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Actinobacteria communities in natural and anthropogenic environments
Faitová, Andrea ; Marečková, Markéta (advisor) ; Slaninová Kyselková, Martina (referee) ; Yurado Lobo, Valme (referee)
10 Abstract Actinobacteria are important bacterial group participating in various ecosystem processes particularly in the decomposition of complex organic compounds. Their abilities enable them to surviving in harsh conditions of oligotrophic habitats like lakes, deserts, cave walls or recalcitrant and resistant litter in soil, where Actinobacteria often dominate. Although certain biotic and abiotic factors were recognized to modulate Actinobacteria incidence in such habitats, the influence of anthropogenic pressure on their communities is scarcely known. The main objective of this thesis is therefore to determine differences of Actinobacteria communities under the direct (the human visitors changing microenvironment of caves, part 1) and indirect (climate change factors like altered precipitation or plant litter quality, part 2) anthropogenic influence in two habitats, plant litter in soil and cave walls, where Actinobacteria play important roles and dominate. In a first part of the thesis we monitored Actinobacteria communities in French limestone caves walls differently affected by humans (pristine versus anthropized caves). For identification of important species like potential pathogens or pigments producing Actinobacteria using amplicon sequencing of environmental DNA (Illumina MiSeq), we firstly used...

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1 Faitová, Adéla
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