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Garden city
Filipová, Kateřina ; Zezula, Adam (referee) ; Toman, Radek (advisor)
ANNOTATION OF BACHELOR THESIS ASSIGNMENT   in the academic year 2019 - 2020 In Brno 16 November 2019 _____________________________________________________________________________________________   Department: Department of Experimental Creation, FA BUT   Teachers: Ing. arch. Radek Toman, Ph.D. MgA. Ing. arch. Vojtěch Jemelka   Guarantor assignment: prof. Ing. arch. Ivan Koleček     Title of bachelor thesis: Zahradní město     Thesis topic: - housing not only as a function, but also as a concept taking into account the relationship of man to space, place and environment - housing and scale - inhabited landscape, inhabited city, residential house, apartment, my world - home - living in different situations environment, thickening of urban structure, garden city, urban district, ecological city     Abstract of bachelor thesis: Housing cannot be simplified to its only function of living. It must be extended to the relationship to its place and environment. What is the relationship of a person (inhabitant) to the space of his living? How to live? How to live differently? What is housing today and what can be predicted of its development? How can we, the architects, seek a solution to this seemingly banal housing problem in the current context? In the new territory of the South Center of Brno, in connection with the new railway station, large areas have been freed up, which make it possible to organize the urban structure of the new stop. The garden city is one of its designed parts. The new housing environment is offered in the expansion of the city center in the scale of the city district. Living in a garden city is not only a link to natural elements but also an opportunity to restore direct relations to the place of work and to the place of living and other forms of urban living. The work will be based on an urban study prepared by the association Ivan Koleček - Pavel Jura architects Lausanne - Brno.     Aim of the work: The aim of the work is the design of apartment houses in a new city district, the basic element of which is a checkerboard mosaic of various city parks and semi-public green areas, which defines the primary character of the area. According to an urban study, the development of a garden city is based on the traditional form of city blocks, which permeate the structure of urban greenery. At the same time, the smaller area of elements ensures a certain diversity of individual parts, which have a habitable - human - scale. The urban study comes with a simple regulation consisting of requirement for at least one side of the block open to the park, thus allowing considerable variability of development.     Map:       Scope - I. portfolio introductory data - theoretical background - place and context - architectural report - basic analysis and data characterizing the place, justification of design goals, description of situational relationships, description of existing conditions, limits of use, architectural and technical concept of proposed architecture, design idea, economic evaluation of the proposal.   drawing documentation - urban concept of a wider area, analysis, transport and landscape solutions in the scale 1: 1000/1: 2000 - situation and floor plans of all floors documenting the operational layout with the designation of individual spaces and rooms, sections describing the nature of the proposed building, including structures terrain level in scale 1: 50/1: 100/1: 200 - spatial drawings, perspectives, visualization
The liability of the employee for the damages
Filipová, Kateřina ; Soušková, Milena (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
The thesis is devoted to employee s liability for damages. The first chapter describes a system of labour law and its main sources. The successive chapter discusses the employment, defines its subject, object and content, and briefly defines the basic types of employment. Another chapter is devoted to responsibility as such, followed by a chapter focusing on responsibility in labour relations. An important part of this thesis is the types of labour employee s liability for damages and compensation. The work also briefly discusses the possibility of liability s insurance and moderation. The last chapter deals with specific fields examples, which is the basis for evaluation of legislation and recommendations for employees and employers.
