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Cybernetics and information literacy
Procházková, Petra ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on cybernetics and information literacy with emphasis on the human element in these topics. The first part describes cybernetics with its two basic terms, which are information and management, as a theoretical resource for subsequent detection of information, resp. internet literacy among students of high scholls and universities. The practical part includes creation of questionnaire, articulation of hypotheses for factual and perceived level of information literacy and subsequent interpretation results of the questionnaire. Addressing the respondents was held by deputy director of one prague high school, through social networks and also by direct addressing. This part reports the information about the level of information literacy with sense of constraints that results contains. Explanatory power of the results of the questionnaire survey is mentioned in the conclusion of this thesis.
Importance of systems thinking and capability of its application by students of Information management
Svoboda, Roman ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the indispensability of the systems thinking and its testing. Theoretical analysis of the subject as the first part of the thesis points to show the importance of the systems thinking in everyday life, the definition of essential skills within the systems thinking and typical mistakes we commit in the thinking processes. The theoretical analysis puts the accent on justification of the systems thinking importance in the scope of information management. Another part of the thesis is focused on globally used examples in testing processes of the systems thinking which are supplied with newly arised questions in this thesis. The last part of the thesis contains a detailed analysis of the systems thinking skills among students of Information Management. Their results are compared with two other result samples gained from testing of other students of the University of Economics.
Costs in the IS/ICT - theory and practice
Zahradníková, Lucie ; Maryška, Miloš (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
This work focuses on the area of IS/ICT costs in business sphere. The main goal is to provide a summary of matters of this area to people who haven't been concerned with this area yet. This work is divided to two parts -- theoretical and practical. Theoretical part of this work contains definitions and clarifications of the most important terms which are used in IS/ICT cost management. The terms are costs, accounting and IS/ICT. This part also contains several theories of costs classification including examples of which costs belong to specific group. The last chapter of theoretical part contains a cost analysis. Many times it's not enough to know which costs a company has, but how to quantify them. This part contains only the Total Cost of Ownership method (TCO). Because following practical part shows the comparison of TCO and TBO (Total Benefits of Ownership), there is also definition of this term in the theoretical part. Practical part shows calculate TCO and TBO which are connected with an installation new information system. The following part contains comparison of total cost of ownership and total benefits of ownership. By using this comparison can companies figure out at what time the benefits will outweigh the costs.
Learning organization: case of law office
Rösslerová, Lucie ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
This thesis focuses on the concept of learning organizations. The aim of this work is to introduce readers to this concept and to explain basic theoretical background, which will be subsequently applied to a practical example. All work can be divided thematically into two parts. The first part will be devoted to the theory of learning organization, introduction to basic concepts and disciplines on which the principle of a learning organization is built. The second section will discuss the practical side. Selected law office will be subjected to analysis. The results will assess the level of the learning organization, which the law office reaches. Following will be recommended steps to achieve a higher level if possible.
Measurement and evaluation of economic efficiency of investments in informatics
Koumar, Vít ; Maryška, Miloš (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
This work discusses the possibilities of evaluating economic efficiency of investments in information systems and information and communication technologies (IS/ICT). The goal is to summarize the theme beginning from general measurement of informatics, continuing with the detailed description of costs and benefits of IS/ICT and ending with the research of methods used for economic efficiency evaluating. Nevertheless such analysis is not an easy task in the field of information systems and technologies. It is quite difficult to specify the benefits directly generated by an IS/ICT investment project or it does not even have to have a sense in some cases. An investment does not necessarily have to make profit directly (and it is a frequent phenomenon in IT environment). In such cases, we usually do not seek the accounting profit. We would most likely prefer to know all the desired (or measured in past) benefits that we could consequently convert to financial units (more or less accurately). By contrast, accounting costs are generated by every investment project without an exception and to identify them is not a severe task, but difficult part is to unambiguously assign all costs to their source investment project. This work's goal is to explore the possibilities of dealing with such issues. The first part contains an introduction to the matters of the measurement in enterprise informatics. Important terminology and the process of measuring enterprise informatics according to international standards ISO / IEC is discussed too. The second part is to describe the issues of costs and benefits of enterprise informatics and its investments. There are discussed the most important classifications and techniques used for cost calculations. The chapter on the benefits of informatics is mainly focused on division of benefits, the basic rules of the benefits metric model creation and the key business metrics, which are used for the expression of benefits of enterprise informatics most frequently. The third part describes the methods used in practice for evaluation of economic efficiency using the values of costs and benefits identified in the second part. The final chapter then uses some of these methods for the solution of two case studies from the author's practice described in the final charter. The thesis provides a comprehensive guide to assess an investment in enterprise informatics in terms of its economic efficiency and thus can serve as a basis for rational decisions on investment projects of enterprise informatics. The main contribution of this work is to summarize the topic and as well the practical calculations in the case studies which will help company executives make simpler and more rational decisions.
