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First class primary school children's perspective of school
Freimannová, Sára ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
One of the important milestones in the development of a child is the transition into primary school. Unaddressed issues at the beginning of attendance can have negative impact on the later life of the individual. In the process of adaptation the child's preconditions are met with the external factors. There exists a body of research in this area, however only a fraction was based on the testimony of children themselves. The aim of this thesis is thus to map which aspects of the adaptation to school education can be grasped and described by children themselves. This thesis sums up what we know about the developmental stage of a first grader. The knowledge of prerequisites for reflecting one's own experience and its hindrances is essential. The following chapters focus on the external factors that influence the child during his or her transition into primary school. The research part focuses on how first graders perceive school and everything connected with it; its supportive and challenging aspects. The method used to collect data is a group associative verbal expression and drawing based on given questions. The children perceived as supportive mainly activities connected with play and movement. As challenging they perceived interactions with their peers, demands on discipline and pressure towards...
Internal and external factors of socialisation in the adaptation of first class primary school children
Freimannová, Sára ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (advisor) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis deals with the social aspect of adaptation of children to the first year of primary school. In general, socialisation is affected by both internal and external factors. For the purposes of this thesis we understand as internal factors the level of development of an individual and his or her previous acquisition of protective factors which aid the individual in successful dealing with difficult life situations. The external socialising factors at play are, for the most part, connected to the requirements of the institution of school, mostly represented by the teacher, and the requirements of the group of class mates. At the border of the internal and external factors lies the family which is also dealt with in this thesis. The research part of this thesis focuses on the mapping of how children perceive the school before they enter it and shortly after. The perception of this important threshold, as it is experienced by the child himself, is one of the crucial elements of the adaptation process and as such it has not been given the appropriate amount of attention in the Czech Republic. To these ends the methods of qualitative research are used. Keywords: adaptation socialisation starting school protective factors of the individual Powered by TCPDF (

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