Creation and Application of the grip test in patients after stroke
Filipová, Kateřina ; Svěcená, Kateřina (advisor) ; Svobodová, Tereza (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor's work was to create a grip test wich could be afterwards applied on patients after a stroke. An easy and time undemanding test was created whose evaluating standart is the number of achieved points. This test is used to find out the patient's functional condition in a grip area. It tests five kinds of grips. There evaluated stages of reaching, gripping, holding and releasing in each grip. The bachelor's work is divided into two parts: practical and theoretical. The theoretical part describes not only the impact of a stroke but olso the impact on the upper limb, hand and its functions and grips. It also describes testing and assessment. The practical part describes the time necessary to do the project, its realisation and application of the grip test on patients after stroke. This part also shows the results of testing. Key words: Stroke Assessment of hand grip Upper limb Grip test Grip
Influenza vaccination by the adult´s population
FILIPOVÁ, Kateřina
The topic of the bachelor thesis is Influenza vaccination by the adult's population. The theoretical part deals with an analysis of the illness, its history, clinical charakteristic, influenza viruses and their structure and mutability. This part also deals with transmission, incubation period, treatment, prevention and occurrence of the viruses. In addition, this part is focussed on the vaccination itself. I concentrated on vaccines, indication, contraindication, side effects and interaction and vaccination of the adults. It was also necessary to mention Pandemic Plan of the Czech Republic and surveillance of influenza. As an extra item, we have added a subchapter called "Influenza in the Czech Republic in 2015" to the end of the theoretical part. The occurrence of the flu in terms of weeks since the beginning of the year is listed in the subchapter. The opinions on the vaccination are significantly varied and the thesis mentions both opinions in favour of and against the vaccination at the same time. In the practical part, three aims are defined. The aim of the thesis is to find out opinions among the adults on influenza, opinions on the influenza vaccination and the vaccination coverage among the adults as well. A quantitative surveillance based on the questionnaire method is a part of the thesis as well. The questionnaire based on the research assumptions was published on the internet in order to include as many respondents as possible. 322 people filled-in the questionnaire in three weeks. The results of the research were displayed in graphs. After the evaluation of the questionnaire, it was found out that research assumptions number 1 and 2 have been confirmed. The adults do not believe in the influenza vaccination and the vaccination coverage is low among the people. Research assumption number 3 has not been confirmed but it has not been refuted either. The majority of the respondents do not consider influenza a serious illness. On the other hand, they think that the illness can endanger their life. The thesis could be exploited for a better understanding of the problematic as people can clarify or extend information about the influenza vaccination and about the illness as well.
Solution of the superstructure of a new building for ZZS of JmK in Brno-Bohunice
Filipová, Kateřina ; Bravenec, Roman (referee) ; Novotný, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this Bachelor’s thesis is to deal with a part of the technological stage, which is the superstructure of the Emergency Medical Service of South Moravia region in Brno-Bohunice. The building is designed as four floor and the build-up area is 1997 m2. The construction is designed as monolithic from reinforced concrete. First of all, drawings of situation of the transport routes and a report of broad relation of transport routes are made. Secondly, the bill of quantities for the superstructure, two technologic specifications for the superstructure, the principles of organization of construction with drawing of site equipment and report of the site equipment are done. Last but not least, the time schedule, set of machinery, qualitative request and its ensuring, work safety rules and item budget for the superstructure are made. The result is accurate work procedure of installation of formwork and concreting. Estimated price for constructions is 32mil. and according to the time schedule the superstructure construction will take approximately eleven months.
Divorce and its circumstances
Filipová, Kateřina ; Spirit, Michal (advisor) ; Neděla, Radek (referee)
The main topic of this work is divorce and its circumstances. It is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The first part deals with divorce, describes its history, and identifies the most common causes and consequences associated with it. The second part examines specific divorce proceedings, which are based on the theoretical foundations of documented experience. The main objective of this work is to answer the question of how divorce affects our society, namely children.
Strategies of the translation of French film titles into Czech
FILIPOVÁ, Kateřina
The main task of this master's dissertation is to create an outline of various translation strategies of French film titles into Czech language and to identify their statistic significance. It contains films distributed into the Czech republic from 1990 to 2006. It is divided into two main parts. The first part deals with typology and translation of titles, development of French cinematography from it`s beginning to the present day, institutions promoting French films in France and in the Czech republic as well as the appreciation of French cinematography by Czech audience. The second part contains classification of films from the above mentioned era according to their title translation followed by an analysis of every single category, which leads to nine strategies and their percentage analysis.
Analýha infrastruktury lyžařského střediska Zermatt
Janků, Silvie ; Zelený, Lubomír (advisor) ; Filipová, Kateřina (referee)
Práce je zaměřená na tunelový systém Švýcarska a středisko Zermatt-město bez aut.

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