Broadband Internet access in the Czech Republic and in selected EU country
Hejcman, Marek ; Toman, Prokop (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
This work focuses on the phenomenon of modern society on behalf of the Internet and its technological background. Especially towards the end users. The introduction describes the brief history of the Internet. Since the first small networks to expansion throughout the world. The second part is devoted to various technologies through which users can connect to the Internet. Pivotal part of the thesis analyzes the state of the market in the Czech and Slovak Republic and stresses the importance of carefully selecting an Internet connection. Conclusion then summarizes and evaluates the previous chapters and tries to outline the future market for high-speed Internet.
System access of setting up an enterprise
Živkov, Martin ; Říhová, Zora (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
The work deals with problems of setting up an enterprise and problems connected with it from various views. It is divided into six units. Business plan -- fundamental frame of business construes a target group, business model, targets of the company, work processes and financial plan. Section Analyses attends to analysis of environment in a broad sense of several standpoints, viability of business plan, problems conjoined with lack of time, the unit concludes the phenomenon of luck. Legal form introduces common legal forms than sums up and evaluates each of them. Unit Appurtenances of foundation speaks for itself, Grants either. Company & IT describes modern access to the business and should remove the scales from reader's eyes in the sphere of contemporary information technologies.
Document formats in the organization
Kozelková, Barbora ; Veber, Jaromír (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
This thesis focuses on the office document formats and the related office packages. Specifically on the Microsoft Office binary file formats, Office Open XML, Open Document Format and Portable Document Format. The main goal is selecting the most suitable formats for the exchange of documents inside and outside the organization, and for archiving as well. In the first place there are theoretical format describtions for this purpose. Then the current state of using office formats is analyzed in the practical section by the questionnaire sent to many organizations all over the Czech Republic. Next section determines the key criteria used for comparison and testing formats. At the end the evaluation of these criteria based on assigned weights designates the overall suitability for formats defined by the goal of this thesis.
Mobile Banking in the Czech Republic and in the World and its Development
Matoušek, Dominik ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis tries to provide the compact and actual insight to the issue of mobile banking. A reader is acquainted with current offered services which are consequently analysed. The conclusion of this thesis will be treatise on an estimation of the future evolution. The thesis consists of five sections. The first part specifies the issue of the mobile banking and makes the reader acquainted with the history of this banking service. This part is followed by listing a general characteristics which are divided into two groups - positives and negatives. The reader is further acquainted with the functionality and its structure in the next chapter. The third part than analyses a particular forms of mobile banking which are subsequently followed by the issue of security and possible threats. The last part deals with the analysis of the current offered services with the evaluation.
Payment for goods and services via mobile communication
Roman, Martin ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Exnarová, Anna (referee)
The aim of my work was to analyze actual possibilities of payment by mobile communications, focusing on the European Union and to detect on the basis of a survey how the current services are used and how they are perceived by users. Next, there is suggested own solution of using mobile phones for payments with the present conditions. The work includes a case study which focuses on mobile micro-payments and involves currently used solutions for these payments in the Slovak Republic. The work is divided into three parts. The first part contains a definition of the mobile payments, explains words which are related to the work and analysis of the current payment options with comparing payments via mobile phones. The second part analyzes the most used payment options via mobile phones and their use in different regions of the world. The third part consists of evaluate analyze, a concept of own solution for mobile payments, a case study of micro-payments and the questionnaire.

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