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How to deal with mistake in the procen of learning
Fialová, Lucie ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Váňová, Miroslava (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of mistake in the process of learning.
The Portrayal of the Female Experience of the Second World War in Sarah Waters's The Night Watch
Fialová, Lucie ; Topolovská, Tereza (advisor) ; Chalupský, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis is concerned with the portrayal of the female experience with the Second World War in The Night Watch (2006) by contemporary British writer Sarah Waters. The theoretical part outlines the socio-historical background of the novel with particular attention to the female experience of the Second World War in various fields, such as their family lives, job opportunities, and everyday life during the Blitz. Special attention is also given to the description of the female experience with abortion during the war and the lifestyles of female homosexuals in that historical period. The thesis further presents the theoretical delimitation of the neo-historical genre, of which the novel is a representative, and briefly introduces the novel in the context of Sarah Waters's other works in order to establish the basis for the analysis. The practical part of the thesis relies on the theoretical part and examines how the fictional portrayal of the female experience corresponds with the outlined reality. Simultaneously, the work considers how Waters uses the Second World War in her fictional story and which elements she chooses to highlight. Moreover, it discusses the reasons behind emphasising these elements in the novel and how it corresponds to the neo-historical genre. KEYWORDS Sarah Waters;...
Evaluation of efficiency in the Rosa day-care center
Fialová, Lucie ; Žáčková, Hana (advisor) ; Kaňák, Jan (referee)
The Rosa Daily Stationary provides a service for people with mental or combined disabilities. The stationary supports the progress of the self-reliance and social inclusion of the disabled person in society. The target group is people aged 6 to 60 who are in an unfavorable social situation (for example the disabled person is not able to care for himself - daily hygiene, food, dressing). The goal of this service is to integrate the individual into society, enable people to interact, develop communication and to spend leisure time actively. The major aim of my diploma thesis was to find out how the quality of the provided services in the stationary is evaluated. The partial research questions try to investigate how staff, users and parents assess the quality of the services provided. The research team consisted of users, parents and staff. I created an anonymous questionnaire for each group of respondents. Questions in the questionnaire were very similar. I have divided the questionnaire into 4 rounds - evaluating of Rosa, Rosa's environment, stationary services and personnel ensuring The survey was mainly focused on services with which respondents were less satisfied and on risk factors that could contribute to dissatisfaction. To some users, with regard to their state of health, I help to filling...
Bryophytes distribution modelling
Procházková, Martina ; Man, Matěj (advisor) ; Fialová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to summarize recent knowledge about Species Distribution Modelling in botany, focusing on bryophytes. Species Distribution Modelling is used to explain the relationship between species occurrences and environmental conditions of their habitats. This method has unused potential in bryophytes compared to vascular plants. The distribution of bryophytes is influenced by their dispersal and ecological characteristics. The most important factor is a close association between bryophytes and microclimatic conditions of their habitats. This association is studied, but is not yet incorporated in the modelling process along with using data in an appropriate scale. Currently there is an increased interest in bryophytes distribution modelling. In Europe, there are some studies using this method for bryophytes mainly in Iberian Peninsula, Italy and northern Europe. There are approximately 25 articles focused on bryophytes distribution modelling worldwide. This method can be used for ecological niche modelling, in biogeography and for prediction of distribution in future climate. The use of bryophytes distribution modelling for their conservation is also significant. Bryophytes distribution models can successfully predict potential distribution of rare or endangered species and...
Fertility development in the USA
Fialová, Lucie ; Kurtinová, Olga (advisor) ; Janáková Kuprová, Barbora (referee)
Fertility development in the USA Abstract The aim of this theses is to analyse the development of a fertility rate in the USA. As a tool for this analysis I am using the following indicators: total fertility rate, age specific fertility rate and mean age at birth. The population of United States of America is very heterogeneous therefore it is important to take the racial and ethnic differentiation into account when analysing fertility. Every racial/ethnic group is unique and has its own demographic behaviour. Because the fertility rate also varies in different states, this work has one part on regional differences in fertility rate. This theses also includes a chapter on demographic theories, such as the first and second demographic transition and the lowest-low fertility. Theories describe and explain changes in reproductive behaviour of the population. Keywords: Age specific fertility rate, total fertility rate, mean age at birth
Power of Language in "To Respect and To Be Respected" educational method
Fialová, Lucie ; Šafaříková, Radana (advisor) ; Marcelli, Miroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the power of language and the relation between language and thought, perception and experience. The topic is viewed through the "Respektovat a být respektován" (To Respect and To Be Respected) educational method. The main assumption of this method is that the way the parent communicates with the child affects educational success as well as the behaviour of the child and the values and attitude he or she will have as an adult. This premise is empirically tested by interviews with parents and observations in families, which show how the specific way of communication (which is based on particular grammatical and pragmatic rules) influences the behaviour and experience of both the child and the parent.
How to deal with mistake in the procen of learning
Fialová, Lucie ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Váňová, Miroslava (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of mistake in the process of learning.
Proteiny ve výživě člověka
Fialová, Lucie
This thesis describes the issues related to proteins in human nutrition. It deals with their specific functions in the human body, their structure and the recommended daily intake, and the consequences of either a deficiency or an excess of protein in human nutrition. For this thesis, the work focused on various food sources and their nutritional value, any positive or negative effects on human health, and their availability to consumers. Two different sources were used to determine the preferences and consumption of proteins from either animal or vegetable origins. Information was gathered from public sources, as well as a questionnaire that was given to randomly selected individuals.

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