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Development of a system for preparing young adults growing up in institutional care for independent living
Fejfarová, Martina ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
In its theoretical part, the diploma thesis deals with the issue of teenage children who growing up in institutional care, and their readiness for an independent life. It discusses difficulties, with which a young person who grew up outside the family environment has to face. It focuses on the concept of supporting and preparing adolescents in institutional care to enter independent life. Based of theoretical and practical knowledge of the author of the work, the diploma thesis describes the development of the assistance system and of support to these young people from the nineties of the 20th century until now and suggests further direction of help system. The empirical part presents the results of the research that is carried out by the method of content analysis of professional texts related to the defined issue. The research is focused on finding out whether and in what directions the development of youth training has moved adults for independent living over the past 25 years and how the current concept of preparations helps young people to acquire the competences needed for an independent life. Key words halfway houses, individual plan of a young adult, comepetences young adults, foundation, substitute educational care, non-governmental organizations, help and support, social curator, social...
System of employee appraisal in selected company
Pištělák, Marek ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Sylvie, Sylvie (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to look at the issues of employee appraisal, which is belonged to the subject of human resources management. The main objective is based on an analysis to evaluate employee appraisal system in terms of company XY and in the deficiencies found propose appropriate measures, which would be beneficial for the company in terms of increased work efficiency and staff and management satisfaction. The thesis consists of two parts, which are called the theoretical background and their own work. Theoretical solutions are prepared for the basis of these secondary sources. The purpose of the evaluation was the practice through surveys, carried out a survey on the subject of evaluation system for workers in that undertaking. The main data collection techniques of practical part was questionnaires and interviews. In conclusion stated evaluation and recommended solutions to improve the current rating level.
Career Management in Selected Company
Illéšová, Radka ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Sylvie, Sylvie (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the career management issues and its system at Cetelem. The study describes career development, including its planning and management in the particular company. It identifies the characteristics of evaluation and staff education system or their possible difficulties in career development. The study investigates and finds the optimal solutions which are beneficial for the company itself as well as for individual employees. Furthermore, it analyses possible solutions such as individual career planning for a specific post, Trainee program for graduates or better employee awareness about vacancies. The first part of the following thesis comprises the theoretical findings concerning the career development in general. A general career concept is defined, its qualification, standards and employee competencies. In addition, this study deals with the theoretical management and career planning or its structure. The practical part includes a description of the particular company, its strategy and first of all, it describes the management career system itself. The relevant part of this study is the data evaluation from questionnaire investigation. On the basis of this data assessment the specific measures and some recommendations has been suggested to improve the current career management system.
Personal Activities of Manager
Král, Matěj ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Venclová, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with personal activities of a manager, with which is a manager encountered on daily basis. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to review the personal activities of a manager of a consumer electronics retail store, Electro World, and after review of these activities to propose improvement measures. The thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and practical part, where the theoretical part summarizes the main personal activities. In the following practical part is briefly introduced the company and subsequently analyzed individual personal activities of a manager in this company. The analysis was performed based on personal interview with the manager and questionnaire survey among employees. In the final part of the thesis are the results evaluated and an improvement measures are suggested.
Managerial competencies
Zajíčková, Markéta ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Sylvie, Sylvie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with managerial competencies, which knowledge and control are signs of the superior performance manager. The theoretical part of the work is supported by the literature study. In several chapters there are summarized and characterized basic topics related to competences in general, competencies in the manager's job, competency models and integration of competency models to companies. In the practical part there is collected a list of general competencies from various sources that are typical for store manager position. Subsequently the synthesis of these competencies is performed to the several thematic blocks. Using questionnaires are detected relevant competencies for store managers who contribute to the achievement of excellent business results. On the basis of these informations is created preliminary competency model for the position of store manager Mr. Baker units which is including a description of the level of all individual competencies. The final stage is a validation of the resulting preliminary competency model using expert judgment. The result is a competency model for store manager Mr. Baker Bakery unit which is ready for implementation and use in practice.
