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Analysis of spatial configuration of agriculture land in Czechia and its relation to natural conditions
Duspiva, Marek ; Chuman, Tomáš (advisor) ; Romportl, Dušan (referee)
The spatial configuration of agricultural land has a fundamental influence on the functioning and processes in the landscape. Its form is a reflection of natural conditions, but also of socioeconomic factors. This thesis deals with the issue in a broader context so that the connections and complexity of the studied phenomenon were outlined. The aim of the thesis was the analysis of the spatial configuration (distribution and size structure of agricultural areas, way, and intensity of land use) of agricultural land in Czechia in relation to natural conditions and evaluation of regional differences. For this purpose, very detailed spatial data of agricultural land use from the LPIS register were used. These data include details about so-called land blocks and parts of land blocks. The analysis was performed by observing several parameters, such as the size of agricultural areas, their altitude, slope, and productivity of agricultural land. These parameters were observed in the size categories of land blocks and parts of land blocks, as well as in landscape types of Czechia. The analysis showed significant differentiation in the size of agricultural areas. The majority of agricultural land is concentrated in a relatively small number of significantly above-average size agricultural areas. For example,...
Landscape structure and its differences among landscapes in the Czech Republic
Duspiva, Marek ; Chuman, Tomáš (advisor) ; Romportl, Dušan (referee)
Landscape structure has a major influence on functioning and processes in a landscape. The landscape structure is highly dependents on the natural conditions and economic use of the landscape. This thesis devotes to general theoretical issues of landscape ecology, especially landscape structure and its evaluation. The main aim of the thesis was to analyze the landscape structure in landscape types of the Czech Republic and to evaluate whether these types differ in the structure. Landscape structure analysis was performed using landscape metrics calculations based on CORINE Land Cover data. Landscape structure can be characterized by a large number of metrics. The following metrics were selected for the analysis and description of landscape types: Patch density (PD), Mean patch size (MPS), Edge density (ED), Shannon's Diversity Index (SHDI) and Shannon's Evenness Index (SHEI). The metrics were calculated for the whole area of each landscape type and also for all squares 2 km x 2 km covering the whole area of the Czech Republic. Although used data have a relatively low resolution, the calculations and the analysis of variance have shown that the character of the landscape structure differs between the individual landscape types. Keywords: landscape ecology, landscape structure, landscape structure...

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