randomness. There is an ongoing general belief that past performance automatically predicts future performance even in the cases when the result is act of randomness. This became inspiration for the main topic of my scientific research. Based on recent relevant literature I study if it is possible to influence people buying valueless information by evoking feeling of loss. Also I am trying to answer question which personal factors stand behind this behaviour. The results shows, that the manipulation with loss had nothing to do with buying valueless information. However it seems that personality factors are connected with this phenomenon to a certain extent. I had identified one factor called 'Irrational Thinking', which partly explains why 71% of the participants were interested in valueless transaction.
Methodological innovations in psychological research
Frollová, Nikola ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Fabianová, Ivana (referee)
The year 2012 opened an intense debate about the methodological problems of psychological research that lead to excessive publication of unreliable and nonreplicable results. The proposed improvements consist of conducting more replication studies, sharing data openly, limiting the "degrees of researcher freedom ", and improving the understanding and application of statistical methods for data analysis. This bachelor thesis aims to map the aforementioned problems, proposed solutions, as well as possible criticisms and problems with their implementation in practice. The research proposal consists of measuring the prevalence of questionable scientific practices among psychologists in Czech Republic.

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