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Establishment of agroforestry systems on agricultural land
Krčmářová, Jana ; Szabó, Péter ; Kala, Lukáš ; Doležalová, H. ; Snášelová, M. ; Králík, T. ; Jobbiková, J. ; Vávrová, K. ; Weger, J. ; Ehrenbergerová, L. ; Martiník, A. ; Chládová, A. ; Kotrba, R. ; Houška, J. ; Lojka, B.
The current intensive and industrial agriculture in the Czech Republic has many nega-tive impacts on the environment. Agroforestry, i.e. growing trees on agricultural land while maintaining agricultural production, can minimize these negative effects. Tree species grown in agroforestry systems (AFS) fulfil a productive function and at the same time provide important ecosystem services. The aim of this methodology is to define agroforestry, characterize individual types of AFS and estimate their extent in the Czech Republic. The aim is to provide background materials on the basis of which it is possible to establish agroforestry systems on agricultural land. The result is a clear definition, classification and characterization of different AFS in Czechia. Furthermore, their extension is estimated, and their historical roots explained. The methodology of establishment of AFS proposes a suitable design, list of suitable of woody species and describes the procedure of correct tree planting and management. An important part of the methodology is the analysis of the legislative environment for tree planting on agri-cultural land, economic evaluation of AFS and also the selection of suitable subsidy titles for such establishment. Last but not least, the methodology summarizes the existing capacity building and education in agroforestry in the Czech Republic.
Vliv rozdílných typů zástinu na vybrané vlastnosti plantáží Coffea arabica v okolí města Villa Rica, Peru
Ehrenbergerová, Lenka
Coffee belongs to very important crops in the world and it is traditionally grown in agroforestry systems. During the five years the four coffee plantations with different type of shading were studied in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes. The highest amount of carbon was found in the plantation shaded dominantly by Eucalyptus spp., followed by Pinus spp., Inga spp. and non-shaded site. The microclimatic characteristic measurement shows that shading reduces the mean air and soil temperatures and increases the air humidity, compared to the non-shaded site. It was recorded drier soil conditions at the shaded site. At all plantations, coffee variety and age had a significant effect on Coffee Leaf Rust incidence. The value of the timber stored in shade trees varied significantly. There were different results for different shade trees species (from 2% to 72% of the annual income from coffee production).
A case study of physiotherapeutical care of a patient after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery
Ehrenbergerová, Linda ; Melli, Klára (advisor) ; Máchová, Jitka (referee)
Name of thesis: A case study of physiotherapeutical care of a patient after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. Objectives: The purpose of the general part of this bachelor's thesis is to assess the matters of knee soft tissue injury with emphasis on the anterior cruciate ligament, the potentialities of conservative and surgical treatment and physiotherapeutical care in particular. The special part of the thesis is dedicated to the presentation of a case study of a patient after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. The supporting records for the case study were obtained during continuous specialized bachelor's practice it the Hospital Na Bulovce in January 2013. Method: This bachelor's thesis consists of two parts: general and special. The general part has been produced in the form of literature search. The special section is concerned with the case study of physiotherapeutical care of a patient after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The rehabilitation, which comprised also an entry and concluding kinesiological analysis, took place in January 2013 during a continuous specialized bachelor's practice in the Hospital na Bulovce. Outcome: By the means of regularly performed rehabilitation the reflex changes in the right lower limb have been eliminated, the joint...
Option for the occuptional rehabilitation of homeless people in The city of Prague
Ehrenbergerová, Lucie ; Luptáková, Marina (advisor) ; Cimrmannová, Tereza (referee)
Degree work "The Possibilities of Work Rehabilitation For Homeless People Within the Area of the Capital City of Prague" brings forward a practical survey of possibilities of the work rehabilitation for this target group. The literary - survey part consists of a concise introduction into problems of the homelessness phenomenon, deals with the welfare state relationship towards the homeless people plus the relevant legislature and, last but not least, it mentions a list of services and organizations rendering help to homeless people. The most important part of the work focuses on personal investigation of work rehabilitation. It provides a detailed description of each organization and project rendering work rehabilitation with their final comparison based on information given to the author by experts working in these organizations.
Internet Auction and it's Legal Aspects
Ehrenbergerová, Lucia ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Sedláček, Václav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to give a comprehensive overview about the internet auctions from several different perspectives, but mainly form the law-related perspective. The relation of the internet auctions to other branches of law is examined -- especially to the consumer protection or the questions of counterfeit goods. Part of this thesis is devoted to pay-per-bid auctions and their place in legal regulations in Czech Republic. The German regulations are also introduced a compared to the Czech ones. In the end there is an introduction to some interests from the auction world.

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