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Information politics of BRD
Fabián, Ondřej ; Papík, Richard (referee)
This thesis deals with the questions of information policy in Germany, covering the whole scope fo this matter. It focuses mainly on the behavior and activities of the federal government in the area of international sector support Germany. The beginnings of the information policy date back to the 60's of the last century, when the federal administration started to realize the importance of information, mostly fot the research area. The work follows the development of the German information policy up to the present. The most important chapter of this thesis concerns the current information policy of the federal government in it's whole scope of influence. The thesis deals indispensably also with the so-called operational plans, which comprise most of the information policy. The measures that were taken by federal government influenced the whole German informational environment, where many of significant information systems and services originated. This issue is 5 discussed in one chapter of thesis as well. The conclusion of this thesis evaluates and foreshadows future tendencies of the German information policy. Powered by TCPDF (
Internet Application on an iPhone Mobile Equipment
Fabián, Ondřej ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis concerns the development of an internet blog application for Apple iPhone with server background. The theoretical section contains an introduction to both the device itself and the priciples and procedures of the iPhone OS's program development. The practical segment describes the design of the actual application, the implementation of individual parts and the communication between them. Also mentioned are the techniques and methods applied during the application development. 
Fabián, Ondřej ; Rudiš, Viktor (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The proposal for place like the district of Poblenou is a great adventure. The blocks of the famous urban Plan Cerda closest inside in itself dramatic history of old industrial era, when they have called Barcelona " The Manchester Of Catalunya ". And here I ask myself the question. What does the word landscape in this environment? How to apply to old buildings and chimneys of the idea of the archetype of landscape? Is it just those elements that had nurtured almost all Catalunya? They can be roof now abandoned industrial buildings become something else? The new facade?A Sea? A Landscape ?
10 years with grey literature at Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Budínský, Lukáš ; Fabián, Ondřej
The Library of Tomas Bata University in Zlín has been working on accessioning academic grey literature systematically for the last 10 years. During this time, one of the first information systems storing theses and dissertations changed from a closed, manually updated system into a fully automated and fully open repository with a number of integrations with both internal and external systems. New types of documents were added and several services were introduced for working with grey literature effectively. This contribution will describe its current state and outline the hurdles encountered getting there.
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Education of informatics on elementary school
Fabian, Ondřej ; Marešová, Zdena (advisor) ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (referee)
This work aims to analyze the current state of computer science at the various elementary schools according to the focus. The work is to ascertain information technology facilities in primary schools, their maturity in this field, learning methods of science, teachers' and students' knowledge in this area and their interest in informatics. Materials for this work were obtained through personal visits to various primary schools and consultation with the heads of schools, teachers of informatics, external IT colleagues and the students of the first and second degree. The benefit of this work consists in the analyzing of the current state of facilities and the teaching of science, subsequently making own proposals for the implementation of teaching, teacher education and elementary school equipment. The first part is devoted to assessing the current status and planned development in the future. The subsequent part aims at presenting proposals in regard to the application of information technology management and teaching at elementary school. The final section is devoted to the expected benefits of the proposal and overall evaluation.

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5 Fabian, Ondřej
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