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Migration, Gender, Class, and Temporality: The Case of Female Labour Migrants from Philippines.
Rai Revta, Kateřina ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Kobová, Ĺubica (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the experiences of women from the Philippines who work in the Czech Republic in the manufacturing sector. The author performs an intersec}onal analysis across themes of gender, class, and migra}on. The objec}ves of this theses are to analyze of the impact of a par}cular type of temporary employment (residence status and working condi}ons) on the social life of the migrants, as well as a renec}on on the efects of the temporary labor migra}on on the prac}ce of transna}onal family rela}onships. Qualita}ve research is conducted using the method of semi-structured interviews with migrant women from the Philippines, along with other stakeholders from employment agencies, state administra}on, and non-proot organiza}ons. Key words Migra}on, Philippines, gender, class, temporality, transna}onal rela}ons, agency employment
Gender consequences of parents' separatation on their subsequent career paths in connection with caring of their minors
Malínková, Markéta ; Dvořáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the effects of parents' divorce or separation on their subsequent career paths in connection with the care of joint minors and the gender differences of this situation. Using qualitative research, I am looking for an answer to my research question: What is the perception of career changes after divorce/separation from the point of view of mothers and fathers? The work is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, I focus on the principles of the functioning of the current social order from the gender point of view and how it shapes the behavior of individual actors and actresses. Using the concepts of somatization of domination, cultural optical glasses or hegemonic masculinity, I draw the attention to the invisible mechanisms that influence the actions of every member of society. This social order frames the situation of parents after separation/divorce, when women and men are in a different social position and therefore have to choose different strategies. Parents who do not live in the same household must find new ways to satisfy their own and their children's material, emotional and practical needs. Both have to decide whether to go to work for economic earnings or to stay at least partially at home and take care of their...
Europe and its Others: Migrant Integration in Research and Policy
Dodevska, Iva ; Nováková, Soňa (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee) ; Dahinden, Janine (referee)
European Joint Doctorate "Migration and Modernity: Historical and Cultural Challenges" (MOVES) Univerzita Karlova and Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 DISSERTATION Europe and its Others: Migrant Integration in Research and Policy Iva Dodevska, M.A. ABSTRACT Amidst heated debates on immigration and "migrant integration", the European Union becomes an increasingly relevant actor, where important resources are earmarked for the implementation of civic integration measures, as well as for producing "scientific evidence" to guide policy. Simultaneously, a prolific scholarship attempts to understand, measure and compare how and whether immigrants are "integrated into society", often in the effort to remain "policy-relevant". This study joins other critical works that draw attention to the ways "integration" is debated, legislated, conceptualized, monitored, evaluated, and ultimately, normalized as a mode of governance. Situated at the interstices of migration studies, European studies, and the social studies of science, the dissertation examines the role of scientific research, EU policy, and research-policy knowledge infrastructures in shaping the "immigrant integration" paradigm in Europe. Interested primarily in integrationism as a technique of power, I take a decolonial and genealogical approach that...
Eating Disorders from a gender perspective: disease, or part of life?
Kaválková, Kristýna ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Ezzeddine, Petra (referee)
Eating Disorders from a gender perspective: disease, or part of life? Bc. Kristýna Kaválková ABSTRACT This dissertation deals with a problem of "eating disorders", which are defined in medical literature, media and magazines as psychological disease, which relates to pathological way of dealing with food, body and himself/herself. It shows that that this area is not neutral from the gender point of view; eating disorders are usually women's matter. Based on semi-structured interviews within the framework of qualitative research, this work analyses opinions of women, who have experience with this, especially their experience of their physicality and daily life. It is also focused on how women perceive the presentation of eating disorders, which concerns them, in media, medical publications and society and how they interpret their status as those who are recovering from this illness. Women's testimonies point at the fact that their surroundings look at them as persons defined through their illness, as persons, who are exclusively connected with pathology and stigma. This view of surroundings, media and specialists, however, omit the diversity of human identities. It shows that women alone can interpret their experiences in different way. They perceive their eating disorder in the context of dominant discourse...
"Having a packed bag before I tell it my own parents": analysis of lived experience of a selected group of LGBTQ migrants in the Czech Republic
Brunerová, Tereza ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with queer migration in connection with the position of LGBTQ migrants in the Czech Republic. Through feminist qualitative research based on in-depth interviews with a selected group of eight LGBTQ migrants living in the Czech Republic, this work examines how participants negotiate their sexual orientation, gender identity before, during and after the migration process. The aim of this work is to analyze their individual lived experiences with queer migration, i.e., how they define and highlight their specific position of LGBTQ migrants and construct ideas about their social status in the country of origin and the host country. In connection with this topic, the work also tries to underline the need to perceive migration from an intersectional perspective, to point out the specific position of LGBTQ migrants, to draw attention to possible challenges they face due to their migration status and sexual orientation or gender identity, and to reflect the LGBTQ conditions in their country of origin in compare with the Czech Republic and its LGBTQ (un)friendly environment. Keywords queer, migration, LGBTQ, sexual orientation, gender identity, non-government organization

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