Performance Appraisal as a Human Resource Management Tool in the Field of Agriculture
Venclová, Kateřina ; Macák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Fejfarová, Martina (referee)
Purpose: The aim of this PhD dissertation is to design a performance appraisal system as a Human Resource Management (HRM) tool for selected professions in the field of agriculture in the Czech Republic. Further objectives of the dissertation are to identify the significance of HRM and performance appraisal in the field of agriculture within generational change. A subsequent objective is to create a theoretical performance appraisal system for selected professions as a tool of HRM. Further objectives are to determine the current state of formal performance appraisal and to identify the input criteria of an appropriate performance appraisal system for the field of agriculture. Research design/methodology/approach: The research for this dissertation has been developed on the basis of a mixed methods research design, involving a sequential strategy based on quantitative and qualitative research methods. Moreover a pragmatic philosophical approach has been adopted. The quantitative and qualitative elements of the strategy adopted include study of pertinent literature, an electronic questionnaire, personal interviewing, one--dimensional and multidimensional statistical methods. Findings: A performance appraisal system for selected professions as a tool of HRM in the field of agriculture in the Czech Republic has been designed, together with possible areas for future research. The survey conducted has shown over a period of 3 years that the majority of agricultural organizations do not utilise any performance appraisal system. However, this research demonstrated the significance of a performance appraisal system in the context of the selected HRM model within generational change in the field of agriculture. The research also explored the currently used performance appraisal methods, identified appraisers and appraisees, the purposes of performance appraisal in the field of agriculture, and performance appraisal connection to the reward system. Research limitations: The random sample of agricultural organizations was not necessarily representative of the industry as a whole, because the sample taken was a purposive sample. The length and structure of the questionnaire developed for this research was not sufficient to permit the detailed identification of performance appraisal methods used and the criteria applied in the field of agriculture. In order to compensate for this limitation, personal interviewing with a random sample of informants was conducted. Originality/value: No previous research focused on performance appraisal in the field of agriculture has been conducted in the Czech Republic. The research described in this dissertation presents the first detailed description and analysis of the currently used performance appraisal system for the field of agriculture in the Czech Republic. The Author recommends that the currently used performance appraisal system should be used to extend other performance appraisal methods focused in the areas of process and input to reach higher attitude of HRM. In addition, the author highlights the importance of performance appraisal outputs in the connection to the reward system. The specific performance appraisal system proposed here may be beneficial for good management during a period of generational change. Furthermore, it may support more effective human resource management in the field of agriculture. It is hoped that this PhD dissertation may provide the basic groundwork for further research in other HRM areas and performance management.
System of Staff Remuneration and Stimulation in Selected Company
Banertová, Aneta ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor)
Diploma thesis belongs with their discipline in the management of human resources. The main aim of this thesis is based on the survey to assess the remuneration system and stimulation of employees in the company Intersport ČR s.r.o. and suggest ways to improve the system. Thesis is based on theoretical knowledge on which defines the terms of stimulation, motivation, salary and consequently different types of remuneration. The practical part is based on these definitions, which deals with a specific type already used at Intersport ČR s.r.o.
The Snuff music band marketing communications
Šorm, Jan ; Huml, Jan (advisor) ; Fejfarová, Martina (referee)
This graduation thesis describes marketing communication of czech modern-rock band The Snuff, where author of the thesis is a member and composer of the band himself. At first, theoretical background in marketing is defined, especially significant attention is paid to latest trends in marketing communication including marketing communication on the internet and social networks. The practical part is focused on analysis of survey regarding buying habbits of the czech and polish fans of the band. Then pen and paper interview took place, which was done with czech and polish female fan of the band. Based on the findings, specific recommendations are proposed for The Snuff to improve their marketing activities. Also, The Snuffs most ambitious upcoming project called The Ultimate Price is analysed, whether is czech and polish fanbase interested in the project or not and also which direction should band take to finish the project successfully.
Crisis management in public sector
Kucr, Marcel ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Drahoslav , Drahoslav (referee)
The thesis discusses the crisis management of regions and regional authorities. The main aim of the work is based on an analysis to assess the crisis management at the level of the selected counties / regions and selected the deficiencies found propose appropriate measures. To obtain important information, opinions and ideas necessary for the development of this work was carried out quantitative sociological method of comparative analysis through a questionnaire survey. It was also used content analysis of data. The practical part focuses on crisis management system in the Usti region in comparison with other regions and qualitative survey techniques. An integral part of empirical research as well as practical knowledge gained through experts on a given topic. Due to the deficits are possible recommendations for improvements. Among these proposals are mainly completions and updating the legislation. For instance: a regulation concerning the number of employees in crisis management, methodology earmarking funds, competence in processing emergency plan of the region.
Crisis management and crisis communication on the level municipality with extended competence
Hejlová, Martina ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Jarmila , Jarmila (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on crisis management on the level municipality with extended competence and, with use of the analysis, it evaluates crisis management on the level municipality with extended competence Uničov. In cases where shortcomings of the crisis management were found, there are suggestions for appropriate measures to remedy the situation. The main aim of the thesis is to analyse and evaluate crisis management on a level municipality with extended competence Uničov. The research was conducted by a method of observation and semi-standardized interview. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part describes the system of crisis management in the public administration and it deals with safety in the Czech Republic as well as with the rules of communication in times of crisis. The second, practical part of the paper points to a state of crisis management on a level municipality with extended competence Uničov. Furthermore, the practical part of the paper also includes a detailed analysis of crisis plan and emergency response plan, as well as evaluation of the communication management in times of crisis. In conclusion, the paper focuses on shortcomings resulting from the analysis of crisis management in the municipality in question. Consequently, the shortcomings of the crisis management were the basis for suggestions for appropriate measures to remedy the situation. The suggested measures affect all of the above-mentioned areas as there were shortcomings found in all of them. The thesis is focused on detailed analysis of crisis management in the municipality with extended competence Uničov, as well as on principles used by crisis management.

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