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Residential Complex in Brno - Komín
Fabian, Martin ; Foretník, Jan (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Conversion of greenfield - residential complex in the orchard at the outskirts of Brno. Architecture as subset of modernist panel house and countryside house of Brno - Komín
HOUSE ON THE EDGE – Valašské Meziříčí, Sokolská Street
Fabián, Martin ; Mašek, Radomír (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The idea behind the concept is concerned with removing barriers in dealing with the territory and outside its framework. The aim is to link the historical center of Wallachian Mezirici with the environment to allow people living or moving at the best possible social aspects. The current situation of the vast expansion of human settlement of the action goes in the square, the church or the bank or just go through is painful. Unreasonable extension of communication at several tens of meters of additional lanes only helps this separation.
Interconnects modelling for signals transmission
Fabián, Martin ; Petržela, Jiří (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
In this work, there is solution for problem about signal itegrity and problems that causes raising frequence in circuits and machineries. There is describe interconnect analysis of models, which enable transfer of signals in mixed analog – digital circuits and a different between the analyse of an time domain and an s-domain. Next, there are described three methods of the calculation homogenous transmission line.The first method is constructed on mathematic description of transmission line. The second method uses cascade connection and T networks to the simulation model of the homogenous transmission line. The last one is constructed on the moment matching in use of state variables. These methods uses numerical inversion of Laplace transforms and these methods are constructed in programming language Matlab. Its results with the confrontation is described in the ending.
PMR repeater
Fabián, Martin ; František,, Vařacha (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
The main target of this work is to project and make a simple repeater working in 446 MHz tape called PMR. This repeater is made from functional station PMR and repeating program unit, which was constructed by the help of the system for recording and replaying sound. The repeater is managed by microcontroller Atmel from line AVR. The repeater records minimal and maximal temperature during its operation and its date and time is still actual thanks to transceiver DCF. It is possible to connect the transceiver with a computer by the serial link.
HVAC design for burn intensive care unit
Fábian, Martin ; Andrys, Petr (referee) ; Rubina, Aleš (advisor)
The Bachelor’s thesis describes a design of a HVAC unit for a burn intensive care unit and its related nursery rooms. The unit respects all the hygienic, functional and running conditions at this specific indoor microclimate. The main concept of the HVAC unit is to supply the burn intensive care unit with fresh air, which is suitable for a fast recovery after a burn trauma and also to reduce the microbial growth and microbial spreading. The main goal of the Bachelor’s thesis was to design a HVAC unit that will effectively filter the inlet air and that the intensive care unit is built the way, to reduce the microbial spread as much as possible. The air handling units are designed at the calculation part of the Bachelor’s thesis to cover the energy (heat) loss in the winter time and the energy (heat) gains during the summer time. Main function of the air handling unit is to handle filtered fresh air to the hospital. The output of the Bachelor’s thesis is a realization documentation for both air handling units.
Application of ELECTRE methods in practical analyzes
Fabian, Martin ; Sekničková, Jana (advisor) ; Kobzareva, Maria (referee)
We can include a variety of methods among the discrete multi-criteria decision-making models. One of those is the ELECTRE family methods. This still evolving group contains a large number of different methods and their modifications. Based on the obtained results the methods are divided into separating, ranking and sorting methods. An important factor affecting the results of these methods besides the threshold values is also determining the weights of criteria. First part of this thesis details theoretical description of these selected methods. In practical analysis methods are applied to real data. Comparison of results at the end of the thesis is devoted mainly to examining of the sensitivity of these methods to change of the weights of criteria.
Selected models of inventory and their solution in the MS Excel
Fabian, Martin ; Kořenář, Václav (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
Supplies are in the economy seen as wastage. Economic subject are therefore trying to create conditions in which inventory level is as low as possible. The area of inventory control includes many models for calculation of the optimal values of the ordered quantity, minimum costs etc. For example price discount model or model with the possibility of temporary lack of inventory in store. The computational complexity of these models is not difficult, because there are many simple formulas. The theoretical part describes selected inventory model in more details. The practical part, which is prepared in MS Excel using macros and VBA for Excel, follows up it and shows the application of models in practice.

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