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Role of Corporate Governance in solving economic and financial crises
Fűzesséryová, Adriana ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Cihelková, Eva (referee)
The main purpose of the master thesis is to determine the role of corporate governance in solving the economic and financial crises. This is done through explanations of events that led to the current form of Corporate Governance in developed countries. Corporate Governance is defined as the set of rules governing the relationship between owners and managers. The thesis present the basic model of the relationship management, which allows to evaluate the form of Corporate Governance in selected countries. At the same time clarifies the causes of economic crises since the 90s of the 20th century to the present from the perspective of Corporate Governance.
The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union and its relationship to selected developing countries
Fűzesséryová, Adriana ; Neumann, Pavel (advisor) ; Vondrušková, Barbora (referee)
The purpose of the bachelor thesis is to describe the establishment and development of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, and to demonstrate the relationship of a particular commodity to Least Developed Countries. The thesis consists of five chapters. The first chapter presents the situation after World War II and describes the reasons for the creation of the Common Agricultural Policy. The second chapter outlines the development of the CAP from the first reform in the 1980'to the last planned reform. The aim of third chapter is to give actual figures. The fourth chapter examines the basic characteristics of LDC's as well as the basic information about their agriculture. The last fifth chapter illustrates the relationship between the CAP and the developing countries.

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