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Education of pupils with developmental dysphasia in younger school age
Fořtová, Zuzana ; Kotvová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Master's thesis focuses on the education of pupils with developmental dysphasia diagnosis in the elementary school. The main goal is to describe education possibilities of these pupils. The thesis describes possibilities of parents and their children, types of elementary schools, where they can study, and what specific conditions are available for education of pupils with specific language impairment. Theoretical part is divided into three chapters. The first chapter focuses on child attending elementary school, communication skills development, compulsory education and education program for elementary school. The second chapter describes developmental dysphasia, its history and terminological definitions, etiology, symptomatology, diagnostics in the Czech Republic and abroad, differential diagnostics, therapy and prognosis. The third chapter describes pupil with developmental dysphasia attending elementary school, education readiness, approaches for pupil support in different elementary school types. The practical part of the thesis focuses on evaluation of conditions on three types of school, where a pupil with developmental dysphasia can be educated. Data is collected mainly by an interview. As the research strategy of qualitative research was chosen a case study. An observation is another...
Environmental Friendly Accommodation in a Particular Area
The aim of the thesis was to identify environment-friendly approaches in the offer of accommodation in subject area - Cesky Krumlov, to assess the importance of friendly approaches in the strategy of companies offering accommodation and to determine preferences and interest of visitors of the area about range of accommodation that is environmentally friendly. The results of paper and concept of measure for Český Krumlov district are at the close of the paper.
The (in)depence of elementary propositions in early Wittgenstein
Fořtová, Zuzana ; Kolman, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Palkoska, Jan (referee)
In my Master's thesis, I focus on the problem of dependence and independence of elementary propositions in the Tractatus and Some Remarks on Logical Form. The main issue I wish to analyze in my investigation is the question of whether the independence of elementary propositions (asserted in the Tractatus) is necessary for the maintenance of Tractarian truth-functional analysis of propositions. The motivation behind this is the fact that, in the SRLF, Wittgenstein explicitly rejects, after precise argumentation, the independence of elementary propositions concerning characteristics allowing gradation. After analyzing the essential arguments and precise rendering of independence of elementary propositions in the Tractatus and considering arguments for their dependence in the SRLF, I argue that (based on my analysis of both works) the mutual dependence of some elementary propositions is not problematic for Tractarian truth-functional analysis.
The dual concept of God in Eriugena's "Perphyseon"
Fořtová, Zuzana ; Němec, Václav (referee) ; Karfíková, Lenka (advisor)
This work is concerned with the conception of God in John Eriugena's "Periphyseon". My thesis is that in "Periphyseon", we can find two different concepts of God the connection of which is not easily understood. On the one hand there is a conception of God as someone who creates the world in the act of selfcreation and who finally returns to himself as to an end. On the other hand, there is a concept of God as the Trinity of divine persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). In my work, at first I attempt to present both of Eriugena's conceptions of God in more detail. Afterwards, I show how Eriugena himself attempts to connect both concepts. However, I argue that we are not actually able to understand this connection on the basis of Eriugena's explanation; rather, we have to try to infer this connection on our own. This is the aim of the last chapter, in which I try to achieve this - with the aid of Beierwaltes' interpretation - on the grounds of the dual terms of "creation" and "causation".
The Infrastructure of business of accommodation and catering services in DSO Severní Písecko
Thesis was to analyze the infrastructure of accommodation and catering services in the selected area and to define the possibilities of further development of the surveyed facilities in selected areas of microregion DSO North Písecko by the observations of businessmen and other entities dealing with the researched services and development of selected area.
Act in law on the internet in Czech and German law
Fořtová, Zuzana ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Vršecký, Radek (referee)
This thesis compares Czech and German law concerning contract of purchase on the internet, where one of the contractual partner is consumer. It compares and evaluate constract of purchase in general, then the implementation of European directives concerning consumer rights.

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6 Fořtová, Zuzana
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