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Application of morphometric methods in anthropology
Pešek, Adam ; Eliášová, Hana (advisor) ; Šuláková, Hana (referee)
In last thirty years a new branch of comparative biology is growing rapidly, this branch is called the geometric morphometrics. Methods of geometrics morphometrics allow to gain and evaluate data about shape and size of studied object in 2D or 3D space. The character of input data divided methods used in geometric morphometric on method based on analysis of outlines and method based on analysis of landmarks. Many modern technologies like contact scanner, laser scanner or tps software are helping in data acquisition. The main conclusion of this bachelor work was exploring usability of methods of geometric morphometric in many cases in Anthropology. In many biological and mainly anthropological studies, geometric morphometric were applicated to compare shape variance and in studies of variability of shape. Common are studies of sexual dimorphism on human skeleton, ontogenetic developement of skeleton, disparity of sign on human skeleton among population and ethnicity or changes of these forms of structures in populations during time.
Ontogenetic changes of the face.
Benešová, Eliška ; Eliášová, Hana (advisor) ; Dvořák, Daniel (referee)
The human face is characterized by a combination of morphological characters, which are unique for each individual. These characters are subject to change during ontogeny influenced by age, pathological conditions, injuries. The aim of this diploma thesis was an observation of age changes in the face of individuals in the age range from one to eighteen. Resource material were black and white photographs of girls and boys. Analysis of age changes in facial area was performed using methods of geometric morphometrics, specifically thin plate spine (TPS). The shape analysis confirmed, that between age and face shape exists significant relationship. It was found, that is mainly due to significant changes in height and width ratios. Face extends and narrows, forehead height is reduced and lower jaw grows to lenght. Facial changes are also influenced by the sex of individuals, while for girls the overall growth in the face stopps about age of fifteen, for boys continues to the age of eighteen years. Keywords Geometric morphometrics, thin plate spline, ontogenetic development of the face, age changes.
The analysis of teleradiographs of adult face subjects
Štubňová, Mária ; Eliášová, Hana (advisor) ; Velemínská, Jana (referee)
Analysis of teleradiographs has become widely used as a diagnostic and analytic tool in clinical orthodontics. It is based on exact entered landmarks of soft tissues and skeletal. There was 82 teleradiographs analyzed in this diploma thesis and from this group were 28 men and 54 women. The teleradiographs were measured with program Dolphin Imaging. Afterwards the group of patients was split into groups based on gender and dental classes. The obtained data were analyzed by the help of Steiner analysis and consequently statistically tested. Measured values for each dimension were then compared between the dental classes and surveyed also for differences between genders. These tests were due to non-parametric data distribution done by Kruskal - Walis test. Consequently were the measured data and surveyed differences compared with available publication on the topic.

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