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Comparison of current undergraduate training future biology teachers in selected countries
Fialová, Michaela ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Havlová, Michaela (referee)
In most of the countries all over the world, one can find governmental resorts (ministries) focused on education in the given country. The agenda of these ministries is, among other things, the education of those who are supposed to educate others, in other words, pedagogical workers or teachers. Teachers are the fundamental functional unit in education which is why there ought to be a special emphasis placed upon their education and preparation. Unless the society has sufficiently qualified teachers, it cannot expect any excellent results in education, even though there are some other factors involved as well. The main concern of this bachelor thesis lies on teachers' education, mainly biology teachers: what is the lowest possible education needed and how many years must a future teacher study; what is the required structure of teachers' education in the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Ireland and in the USA and what part of the future teachers' study is dedicated to gaining knowledge in biology and what part to obtain pedagogical-psychological knowledge which is considered necessary for working itself in the pedagogy sphere.
Working environment
Fialová, Michaela ; Reichel, Jiří (referee) ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor)
A person's working environment is one of the places that he/she spends a large part of his/her time, and that is the reason why it is necessary to dedicate sufficient attention and care to it. This care involves optimizing working conditions- which influence the activity and productivity of employees- and creating a pleasant atmosphere in workplace. If this care for working environment is taken as a whole, it reaches beyond social-psychological conditions to the actual conditions of the working station, which are called the physical factors. These factors are present in every type of workplace (whether in digger or smaller quantity) and they can markedly influence the mood of employees, the overall atmosphere of the workplace and finally also the achievement of individual employees. The physical conditions of work are composed of: noise, lighting, choice of colors, the conditions of microclimate, design of workplace, and last but not least ergonomically suitable tools and working equipment the worker uses. Almost all mentioned items have recommended limits and specification and quiet frequently they are regulated by sanitary codes and legislature.
The feedwater safety valve flow capacity analysis
Fialová, Michaela ; Lisý, Martin (referee) ; Šen, Hugo (advisor)
In this thesis I review the sufficient flow capacity of the safety valve against high-pressure heater thermal pressurization in high-pressure feedwater heater on nuclear power Dukovany. I present basic possible cases of thermal pressurization both a high node heater, and the extended pressure unit in case of closure all power heads to steam generators.
Upgrading the secondary circuit of the Dukovany NPP
Fialová, Michaela ; Fiedler, Jan (referee) ; Šen, Hugo (advisor)
With the ever increasing usage of electric power and decreasing supply of natural resources, there is a growing effort to effectivelly maximise current dispositions of resources. Utilising project reserves at already functioning Nuclear powerplants belongs to these projects. In this article I am going to describe this utilisation and overall modernisation of the Dukovany Nuclear powerplant.
The Incidence of the Social-pathological Phenomena among the Youth from the Pupil's and the Teacher's Point of View
FIALOVÁ, Michaela
The produced bachelor summary deals with social pathological phenomena among the youth from the view of high scholar and teacher on training college and secondary school. Theoretical part focuses on problematic of social pathological phenomena and its prevention. The practical research realized with help of the techniques of questionnaire creates the major point of produced summary. The aim of this research was finding the measure of meeting the scholars and teachers with social pathological phenomena and to what measure do the scholars have their own experience by these phenomena.
Variant solutions of investment decision
FIALOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis focuses besides basic description of investments and its evaluation also on approaches to investor´s decision making and introduction of the most widely used methods of evaluation, variant solutions and financial analysis. Practical part of this thesis is based on the case of concrete investment and its evaluation using economic indicators such as NPV, IRR and repayment time as well as sensitivity analysis.

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