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GPR survey of the reinforcement above the long horizontal window case study: Ice ring stadium restaurant Fuchs on Štvanice Island
Válek, Jan ; Kozlovcev, Petr ; Eisler, Marek ; Dušek, Ondřej
The aim of the survey was to assess the use of Ground Penetration Radar for the reinforcement position detection on the Ice ring restaurant – an early concrete building on Štvanice Island in Prague from 1932. For this case study a potentially critical section of a façade above the app. 16 m long horizontal window was selected. GPR from IDS company equipped with 2 GHz high frequency antenna was used.
Non-destructive survey of the oldest part of the castle in Telč
Drdácký, Miloš ; Eisler, Marek ; Lesák, Jaroslav ; Válek, Jan ; Skružná, Olga
Recent archaeological findings discovered at an excavation in the southeastern section of the small courtyard of the old palace at the state castle in Telč sparked interest in further exploring hidden structures below ground and within the existing masonry. Therefore, a non-destructive survey of structures hidden beneath the current level of the courtyard using ground-penetrating radar was conducted, as was a survey of the masonry within the old walls of the palace using thermography.
Summary report on radiographic documentation of figurative decorations in the Bučovice castle ceremony hall
Valach, Jaroslav ; Eisler, Marek
This report summarizes the results of radiographic and endoscopic investigation of stucco and figural decorations located in the ceremony hall at the castle in Bučovice, Vyškov county. The internal structure of the statues and ornaments and their varying degree of fracture damage was documented using a portable set comprised of source and recording plates. The support structures used by the original artists as a vantage point for the modelling of their intended shapes were revealed and examined by means of radiography and endoscopy. This data is important for the art historian’s investigation of this cultural monument. Included in the report is a set of photographs and radiographs and their interpretation.

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